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asics saga

Asics saga is a series of fashion casual shoes launched by Arthur, compared to running shoes, this article will bring you evaluation Asics saga fashion casual shoes out of the box evaluation.
Asics saga fashion casual shoes evaluation Summary:

In fact, Ascis occupies a very important position. So slowly pay attention to Asics shoes. I was not a love of sports people, and economic constraints, wanted to buy a pair of casual wear shoes to wear.
Later found that Asics's retro running shoes, there are two sections of color - Gel Saga and Gel Lyte (II, III, V). Gel Lyte price is more expensive than Saga, so gradually concerned about this.

Maya's cover map, in the first look at the time, is a direct pass of the type, but later through the online search, found or acceptable.

Asics Gel Saga on foot map (network screenshot)
Asics saga fashion casual shoes evaluation out of the box evaluation:

Asics saga fashion casual shoes side:

HtmGri80463 , HtmGtn80520 , HtmGjxl807382 , HtmGjhk806965 , HtmGke80277 , HtmGok80387 , HtmGjqd807192 , HtmGjun807306 , HtmGuz80558 , HtmGjws807363 , HtmGjyx807420 , HtmGjgr806946 , HtmGjiw807003 , HtmGkdg807533 , HtmGll80310 , HtmGjnf807116 , HtmGnr80368 , HtmGjpk807173 , HtmGpw80425 , HtmGjrp807230 , HtmGuf80538 , HtmGjvz807344 , HtmGjyd807400 , HtmGjfy806927 , HtmGjic806983 , HtmGkcn807514 , HtmGjkh807040 , HtmGkr80290 , HtmGjmm807097 , HtmGmy80349 , HtmGpc80405 , HtmGjqw807211 , HtmGrh80462 , HtmGtm80519 , HtmGjvf807324 , HtmGvr80576 , HtmGjfe806907 , HtmGjhj806964 , HtmGkbu807495 , HtmGjjo807021 , HtmGkdz807552 , HtmGme80329 , HtmGjny807135 , HtmGjqc807191 , HtmGqo80443 , HtmGjsh807248 , HtmGjum807305 , HtmGuy80557 , HtmGjwr807362 , HtmGjyw807419 , HtmGjgq806945 , HtmGkdf807532 , HtmGnq80367 , HtmGs805 , HtmGjtt807286 , HtmGue80537 , HtmGjyc807399 , HtmGjib806982 , HtmGkcm807513 , HtmGjml807096 , HtmGmx80348 , HtmGpb80404 , HtmGvq80575

Asics saga fashion casual shoes soles:

Asics saga fashion casual shoes overlooking:

Shoes only after the soles of the feet have GEL, forefoot in the removal of the insole, the hand press, you can obviously feel the soles of the bumps.
Casual shoes shoes

I generally wear 265mm (US 9.5) shoes, bought before the Asus shoes US 9 corresponds to the 270mm, due to fear of large, so did not buy the US 9.5 has been opened, only selected US 9. But the moment of receipt, Obviously felt the shoes are very small.When put on, feel the whole foot to the tightly wrapped, a little tight.

Asics saga fashion casual shoes insoles:

The Asik insoles are very thick, as long as the removal of the insole, it felt the shoes fit, but this wasted Asises insoles, and shoes, only the front of the foot position is the use of cotton Sewing, the middle of the soles of the feet seems to be posted on the layer of paper, if not insoles, wear a long time will rot it?
Feel on the feet
Time relationship, just put on the concrete downstairs to run a few steps, followed by a moment in the floor there is a rebound feeling, had to admire the Japanese GEL technology.

 Asics saga fashion casual shoes feel:

      How to face this problem, if you do not have the facts to speak, is clearly not satisfactory. Speaking of the following features should be able to explain the problem.
First, put on the people who will feel good in the first time wrapped. Whether you are running it or jumping, you do not seem to wear shoes, without the slightest sense of trouble and procrastination. From this point of view, the sense of foot is really first class.

    Second, put on the people who do not have the feeling of foot and boring, that is, this shoe has a good permeability. For athletes, this is crucial. Because, if the game in the course of a lot of sweat phenomenon, will certainly affect the results of the game. Again, in this respect once again proved that the foot feel good.

  Third, no one is willing to put on their own pair of feeling stiff shoes, in comfort, did not let us down. As long as you choose the size of the shoes, your feet will feel in which the unprecedented comfort. Especially when you are in the game when the sweat, you will feel like this pair of shoes extremely light. This is also a special place of foot feeling.

  Fourth, in fact, our support for sexual requirements has always occupied an important position. As a result of the use of new materials, the performance of the support is also quite good. It can be said that this is another achievement that is dedicated to us.
 Asics saga fashion casual shoes Summary:

Put on, you will really enjoy the joy of exercise. This kind of happiness is no alternative to any other pair of shoes.

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How is the multi-dimensional running shoes? The domestic running the old brand, never fade out of our line of sight, many people did not look at them. Multi-dimensional running shoes to Xiaobian feel has been a large Bowen level, back to the level of power. Today saw the article, Dunsheng admiration of the meaning, transferred to everyone, to see what happens:
I through a lot of double running shoes, home running shoes have more than 50 pairs, the brand also covers the vast majority, a year ago also bought a pair of multi-Wei running shoes, but has not been wearing. This pair of running shoes is very thin, and feel like a siren tiger, the soles are also the type of the front foot to the ground, according to my experience, control this pair of shoes must be a master of martial arts, feet or forefoot floor, nothing "Footsteps do not go straight" bad habits - need stable support, in short, the characteristics of this pair of shoes is the most basic protection, ultra-light, strong speed capability.

HtmGiin806318 , HtmGing806441 , HtmGiqw806535 , HtmGhkr805698 , HtmGiul806628 , HtmGibi806131 , HtmGeex803520 , HtmGhpk805821 , HtmGize806751 , HtmGijr806348 , HtmGiwt806688 , HtmGhqo805851 , HtmGhud805944 , HtmGiok806471 , HtmGhrs805881 , HtmGjbm806811 , HtmGhvh805974 , HtmGhyx806068 , HtmGipo806501 , HtmGieu806221 , HtmGhpg805817 , HtmGhsw805911 , HtmGjcq806841 , HtmGijn806344 , HtmGjae806777 , HtmGhu80215 , HtmGhxp806034 , HtmGikr806374 , HtmGiog806467 , HtmGeet803516 , HtmGhlr805724 , HtmGici806157 , HtmGipk806497 , HtmGjbi806807 , HtmGiif806310 , HtmGiyx806744 , HtmGhss805907 , HtmGhzx806094 , HtmGimz806434 , HtmGiqo806527 , HtmGiba806123 , HtmGieq806217 , HtmGhln805720 , HtmGhpc805813 , HtmGijj806340 , HtmGiwl806680 , HtmGigy806277 , HtmGeeo803511 , HtmGjbe806803 , HtmGhv80216 , HtmGilr806400 , HtmGipg806493 , HtmGeft803542 , HtmGhkf805686 , HtmGiem806213 , HtmGivd806646 , HtmGiyt806740 , HtmGhwd805996 , HtmGijf806336 , HtmGjdm806863 , HtmGinz806460 , HtmGiro806553 , HtmGhlj805716 , HtmGifq806243 , HtmGiss806583

This pair of shoes I bought after the home for more than a year, I have said, when I can wear more Wei shoes, and I was a master. Today, I wore it and ran ten kilometers.
The film "Fearless" which has such a plot description, in the Fearless ring contest on the road there will always be a begging fool, always grinning to ask him "Fearless, when you are the first time ah "Fearless asked:" You say? "Beggars will smile and said:" Just today, just today! "
The weather is not bad, I put on the multi-dimensional running shoes, just today.
(More ashamed, I even do not know how many models do not know. ⊙ ﹏ üb Khan)
Gentle sunset in Orson this piece of green land, brick red runway stretches of human civilization and beautiful nature strung pearl, the weather is very hot, I did not bring water, but I have a very proud Because, after experiencing so many games, I suddenly feel that they can control this runway more than Granville - a recognized more suitable for the master of running shoes. As every time before the ring, to meet the eyes of countless viewers.
In fact, this shoe is not as thin as imagined, after the heel of the buffer is good, the front foot grip to the force, every step out of the pedal are very real feeling, I feel the speed up. Second, the running shoes have a great advantage, that is, he is very neutral, how do you run it how to support you, so my running posture suddenly become normative, and because the grip is to force the relationship, rush A look at the table, 4 points 03 a kilometer.

I used to wear the regular running shoes is Arthur's nimbus, very early models, probably in 04 years, but now understand that pair of shoes wrong for me is not suitable for this small weight of people. And later gradually wear a lot of varieties of shoes, each have their best, the last love at first sight is Arthur's tiger walk, my family has 5 pairs of tigers go, different colors, deep thought that the classic things have no other demand.
I have been "running shoes" and "runners" relationship compared to "weapons" and "kung fu". How strong people will match the corresponding shoes. In fact, martial arts people have such a need, when the effort light, guns short sticks, drastic, subtle things rarely, to the very master, can control the weapons are also up.
Olsen run a lot of people, I am more than a lot of people, has not been any more than, did not bring water, just want to casually test what can run to see how the performance of this pair of shoes. The results went to 7 km, I saw the average speed down 4 minutes and 10 seconds, the speed is very great for me. But the shoes are very light, I did not feel tired at all The result of this forward, from the South Park to the North Park and ran from the North Park to the South Park, sweat was blown away (running fast naturally with the wind), the whole body in this gradually become thick green Mori light up, I have some breathing, but the strength is still very good, and this often have a lot of heavy load running, the roadside someone to cast my eyes, maybe I really faster. Drop a sound, prompt me ten kilometers to the.
My best score is 10 km 42 points, is running on the playground, remember that day is very excited to think that they want to become a master like. And today, when I stopped the table, surprise, 10.02 kilometers, 41 minutes and 40 seconds. This is my ten kilometers of the best results, or no water, hot days, Orson North and South Park to create.

Sure enough, I had to judge the same, when I can become a "master" (according to their own standards), you can control more than Granville shoes.
Turn to another thought, perhaps it may be more Wei shoes let me become a master?
Senior running friends "Beijing Laozhuang" and "all living within the Four Seas" and others are through numerous shoes, and interesting is the universal PB is wearing more shoes to create, from this point can also confirm this Footwear for lightweight players is a "hand of the blade".
With the speed of the depth of practice, I found that in order to achieve a certain speed, we must use speed running shoes. Boston Marathon has informed me that 2014 can continue to participate (because the bombing caused us not to reach the finish line, BAA stressed that through the boylston street to reach the finish line to accept the audience cry is an integral part of the Boston Marathon, so invites us to return to Boston, make up And dreams.)
I knew the sacredness of the Boston Marathon, and I wanted to run 3 hours and 5 minutes before Boston next year to make a real BQ. This pair of multi-Wei shoes, can be said that the speed of training a great choice.
I have not bought before, because I have not set the target BQ. But with the in-depth understanding of running, I began to reflect on the relationship between equipment and capacity. The original, not expensive is the best, the match is the best.

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The new MOTION FITRAIL and other TECNICA Tenneca cross-country running shoes, have people never forget the brilliant color. Classic vamp design and changing with the TECNICA cross-country running shoes recognition is very high.

At the Asian outdoor exhibition, TECNICA brings the new MOTION FITRAIL cross-country running shoes and its six brilliant colors. Rich colors in the appearance of very pleasing. Is bound to be outdoor off-road running a brilliant landscape.

HtmGdal802728 , HtmGdag802723 , HtmGdab802718 , HtmGdtc803213 , HtmGczs802709 , HtmGczi802699 , HtmGczd802694 , HtmGdse803189 , HtmGds80109 , HtmGcyz802690 , HtmGdrv803180 , HtmGdrq803175 , HtmGdrl803170 , HtmGcya802665 , HtmGdrb803160 , HtmGdqx803156 , HtmGdqs803151 , HtmGdqn803146 , HtmGcxr802656 , HtmGcxh802646 , HtmGdqd803136 , HtmGcwy802637 , HtmGcwt802632 , HtmGcwj802622 , HtmGdpf803112 , HtmGdow803103 , HtmGcvg802593 , HtmGdoh803088 , HtmGcvb802588 , HtmGcux802584 , HtmGdny803079 , HtmGdno803069 , HtmGdnj803064 , HtmGcus802579 , HtmGcun802574 , HtmGcud802564 , HtmGdn80104 , HtmGctu802555 , HtmGctp802550 , HtmGctk802545 , HtmGdml803040 , HtmGctf802540 , HtmGdmg803035 , HtmGdmb803030 , HtmGcta802535 , HtmGdlx803026 , HtmGcsr802526 , HtmGcsm802521 , HtmGdln803016 , HtmGcsc802511 , HtmGdkz803002 , HtmGcrt802502 , HtmGcrj802492 , HtmGcre802487 , HtmGdkf802982 , HtmGcr8082 , HtmGdka802977 , HtmGedb803472 , HtmGdjw802973 , HtmGecx803468 , HtmGcqq802473 , HtmGecs803463 , HtmGdjh802958 , HtmGeci803453 , HtmGdjc802953 , HtmGecd803448
TECNICA TOKYA MOTION FITRAIL cross-country running shoes design simple atmosphere, 270g or so weight, and light weight of running shoes almost, as a pair of cross-country running shoes, the light performance was very good.

TECNICA TOKYA MOTION FITRAIL Cross-country running shoes with the previous lightning off-road running shoes in the upper appearance of little change, the shoe body lines elegant, multi-window design to enhance the maximum permeability and ensure the upper support and light. And although it is full of upper no sewing process. Tenneca is also rigorous in the upper part of all the force, all done car line reinforcement. Shoes, foot arch did not do too much anti-twisting and support and other configurations, and all of these features based on the foot of the foot arch thickened hardened in the bottom of the design.

As a pair of lightweight cross-country running shoes, fast shoelaces have become an indispensable configuration. However, and do a lot of shoelaces to accept the practice of bags is not the same, TECNICA Tonika MOTION FITRAIL choose to set a rubber band in the shoe position as a fixed, this way looks more efficient. Rubber band at the crucial time also have the role of receiving shoes, serve two purposes. From the outside look TECNICA Tenneca MOTION FITRAIL cross-country running shoes toe mesh sag down, toe width and available performance is high. You can completely release your toes during exercise.

TECNICA TAIKA MOTION FITRAIL has selected a composite mode of multi-layer material to set the upper, large hole of the inner material to support the upper, and to achieve maximum ventilation performance, fine hole slim blocking the outdoor sand and gravel, two The combination of breathable quick-drying materials is a trend in the use of materials in recent years, which not only ensures the characteristics of the material,

Even as a pair of lightweight cross-country running shoes, the greatest degree of pursuit of lightweight and simple. TECNICA TAIKAI MOTION FITRAIL is also a rubber anti-collision design in the toe section, the rubber is relatively heavy, but the most effective so far toe anti-collision material. In the outdoor movement encountered in the stone is inevitable. The full protection of the upper is the key.

This shoe uses Ortholit forming insoles, black parts wrapped and high stability, tightly wrapped heel, will not move and shake. Ortholit insoles with breathable, absorbent, deodorant, mildew, antibacterial, buffer and other multi-technology, has a very good reputation.

TECNICA The MOTION FITRAIL is followed by a slightly overturned midsole, and the midsole is very clear, but the midsole of this shoe is much harder than the usual sports shoes. The entire end of the set, more inclined to the stability of outdoor footwear effect.

TECNICA TAIKI MOTION FITRAIL outsole bite flowers distribution rules, forefoot by the curved groove is divided into four parts. Relative to the "lightning" off-road shoes soft and large rubber big bite flowers, this more biased road running shoes bite flowers. Curved groove part of the design is very clear, mainly to ensure that the movement of the foot more flexible and comfortable foot.

TECNICA TAIKI MOTION FITRAIL inherited the distinctive and magnificent design of Tenneca, which satisfies the requirements of the beautiful design of the crowd. The lightweight but hard design is suitable for those who demand higher stability to the shoes.

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Reebok ZOKU RUNNER Ultraknit

Reebok's unique inspiration and unparalleled creativity to create new shoes Reebok ZOKU RUNNER ULTRAKNIT, special DAY GLOW Fluorescence Fabric and 3M reflective material, triggering a storm regardless of day and night. ZOKU Night & Days shape to learn more than 30 years Classic Classic series of the most representative style design, integration Reebok DNA elements, adding eye-catching fluorescent color, classic and avant-garde color of the collision, the next hot street street shoot necessary Has been ready to go!

This time, Reebok ZOKU RUNNER Ultraknit series for our surprise is that the fluorescent color can pick out in the day, and 3M reflective coating is to wear it on your dark and shining in the dark. Not only that, but also provide a lot of surprises in performance:

HtmGbcn801430 , HtmGbgs801539 , HtmGbpb801756 , HtmGbxl801974 , HtmGcfv802192 , HtmGck8075 , HtmGcoe802409 , HtmGbgw801543 , HtmGbpf801760 , HtmGbtk801869 , HtmGbxp801978 , HtmGcbu802087 , HtmGcoi802413 , HtmGcby802091 , HtmGcgc802199 , HtmGckh802308 , HtmGbcv801438 , HtmGbto801873 , HtmGckl802312 , HtmGcoq802421 , HtmGbcz801442 , HtmGbdc801445 , HtmGbhh801554 , HtmGbya801989 , HtmGccn802106 , HtmGcpb802432 , HtmGbdk801453 , HtmGbhp801562 , HtmGblu801671 , HtmGbud801888 , HtmGbht801566 , HtmGbly801675 , HtmGccr802110 , HtmGcla802327 , HtmGbds801461 , HtmGbhx801570 , HtmGbqg801787 , HtmGbul801896 , HtmGbyq802005 , HtmGccv802114 , HtmGch8072 , HtmGcpj802440 , HtmGbdw801465 , HtmGbmf801682 , HtmGbqk801791 , HtmGbyu802009 , HtmGccz802118 , HtmGchd802226 , HtmGcli802335 , HtmGcdc802121 , HtmGchh802230 , HtmGcpr802448 , HtmGbqo801795 , HtmGbut801904 , HtmGbmn801690 , HtmGbzb802016 , HtmGchl802234 , HtmGclq802343 , HtmGcpv802452 , HtmGbed801472 , HtmGbii801581 , HtmGbim801585 , HtmGbmr801694 , HtmGbqw801803 , HtmGbva801911 , HtmGbzf802020 , HtmGcdk802129 , HtmGchp802238 , HtmGclu802347
§ New knitted fabric technology Ultraknit, the application of digital weaving technology, extending to the heel of the plastic material and leather stent for vamp reinforcement, not only bring unmatched fit comfort, leaving the whole shoe looks more fashionable.

§ In the end and the end of the design to learn the classic style CL LEATHER, material use of lightweight DMX lightweight midsole, soft memory insoles to further enhance the wearing comfort.

§ New fluorescent yellow, phosphor, black three wild color coupled with the pioneer shape ZOKU, day and night is to be dazzling.

Unprecedented avant-garde style contains a deep trend of background, coupled with the impact of visual experience and wearing performance, the new ZOKU storm will again attack!

Whether it is Puma, or Reebok, have ushered in a new opportunity, no doubt, Air Jordan a unique scene will eventually become history, with more global Internet tools, the use of social media, shoes in the fashion field Have more opportunities, not just in sports. Puma and Reebok are in the revival of their own market to do the impressive, this is not? Reebok has released a fashion run Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit four new urban fashion running shoes.

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "Gum Pack"

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "White"

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "Black"

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "White"

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "Brown"

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "Off-White"

Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit "Off-White"
Allen said: just grab this stock socks trend is always right Moreover, Reebok also for this pair of running shoes equipped with its technology Ultraknit and DMX Lite. Ultra for seamless knitting uppers, to ensure your feet in the summer enough ventilation, DMX Lite in the bottom of the air cushion to make your feet comfortable, no matter how far, so you will not be tired. In addition to its core technology properties. Running shoes look more simple, was a glass sequins shoes shoes ear hole with a very advanced visual aesthetic experience is not to be missed. With the end of the white or black and white, black, brown and white white upper constitute the running shoes.

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InstaPump Fury

Classic wild black and white color InstaPump Fury

Every year the major brands have been running with InstaPump Fury limited edition, many stars, fashion Icon and the streets of people are difficult to reach the fashion boom, no wonder the major social platforms have been InstaPump Fury tide fancy brush. And the introduction of the black and white classic color, the biggest bright spot is the cool full of the upper print. The "GET / OFF / MY /?" Personality slogan printed on pure white upper, gas field full open.

InstaPumpFury pure white upper with the words of personality

Still bored by trivial trivial? All the way to concessions and patience to what time? Brave to say no, from now on. Choose a clean white, can do their own. Choose a minimalist design, to the cumbersome superposition that no Boldly shouted "GET OFF", boldly refused. You will choose to refuse what? Leave the answer to "?" Words, let them guess.

In addition to very personalized words, classic wild black and white color InstaPump Fury also uses a unique weaving, all carbon plate in the end to maintain stability and support on the basis of both light and cushioning, adding clever rubber bottom design, Means; shoe design more fit feet, knitted surface soft fit, ventilated breathable. So unique personality and full of fun shoes, how can you miss?

Reebok was launched in 1994 and was introduced in 1994 at the time of the highly subversive shoes Instapump Fury, future sense of full design and brain open technology to today are not out of date, Pump P50 pump technology and Hexalite cushioning The perfect convergence of technology, and then equipped with Graphlite carbon board to Instapump Fury destined, today Xiaobian and everyone to enjoy under the Instapump Fury in recent years, stunning color, come onlookers!

Packer Shoes x atmos x BOUNTY HUNTER x Reebok Instapump Fury
Rare Quartet This is a combination of subversive design of the Instapump Fury modeled, carrying from the Bounty Hunter brand clothing series of inspiration, with black and white interpretation of the whole theme, the shoe body from the top grain leather and lightweight inflatable surface to build, texture full load , With the shoes comes with Skull Kun doll is also interesting.

For relatively lazy people, a pair of white shoes will always be stepped on the dirty. Especially in the summer to the shoes are breathable to go. Xiao Bian recommended a Reebok Instapump Fury new color, lazy shoes the best choice.

Reebok's Instapump Fury because of its easy to wear the design, has long been selected "lazy" shoes list, recently the shoes once again released a new color, interested friends may wish to first put over. The body is still using breathable nylon mesh surface composition, but the inflatable fabric selection exceptionally striking snow elements, in the summer of summer, whether it is worn on the feet or look in the eyes, will be a little cool. Shoes as a whole to the combination of gray and purple tone, showing a unique sense of vitality, very seasonally. At present, the shoes have been on sale at Sneaker Politics

Nike Air Max 2016 Running Shoes

The highly anticipated Nike Air Max 2016 running shoes are equipped with excellent flexible cushioning system and lightweight mesh cloth design, giving the feet a comfortable and cool experience, has been released on a global scale.

Overall highlights:

The new Nike Air Max 2016 with full palm type Max Air cushion with cylinder structure, effectively enhance the flexibility, while increasing the supply of foot gas, plastic on the smooth experience. Engineering mesh design for the forefoot to provide excellent ventilation, while giving adequate support in the foot. Local mesh boots to enhance the permeability, plastic on the socks like a comfortable fit. Flywire fly line and lace system integration, cleverly covered arch, and can be adjusted according to foot, to provide fit support.

Very fine workmanship. Very fine workmanship.

HtmGami801009 , HtmGage80849 , HtmGamd801004 , HtmGayv801334 , HtmGafv80840 , HtmGayq801329 , HtmGafq80835 , HtmGayl801324 , HtmGash801164 , HtmGasc801159 , HtmGalp80990 , HtmGayg801319 , HtmGalk80985 , HtmGafg80825 , HtmGayb801314 , HtmGafb80820 , HtmGart801150 , HtmGaex80816 , HtmGaxs801305 , HtmGaro801145 , HtmGaxn801300 , HtmGarj801140 , HtmGalf80980 , HtmGare801135 , HtmGala80975 , HtmGakw80971 , HtmGaes80811 , HtmGaen80806 , HtmGakm80961 , HtmGaei80801 , HtmGaxd801290 , HtmGaed80796 , HtmGawz801286 , HtmGaqv801126 , HtmGadz80792 , HtmGaqq801121 , HtmGaql801116 , HtmGakh80956 , HtmGawu801281 , HtmGajy80947 , HtmGadu80787 , HtmGawp801276 , HtmGadp80782 , HtmGawk801271 , HtmGaqg801111 , HtmGadk80777 , HtmGapx801102 , HtmGajt80942 , HtmGaps801097 , HtmGajo80937 , HtmGapn801092 , HtmGajj80932 , HtmGadf80772 , HtmGaje80927 , HtmGavw801257 , HtmGaj8022 , HtmGacw80763 , HtmGavr801252 , HtmGacr80758 , HtmGavm801247 , HtmGapi801087 , HtmGacm80753 , HtmGapd801082 , HtmGaoz801078 , HtmGaiv80918 , HtmGbbq801407 , HtmGaiq80913 , HtmGbbl801402 , HtmGavh801242
Fully benefit from Nike Flyknit structure, this running shoes perfect combination of high permeability, ductility and support force. Nike to create a distinctive weaving technology to create high performance, highlight the essence of sports running shoes.

vamp. vamp.
Uppers with Nike Flyknit technology, flying needle lead, carefully for the feet to create light as a wings, close with the shape and natural sky. Nike Flywire used for weaving Nike Flywit shoes and shoelaces perfect integration, and the number of fly lines from 2015 to increase from 5 pairs to 6 pairs. To create a dynamic, support of the fit experience, printed on the collar with Nike Air Max 2016 words, pull design easy to wear off, bring comfort fit experience.

Tongue on the logo is very beautiful. Tongue on the logo is very beautiful.

Transparent environmentally friendly rubber made of waffle outsole provides durability and multi-directional traction. In the end with a curved groove, to enhance the flexibility of the front foot, tubular geometry of the whole body, while enhancing the flexibility for the foot at the same time into more air, to achieve extraordinary extraordinary cushioning effect, so smooth running natural.

Real shot. Real shot.
Sculpted Cushlon in the end of the integration of a good cushioning and resilience, for the wearer to provide comfort and protection. A curved groove that fits with the Nike Air Max air cushion device gives you a smooth and efficient pace. The outside of the Swoosh logo also moved from the heel to the foot, more conspicuous.

Soles. Soles.

2016 models of the insoles with exactly the same 2015, anatomical shape of the formation of a few millimeters of foam placed in the suture and the bottom of the above.

Put on the time there will be a soft but yet stable feeling, sometimes mistaken for the whole palm cushion to bring the buffer, in fact, the insole at work.

insole. insole.
Air cushion

The whole body in the running process of tight pressure, and can give the feet to provide a stable support, which is due to the geometric shape of the air cushion itself is very hard, when you run in the soles of the feet, the air inside the air will be replaced However, the built-in tight spring balloon limits the free jet of air, the pillars inside the air cushion can prevent the heel from sinking too much.

The air cushion is great. The air cushion is great.
Measured feelings

As the weather is cold, ran not a long time, wearing a feeling of running shoes is very light wrapped performance is good, shock effect is indeed improved, and breathable cool. Because the running distance is not long, hope to have the opportunity to test a longer distance, but in the short distance effect is still very praise, non-slip performance is very strong, ran through the snow without any slippery phenomenon; parcel performance stable and comfortable Slippery phenomenon, running the foot of the foot is very comfortable, the flexibility of the air also let the running experience better.


Another classic. Another classic.

The late seventies of the last century, the revolutionary Nike Air-Sole air cushion began in the Nike footwear products cut a striking figure. In 1987, Nike Air Max 1 to a transparent air cushion in the heel parts, so that this shoe enthusiasts can not only feel the Air-Sole's comfort, and to see its true capacity. Since then, the new generation of Nike Air Max shoes with its eye-catching color combinations, reliable performance and lightweight cushioning effect, between the athletes and collectors quickly became popular.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Asics KAYANO 23

The new GEL-KAYANO 23 performance running shoes uphold the ASICS Arthur in the quality of the brand continued to break through the tradition. GEL-KAYANO 23 is ASICS Arthur's award-winning GEL-KAYANO high-performance running shoes series of new upgrades. GEL-KAYANO 23 for a number of long-distance runners are extremely critical to improve the function, can provide a very outstanding long-distance stability and comfort.

Increased stability over long distances

GEL-KAYANO 23 is equipped with an upgraded GUIDANCE LINE. The slightest angle formed by the center of gravity and the center of the shoe makes the center of the foot pressure always on the guide line, helping to guide the runner and improve the gait efficiency. GEL-KAYANO 23 also provides a running shoes ankle fit, giving the running shoes more superior long-distance running stability.

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Improved comfort and cushioning

GEL-KAYANO 23 at the same time in the outer heel strategically used GEL shock plastic to better ease the impact. The new tilt angle design allows the runner's center of gravity to be more stable in the middle of running shoes, so that running shoes with better cushioning performance, and provide a lasting balance of runners.

Light in the end

Weighing about 330g of the GEL-KAYANO 23 shoes with a double in the end of the design to keep running shoes lightweight. The upper end of the center with excellent cushioning and resilience of the SpEVA material, while the lower is used ASICS Arthur patented FlyteFoam midsole technology. FlyteFoam is ASICS Arthur's groundbreaking midsole technology, which weighs about 55% lighter than the industry standard.

"The GEL-KAYANO 23 is a great fit for those who want to go beyond their own," said Gerard Klein, senior general manager, Global Footwear Products and Sales, ASICS. "GEL-KAYANO 23 We hope that the runners will be able to experience our new performance in the performance of running shoes.We believe that GEL-KAYANO 23 excellent fit, support Sex, comfort and cushioning will give runners a different running and training experience.

GEL-KAYANO 23 will be available on September 1 at the official store of Lynx, the official flagship store of Lynx, and the major resorts in China. Men's price of 1,390 yuan, female models priced at 1,290 yuan.

GEL-KAYANO 23 Features include

- I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) patent slow shock absorption technology

- followed by reinforcement system

- after the palm and forefoot GEL shock absorber system

Dynamic double - density anti - skew system with DYNAMIC DUOMAX

- FluidFit uppers technology

- FluidRide midsole technology



- Midsole: FlyteFoam, SpEVA

Outsole: AHAR sponge, AHARPLUS rubber