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Melon also has its own signature shoes

JORDANMELO M3 is the first signature shoe for Cameron Anthony's new design. Shoes design introduced Zoom technology,

Bring superior agility and shock effect, its excellent reactivity to Anthony in the game on the action is extremely smooth. MELOM3 shoes, the external design on the one hand to the ancestral home of the melon tribute to Puerto Rico, into the Puerto Rican flag color and pattern, while its tribute to the birthplace of the United States, using the 410 area code design. If consumers really understand Cameron Anthony, then must understand the meaning of KIYAN and IRIATE in the heel.

This pair of new JORDANMELO M3 shoes to help Anthony completed the first time the world championship tour, and became the dream of seven team scorer, selected World Championships best team.


Fashion, agile, maneuvering

JORDANMELO M4 shoes is designed for surprise attack to build the secret weapon. MELO M4 using the same kind of shoes in the lightest of a uppers, and the use of new shock technology to ensure that Cameron Anthony played in the game is extremely smooth. In addition, the shoes also used a compression support socks, can be a good support and protection of the ankle. In the design style, MELOM4 shoes fully demonstrated the most close to the elements of Anthony, including his parents, his son and its charitable foundation. Anthony first time to get all-star vote, wear is MELOM4 shoes.

In order to meet the players in China activities, MELOM4 is JORDAN MELO series of the first pair of Chinese-made shoes with color.


Evolved in motion

In designing Anthony's fifth personal signature shoe, Anthony offers more design ideas. He hopes that shoes have a higher technology and a variety of functions, and have explosive power. So JORDANMELO M5 shoes with Zoom technology to increase the mid-foot pad to get better stability, and through the adjustable shoelace to ensure a comfortable fit, even so, MELOM5 shoes weight is still less than 15 ounces. The appearance of the performance of Anthony in the game on the outstanding performance, design inspiration from his establishment of the Youth Development Center and he was selected after the national team selected for the best five lineup. It is

MELO M5 shoes to help Anthony won the 2008 gold medal in 2008 dream team.

Strength acceleration

JORDANMELO M6 shoes design goals are: efficiency, control, speed. With Zoom Air, support the stronger gather in the foot design, as well as interlocking system and other innovative technology, this shoe is well versed in helping the players speed way. In addition, this shoe into the Anthony from its own, challenging design requirements: in accordance with the retro style design of this high-tech performance shoes with a variety of street-style elements reflect the Antony microcosm, including the atomic number of gold ( To commemorate Anthony won the 2008 gold medal) and his home Baltimore's logo.

Do not block the path of Cameron

JORDANMELO M7 shoes highlight the elegant minimalist style and the best balance between technological innovation. This shoe feet feel natural, shine the smooth signature of Anthony. The vertical stripes and flexible joints on the side of the shoe body extend to the outsole. The support system is like a claw-like bracket, firmly locked Anthony's narrow foot. ZoomAir technology can cushion the heel and toe. See what you can find out from it!

Learn more about Anthony's field performance

For JORDAN MELO M8 shoes, JORDANBRAND conducted in-depth research, through the analysis of several hours of continuous lens to understand the movement of Anthony in the field. The result is groundbreaking: segmented heel to make the foot landing more natural, TPU horizontal stent control before the foot Zoom technology generated explosive, Flywire upper to make the shoes light and firm, for the melon field sports characteristics and tailored for its design Directional flexibility and traction excellent. In addition, this shoe also joined the gorgeous decorative design, to the melon was traded to the New York Knicks tribute, coupled with the shoe inside the design of the details of the shield pad, all this makes MELOM8 shoes become the most personalized shoes in history The

Anthony is also wearing the MELOM8 Advance version of the 2012 London stadium and won the gold medal.

Super heroic shoes

JORDANMELO M9 shoes born from JORDAN BRAND and Cameron Anthony ever the most powerful cooperation. Anthony made the following request: "I want my shoes to wear like Iron Man's armor as comfortable fit." This was born with a combination of Flywire tensile strength and foot on the multi-point lock the fit system. On behalf of its 9th generation of shoes, nine breathable holes, to the toe on the No. 7 number, and then to the inspiration from the luxury watch, this shoe everywhere highlights Anthony personal style. MELOM9 shoes become the designer's favorite personal signature shoes.

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