Friday, July 21, 2017

Nike poisonous football shoes

Nike "poisonous front" football shoes. This is a according to Nei Maer, Rooney, Ibrahimovic and other striker players feedback and recommendations to launch a new football boots.

NIKESKIN uses a soft mesh material combined with polyurethane film. Through the use of both feet and soccer to reduce the material between the new production methods, resulting in barefoot-like touch the ball feel.

Nike "poisonous front" forefoot separation Outsole design designed to make the toes with the feet together with the movement. The shoes show the perfect Nike since 2003, launched the first NIKE FREE series advocated the natural rhythm design concept. The effect can be seen in the front foot depression, it can help the first metatarsal fast start.

Outsole at the bottom of the use of compressed nylon, making the soles lighter, faster response, help to deliver power and very light. The structure and length of the spike is designed so that the sole can quickly catch and start more quickly.

Nike all-weather control technology (ACC) is a special treatment applied to the upper, the shoes can be wet or dry conditions to maintain the same level of friction and touch.

The new body structure of the shoe last to bring affixed feelings, so that the foot closer to the venue and football.

The highly anticipated Nike "The Nike Hypervenom" has been a long-awaited, and many of the stars, led by Nei Maer, are about to debut on June 3 in Brazil's friendly match against England.

This represents the Nike's latest innovation and technology boots what kind of magic, to help the top striker who created to capture more murderous?

This "top secret" design manuscript will give you a full range of Secret, give you a deeper understanding of the deadly new species: Nike "poison" (The Nike Hypervenom)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Jordan team Suzuki GSX-R100 new car AJ28 drift color distribution

Jordan in addition to have a team of shoes, but also have their own motorcycle racing team to blue-based, from Michael Jordan Motorsports latest release inspired by Jordan28 inspiration, the beautiful upper stripes and Symphony blessing to the Suzuki GSX-R100 Racing, smooth stripes vamps on the visual sense of speed has improved?

Jordan in addition to basketball, golf and other soft spot, in fact, his excitement of the motorcycle race is also very fascinating. So, in addition to Jordan is the Bobcats boss, in fact, he also has a motorcycle company founded in 2004. Since the Jordan team in 2005 and Suzuki Motor Company cooperation, Jordan will be the team's name to Jordan Suzuki team, and in 2008 to get the US Superstock bike championship championship. The team will be the latest or classic shoes and Jordan and the elements of the elements inspired to create the latest Suzuki boots color, in the racing field to write the legend of Jordan.

Jack & Jones, a Danish-based men's brand, has launched a new spring and summer 2012 season, with two major series of Black Label and Intelligence, which are "tide" thanks to the Holy Land - Miami as a theme. With a unique fashion insight, Jack & Jones brings the team to the tropical fashion city coordinates Miami Miami, digging the modern inspiration hidden in this paradise. Whether it is a very contemporary city or rough and uninhibited beach, Miami unique style mark into the season's latest advertising blockbuster, let the city elite Get Wet and Wild in Miami!

Miami is a bustling city full of exotic customs, where different cultures are derived from harmony. It is regarded as the seaside paradise of Europeans, but also the way Americans travel to Latin America. Miami style is unique but also exquisite multi-faceted, each side is crazy crazy. It is full of international metropolis of fashion, but also no lack of sunshine and sunshine of the youthful vitality, the perfect interpretation of Jack & Jones this season spring and summer two series. The most exciting is that this brings together the most beautiful fashion of the United States, more and more designers and models are becoming more and more modern paradise, and this is Jack & Jones site selection of Miami one of the reasons. This season's spring and summer series to "tide" worship the Holy Land - Miami as the theme, the phrase pun, not only convey the unique tropical climate in Miami, but also hinted Jack & Jones men on the trend of keen touch. Gentleman windbreaker, classic suits, basic leather and clean suit, from the overall highlight of the grade at the same time, but also reflects the relaxed and comfortable way of life; low-key design and refreshing color, then express the natural, romantic, minimalist attitude. Two series of Black Label and Intelligence simultaneously launched to meet the urban men on the full range of clothing demands, to create their dress in different occasions style. Black Label series to sexy simple lines out of the workplace men confidently temperament and the extraordinary taste of wearing, free to walk in private parties and social occasions to become the focus of attention; Intelligence series with warm Bohemian elements and tough cowboy Show the other side of free and unruly.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nike 2013NSW series refocus Raygun

Fictional Area 72 is Nike Sportswear five shoes behind the creative Muse, the series specifically for the mid-season Houston weekend basketball star game design.

The last time we started the Virtual Nike Space Program (NSP) was last year's Orlando Weekend Basketball Star Game. At that time our warriors were responsible for bringing the game to a larger galaxy's mission to successfully enter outer space.

Our warriors in Orlando after the completion of the thrilling move disappeared in the vast space, in the next few months from no audio. But this does not mean loss of hope, located in Houston, Texas (that is, the location of the weekend basketball game) the depth of the desert area Area 72 top secret facilities received from their message.

Nike Sportswear follow Nike Basketball Houston special series of external space design inspiration, launched a series of five sports shoes, including the top secret series to celebrate this year's basketball event. The high-end series uses the old college style and new era of innovation and blend of design concepts, and includes: Nike Blazer Mid, Nike Vandal, Nike Lunar Force 1, Nike Barkley Posite Max and Nike Air Force Max 2013.

AREA 72 series followed by Nike Basketball past a variety of classic shoes, and into the Galaxy texture, design reflective and fluorescent effects. The series of five shoes are in the Area 72 top secret test facilities within the development, the biggest feature is the custom Galaxy decorative decoration, and Nike Basketball Houston weekend basketball star special edition boots pattern consistent. Each shoe's shoes are also used in the texture of the pattern.

Nike Raygun's image since more than a decade ago in the Nike Basketball debut will be popular, this image also appears in each of the shoes on the tongue. Raygun has a signature jet backpack and aliens look, and ready to sweep the opponent with the Thunder.

Pink leather with lace red body, pearl Fritillaria Swoosh and the heel outside the 'For the Love of the Game' love basketball logo, constitute the 2013 Air Jordan Retro 1 Mid GS "Valentine's Day" Valentine's Day version, beautiful Lace elements so that we see the Jordan brand first female designer Vahtie Kola brought new elements.

Since the designer Vahtie Kola joined Jordan as AJ's first female design, the New York native Trinidad girl for the Jordan brand has brought more exciting shoes design, unique lavender color and lace pattern in the shoes The face of the clever use of Air Jordan retro shoes shoes more soft taste, should be more girls love AJ one of the reasons. Interestingly, Vahtie Kola's former boyfriend Pharrell is also a famous musician and fashion designer, the latter to take care of the BBC million boys club brand also by the trend of people love.

Air Jordan 1 as Jordan's first pair of shoes, a classic column of the origin, simple close to the design of life, retro shoes so that more people like to wear in the daily life of Air Jordan 1 generation, in order to consider girls The use of pink and red design, with lace material details and love basketball shape of the embroidery, which will be Valentine's Day girls this year to fight the favorite shoes.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

PUMA new push shoes product bionic principle to restore the nature of movement

Did you observe the structure of the spider web? Yes, PUMA has studied the spider web carefully. The spider web is the most complex and optimized structure in nature, known for its strong stability and light flexibility. The intricate structure, the irregular voids, and the powerful ability to wrap the prey make it the most efficient and lightest capture device in nature The This season, PUMA is from the spider web - this natural masterpiece in the design inspiration, introduced a new BioWeb Elite series. As a combination of running and training function of the shoes, BioWeb can provide consumers with the best shock absorption and stability. For the series of shoes, PUMA designers for the first time the use of innovative spider web (WebCage) uppers design, the use of novel

Three-dimensional spider web design, with a set of circular interlocking precision structure, to create a BioWeb Elite series of shoes is both strong and stable and light and simple and powerful features; the same time, cobweb open vamp design, greatly enhanced the shoes Breathable, so that wearing the most comfortable and comfortable to enjoy.

Graffiti up to people's shoes are not all colored paint with paint, this experienced time accumulated colorful trivial pattern will not let the street movement looks more flavor? Vans on the special launch of the Vans Era 'Overspray Pack' pink and white and black three-color fabric with a colorful inkjet pattern cover, but with the white vulcanization of the bottom is slightly clean the point, painting the upper canvas shoes Face with the vulcanization of the classic Era shoes, with graffiti inkjet inspiration to the streets to update the elements.

Vans was born in 1966 in the United States Southern California original extreme sports tide card. Start with extreme sports, including skateboarding, surfing, BMX, skiing and so on. And the skateboarding movement as the root, from the lifestyle, art, music and street fashion culture into the Vans aesthetics, the formation of individual youth culture logo, become a young extreme sports enthusiasts and trendy people welcome the brand.

Friday, July 14, 2017

NBHD x mastermind JAPAN

Following the earlier NEIGHBORHOOD and WESCO, GLOBE TROTTER and LAVENHAM launched a single product, the brand for the first time with another famous Japanese brand mastermind JAPAN work together to create a series of strong joint works, I believe will certainly cause the fashion industry great echo The

The two designers Takizawa Takuya and the chapter is to express the importance of cooperation, personal interpretation of the series in the attention of a single product, in addition, also designed the cooperation logo logo - rabbit skull bone, are In each single product, we can see the two sides on the cooperation of the serious attitude and understanding.

The Thunderbolt Riders Jacket is one of the classic styles of NEIGHBORHOOD, which has been modified on the cut and has been made with oil horseshoe to make feel and visual effects better. Behind the mastermind JAPAN logo skull in the form of 3D polygons appear, coupled with silver and white car line, the designer in the details of the bit is also at ease, zipper all use mastermind JAPAN original style, bring out a low-key luxury sense; A large jacket to NEIGHBORHOOD deck jacket style as a blueprint, into the German Code Jacket elements, in particular, is the front of the buckle bit to the locomotive flavor is very strong in the form of rounds, filling the unique style, the neck position specially used Fluffy material for embellishment, but also improve the warmth of the function; jeans, the use of the NEIGHBORHOOD standard Deep Mid cut, wearing a foot pedal effect is also more suitable for roll up matching boots, using three different degrees of washing Water effect, behind the left and right trousers are on the car mastermind JAPAN logo and NEIGHBORHOOD logo "N" -shaped pattern, great commemorative value; washing and re-washing style pants side with red NEIGHBORHOOD bead decoration and two Big brand of silver round chapter, both fashion and functional, will certainly cause some buying boom!

A pair of lacquers with a high degree of comfort and a wide range of NEIGHBORHOOD products, the Mexican-style Chimayo pattern and mastermind JAPAN's skulls are unique and spectacular. Visual effect.

NEIGHBORHOOD x mastermind JAPAN Coupling series Released from HOODS BEIJING on December 1, 2012.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Nike ELITE Series 2.0+

With the playoffs approaching, Nike Basketball released the Nike ELITE Series 2.0 +, in order to help the players championship battle.

The launch of the LEBRON X PS ELITE +, KOBE 8 SYSTEM ELITE + and KD V ELITE + are the championship trophy for the design inspiration, the overall gold as a rendering. The combination of cutting-edge materials and design concepts, through the lightweight structure, enhance the comfort and dynamic protection.

nldrkenu2251 , oldrkeov1529 , omeslfov2428 , nkcqkenu5941 , nkcqkdnu227 , oldrkenu1822 , olerlfov4321 , nldrkenu138 , oleslfov2325 , oldrkeou108 , pmeslfov4245 , oleslfov5347 , olerlfov2511 , nkcqkdnu1923 , olerlfov5355 , nldrkenu027 , spiwpjsz4835 , pmeslfov1310 , oleslfov2133 , oldrlfov4447 , oldrleov1455 , nldrkenu1542 , oleslfov4831 , oldrkeov056 , nkdrkenu1031 , nkcqkenu5120 , omeslfov1719 , oldrleov4433 , omeslfov4851 , olerlfov564 , oldrkenu334 , pmeslfov27 , nkdqkenu1547 , oldrkeou5336 , nldrkenu4049 , nkcqkdnu1626 , oldrleov4058 , omeslfov4221 , olerlfov4833 , omeslfov037 , oleslfov1353 , oldrleov249 , oldrkenu4359 , nkdqkenu4154 , omeslfov1036 , nkcqkdnu1435 , olerlfov1336 , oldrkeov1914 , omeslfov2552 , nldrkenu150 , oleslfov251 , oldrkeou128 , nkdqkenu5154 , nkcqkenu2133 , olerlfov1128 , nldrkenu5316 , nkdrkenu1526 , olerlfov2527 , omeslfov5427 , oldrlfov1546 , oldrleov116 , nldrkenu036 , oleslfov2211 , tqiwpjsz2537
The design of the Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ shows the way that every stadium has to win the championship. Elegant black and white color, supplemented by golden swoosh design, distinctive details appear in each of the different shoes: athletes exclusive logo, gold embellished Kevlar ® Kevlar fiber shoelaces, gold dynamic fly line, in the end of black and white inkjet design.

Nike ELITE Series 2.0+ built-in support for Nike + Basketball features, all-round record the competitiveness of athletes around the world. Nike + Basketball uses Bluetooth to access the iPhone client, measuring athletes in the game jump height, against the strength and speed (to be sold separately with the Nike + Sport Kit), through the information to reproduce their own sports performance, with friends under.

Nike + Basketball app program has recently been upgraded, including sports intensity, game data analysis, historical records, etc. are included in the data analysis range.

Nike Elite 2.0+ series will be sold in the recent major retail stores.

Recently, Nike Sportswear officially released the "Superman" series of shoes, "Superman" series includes three double Air Hyperflight and three pairs of Lunar Force 1, respectively, Durant, Kobe Bryant, James three stars for the design inspiration, will be March 29 Officially listed.

There is such a group of people, basketball is their hearts the most sincere dream. However, when dreams come true, struggling, tangled and wandering come along, but we have to face and have the courage to bear. In the latest basketball marketing activities in Nike, "the ball to me," the basketball inspirational film "wish list" with a "give me the ball, do not give me the limelight, I will win back!" Boldly shouting the attitude of the Chinese basketball players And pride, trying to help the younger generation through the positive forces crush the obstacles in the way of obstacles. So a "give me the ball" to wake up the dream, so desire to breed.

Short film is not enough to meet the young generation of hot desire, following the introduction of basketball inspirational film "wish list", the Nike company once again to create "the ball to me" theme T-shirt. "The ball to me," the four sonorous and powerful characters printed on the chest in the most prominent position, together with the standard ball gestures, Yu said young players with language and action to express the inner desire, determined to use the hands The basketball control the fate of winning their own future.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII CR

Mercurial Vapor VIII CR will be scientific and innovative and sports style fusion, learn from the field shoes spike design inspiration for the wearer on the pitch to bring the explosive speed.

The new color design inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo's new personal clothing line. Classic black shoes, supplemented by modern full of blue powder two colors, so that the wearer in the field gorgeous eye-catching.

The prominence of the upper is a heart (representing the love of victory) is covered by the "X" -shaped pattern (representing the hatred of failure), showing the philosophy of life inside and outside the CR stadium.

Mercurial Vapor VIII CR used in the design of the shoe last and feet completely match, to avoid the wearer's feet in the shoes slippery. The more soft heel area maximizes comfort. This design for the top players to bring a pair at any time to provide full of explosive power boots.

kh8ngajq5448 , kh8ngajq1244 , liaohbkr4359 , liboicls160 , mjcpjdmt237 , nkcqjdnu2045 , kh8nhakr3939 , liaoicls1820 , liaoibls245 , mjbpjdmt4845 , libpicls4525 , liaohbls2542 , mjbpjcmt4523 , mjbpjcmt07 , kh9nhbkr403 , jh8ngajq5447 , kh8nhbkr2023 , mjbpicls5124 , mjcpjdmt1812 , mjbpjdmt3941 , uwvaan , ki9ohbkr4444 , kh9ohbkr2022 , ljbpicls530 , nkcqjdmt4758 , mjbpjcmt4127 , liboicls2444 , mkcqjdmt2459 , mjcqjdmt202 , kh8ngajq4351 , liaohbls198 , kh8nhbkr135 , uwvaah , li9ohbkr5320 , mjcpjdmt1524 , ljbpicls2554 , nkcqjdnu510 , nkcqjdmt4336 , kh8ngakr4450 , liaoibls5341 , kh9ohbkr205 , liaoibls1828 , mjbpjdmt482 , mjbpjcmt2327 , mjbpicmt2534 , kh9nhbkr1622 , jh8ng9jq4356 , kh8nhakr5622 , li9ohbkr4949 , kh8nhakr2033 , mjcqjdmt112 , mjcpjdmt1314 , nkcqjdnu144 , uwvaab , ki9ohbkr1837 , ljbpicls1937 , liaoibls159 , kh9nhbkr1142 , libpicls233 , liboicls1747 , mkcqjdmt233 , mjcpjdmt5225 , kh8ngajq248 , jh8ng9jq2319 , kh8nhakr5423 , li9ohbkr245 , liaoicls517 , ljbpicls1056
Using the Teijin ® Microfiber ultra-fine fiber uppers, so that the material around the toes more soft and comfortable, fit the design of the foot to ensure that the wearer touch the ball when the seamless touch. The shoe body structure becomes thin and tough at the same time, the weight of the whole pair of shoes down to 185 grams - which just right to meet the pursuit of speed and support both the strength and durability requirements.

For speed players, shoes grip is essential. A pair of spikes and an asymmetric spike at the rear of the sole ensure that the wearer starts on the pitch quickly.

Pink soles and classic black and white upper in the visual contrast, from pink to blue gradient color around the soles.

Mercurial Vapor VIII CR boots will be officially on sale since December 1.

Founded in 2001 in Hawaii well-known shoe store KICKS / HI this time and then together with the Converse jointly introduced for the first String Chuck Taylor Hi "Tiger Camo" second bomb, the designer will Hawaiian elements into the shoe body, the United States hot tiger shark Pattern camouflage to decorate the upper side of the embroidered with Converse logo, the inside to cortical blessing, the whole shoe to simple white, gray and black release, orange throughout the soles.

KICKS / HI x Converse First String Chuck Taylor Premium High "Tiger Camo II"