Wednesday, May 24, 2017

LI-NING BB Lite Sonic

Li Ning brand for everyone to bring the speed of war boots Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic), unconventional overall design on the appearance of people will never forget. LI-NING BB Lite Sonic is the first choice for speed players to prove himself with a very sophisticated design concept. Adhering to the overall concept of the current shoe lightweight, with the creation of Li Ning brand history, the ultimate weight of the weight of the body weight, get rid of all the unnecessary weight on the shoes above the face of the heat of the ball hit the ball, Shoes and unparalleled breathable performance, the achievements of this summer's basketball court, with speed to dominate everything.
Rapid attack, to stimulate the infinite energy, small face will be the foot of this pair of dazzling enough Li Ning sonic speed, to bring the summer stadium in the summer, feel the passion from the speed. In the hands of Li Ning brand to create the history of the light weight of the body really amazing, only a single US $ 9 shoes weight only 345g, in reducing the weight to do a lot of homework, so that all aspects of the shoes need to take into account the various elements. The first obvious feeling on the feet is refreshing, in the sun shrouded on the pitch above the feet victory to escape the burden of high temperature, to bring the infinite vitality of the wearer. Set foot on the pitch, everything starts from the refreshing.
First of all, we will look at the Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) of the upper technology, a large area of ​​the cloth breathable structure with Li Ning brand advanced three-dimensional printing technology and seamless hot one integrated technology. Under the combination of a large area of ​​breathable mesh structure in the actual combat will bring excellent ventilation effect, to deal with the summer of the hard battle, it is competent. Toe parts of the selection of patent leather material package, to strengthen the protection of the toes in combat. Tighten the shoelace with a simple adaptive movement, the overall package feel is in place, breathable performance is extremely prominent, which is the highlight of the upper technology, put aside breathable, fly in the ointment is the toe parts of the patent leather material in the protection I seem to be more than a trace of blunt.
Now we come to talk about Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) used by the cushioning technology, in the version and the low version of the same version of the use of Li Ning brand new Bounse + cushioning technology, the end of the use of full palm Bounse + slow Earthquake technology, on the basis of the original to provide an additional 27% of the energy rebound. As a pair of speed for the players to build it, frequent pedal force, to seize the subtle return between the feedback, with the speed to dominate everything. Xiao Bian in the actual two hours, Bounse + cushioning technology moderate foot feeling is unique, for the speed of the players Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) is a perfect alternative.
Different from the low version of the version of Li Ning sonic, in the upper design on the version of it to make a very different build, vary from person to wear choice, moderate as a guarantee of strength. With the actual combat test carried out, the shoe space can always keep fresh, the principle of hot caused by the troubled. Masters in the end of the buffer technology, on the basis of the original re-improvement, enough to meet the actual needs in combat, to the speed of the players, active in the venue above, with the speed of speech, in the cushioning capacity will not be too demanding, (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) is just right to help you in the active venue above, to meet your speed needs, active in the venue above.
Throughout the front of the Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) as the leader in the domestic basketball brand, Li Ning brand constantly with the strength of the product proved their own, carefully designed in the product fully reflected in the product. Brought more expectations for the future, with the current affirmation. This summer, this touch of beautiful blue storm will sweep the pitch, with speed to speak, dominate the summer of the stadium.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pro Smooth

With the beginning of the NBA season preseason, the major brands have begun a new round of shoes war, in addition to the star of the signature shoes, some combat models also entered our field of vision, they may be in appearance and sense can not Compared with the signature shoes, but the real combat performance can be easily on the pitch to get your favor, this pair of Pro Smooth is one of the representatives.
Pro Smooth's vamps used in recent years adidas very common design, artificial materials and mesh material combination so that Pro Smooth's upper support and breathability both, early feet, Xiao Bian feel Pro Smooth package is not "Gentle", harder artificial materials, although the feet can be tightly stuck in the shoes inside, but the comfort also need some time to run, and the upper area of ​​the large breathable mesh allows Xiaobian in the warm-up when it felt The feet of the cool, in general, although the package and comfort in some lack, but the strong support performance and breathable performance, or let Pro Smooth's upper performance has become a weapon in combat.
Careful friends must have found that this pair of Pro Smooth in the end of almost the same hot adizero Crazy Light series, in addition to some minor changes, the overall structure of the bottom is no difference, which also ensures Pro Smooth in the end Performance, powerful, after all, adizero Crazy Light series is a well-deserved high-end shoes. In actual combat, Pro Smooth show a pair of real combat shoes should be the level of SprintFrame technology has been extended to the heel, the front palm of the start without dripping with water, and the venue full of feeling, so wearing a lot of feel is the guard And the heel of the cushion is just right, but because of the characteristics of the end of the material, so Xiao Bian here or this pair of Pro Smooth recommended to the guard or small forward wearing.
Before we said, Pro Smooth's upper use of a hard artificial material, this artificial material can be in place to support the feet, the feet you will find, Pro Smooth's upper height just right, tighten shoelaces, shoes The face will firmly fit the ankle, which is Pro Smooth's upper even though a large area of ​​breathable material, but also to maintain a very high level of reason, coupled with the texture of hard material, Pro Smooth's Support is done in place.
Pro Smooth outsole with a wavy pattern, this pattern in the grip with the traditional herringbone pattern comparable, but because it is more rounded, so have a high durability, in the course of actual combat, Xiao Bian Feel a strong driving force, especially in the start when the breakthrough Pro Smooth grip so you do not have to worry about the situation of slippery. Durability, due to the outer rubber texture is softer, so Xiaobian here advise you or choose indoor or plastic floor, so Pro Smooth will have a long service period.
Throughout this pair of Pro Smooth, although the appearance is not outstanding, but as a pair of shoes for the actual combat, the slightest loss of high-end shoes is the actual performance of the key, if you recently want to pick a pair of actual combat Shoes, then this pair of Pro Smooth must be your good choice.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Mizuno Wave Rider 17

Gathered in the Mizuno products, the need to taste the taste is often a rigorous brand culture. For this experience for more than a century of the brand, the heritage of the spirit of the brand at the same time to explore for the future breakthrough is wonderful. When Xiao Bian get this pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17 will find it out of the ordinary, dazzling color design really make people shines. In this eye-catching color arrangement, we can find Mizuno Wave Rider 17 has a detailed details of the final control, and Mizuno brand traditional running shoes contrast, open up a Mizuno Wave Rider 17 a world.
Experienced more than a century Mizuno brand, the core technology gathered in front of the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 on top. In the use of materials to maintain the current lightweight mainstream, lightweight body weight, delicate production process. In the wearing experience to give running enthusiasts, high-quality wear experience and strong performance support. Now the outdoor temperature has gradually close to the freezing point, Xiao Bian with this pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 17 in the winter, some fine articles.
Tighten the shoelaces, you can find Mizuno Wave Rider 17 uppers system feedback to the feet of the high comfort, delicate upper material with DynamotionFit vest technology, different from the general static uppers technology, throughout the shoes The face of DynamotionFit focuses on running shoes products in the course of exercise to play a role, able to close the wearer's feet. To achieve a perfect fit at the same time to create a harmonious and comfortable shoes inside the environment, a large area of ??mesh material throughout the shoe body, so that breathable performance to give full play to the upper side of the Mizuno Logo at the moment the use of more ingenious, its Material with a certain hardness with DynamotionFit vamps in the decoration at the same time to bring a good upper support.
Take a look at Mizuno Wave Rider 17 in the end of science and technology, Mizuno brand will be gathered in the essence of this. After giving the feet of the feedback to the feet is a mature and stable. The new U4IC composite material has a higher than the previous ap + technology comfort, weight than the ap + 30 percent lighter. After the palm wave wave wave technology, with a relatively exaggerated upper color composition of a strong visual impact. Wave-like Wave Buffering Technology's ability to cushion has always been commendable. This use makes the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 in the middle of the height of a natural drop, the former high to low shape helps to correct the wearer's incorrect running posture, so that the body center of gravity naturally move forward.
With a commendable midsole cushioning performance, with the arch at the TPU using Mizuno Wave Rider 17 equipped with the SmoothRide gait system can be feet in the movement of the range to a minimum. The use of such a match to ensure that the wear in the course of the application of the feet can be in smooth contact with the ground. In addition, the use of X10 rubber outsole, compared with ordinary rubber, X10 rubber to more than 80 percent of ordinary rubber wear resistance, used in the main easy to wear parts greatly enhance the Mizuno Wave Rider 17 durability Sex.
Throughout the Mizuno Wave Rider 17, the exaggerated appearance of the scribe with the internal schedules proves itself. In addition to color, we still find it difficult to find Mizuno Wave Rider 17 publicity. This is also the Mizuno brand has always been the traditional low-key show to everyone rich in great strength of running shoes products.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

adidas D Rose 4

Waiting for the process, the mood is always complicated. I believe that most of my friends are optimistic and positive attitude, after looking for a long time we all hope that this proud roses after the silence, such as about bloom. The new season's curtain has been opened, the wind of the rose strong return, let us on the new season of the new journey to add more of a look. Rose re-bloom naturally need to escort the new weapon, adidas for Ross in the new season launched adidas D Rose 4 also with a strong momentum in the range of sight within you, the two swords together like the tough shape of people bright, As if declared in the world this rose is still strong can not be underestimated.
Remember that adidas D Rose 4 first appeared in the small series, perhaps Ross silence for too long time for his boots had a little strange, an instant Xiaobian was Ross's new boots deep to attract appreciation Called the location fascinated. Rose's shoes have been a long time did not give people a strong impact, and the unique shape design is like Rose's own infinite charm of the general. Tough shape under the inevitable, including the powerful performance, including the comfort of the upper hand after the D Rose 4 gives the impression that the outside is just inside the soft compared to the overall shoe type did not appear too much change, Ankle parts of the "material" is enough, a strong package called high quality. Equipped with a Quick outsole in each area can be a clear division of labor, for Ross escort, the achievements of this pair of powerful boots.
Fixed on the adidas D Rose 4 vamp system, adidas used in recent years, the common Sprintweb material. As this year's more high-quality upper material, Sprintweb has a light and breathable double advantage. As a pair of basketball products using the Sprintweb material, effective on the overall weight of the shoes to form a good control. Making the front of the adidas D Rose 4 in the weight does not produce excess. All over the upper breathable mesh, in the protection of the heavily guarded under the feet to provide hearty breathable performance, showing to the wearer a comfortable shoe environment.
Cushioning performance we can use the regression to describe, adidas D Rose 4 cushioning system officially returned to adidas adiprene old technology, compared to the Ross series before the works can be described as qualitative return. Making the overall cushioning capacity of adidas D Rose 4 has been effectively improved, for the return of Rose, this is undoubtedly a tonic. Feel the sense of solid and practical feel unparalleled, the old cushioning technology adiprene this time the emergence of armed with this pair of new adidas D Rose 4 get positive at the same time we are more full of expectations.
Followed by familiar with the "three bars" This is the Rose series of shoes standard configuration, Sprintframe stability system in the body of adidas D Rose 4 has been a complete reservation. While firmly locking the feet at the same time, the external use of diamond cutting process will be the overall texture of the most true reflected. In addition with the application of the Sprintframe stabilization system, the dynamic Geofit ankle support at the upper, tightens the feet while forming a rigorous package of the ankles. Protection performance has been greatly improved, full of security.
The new season, Rose step by step with the confidence of a long time before the trip, as in front of this pair of adidas D Rose 4 tough outside the very sharp, inherent strength to escort. Full of wearing a sense of foot, beyond the predecessor of the cushion to enhance the flexibility of the outsole, competent and difficult task of the basketball court, adidas D Rose 4 enough to do the best.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

adidas D Rose 5

Good play is not just one out
Injury in the past two seasons after the Ross finally came back, this summer we once again on the game to see that familiar Rose, wearing the US team jersey war world championships. I believe that in order to regain a better return this season, the summer world championship transition is a wonderful thing, the world championships on the site of Ross is still so poor, longing for the game, for re-boarding the site of our desire for each of us Are obvious to all. Of course, Rose's return is not necessarily only a good show, along with his fifth generation signature shoes adidas D Rose 5.
Number one spokesperson
As adidas Basketball's number one spokesperson, and now the personal series has been very mature has 5 generations of products come out. We can see in the shoes of the shoes in the adidas brand for the early adopters of technology and the design concept to upgrade, adidas D Rose 5 can be seen as the best of these columns in a pair of shoes, from the use of technology to the whole and then to all aspects of the If you want to use the subversive character to describe I do not think too much, the first appearance of the eye is very lethal, and then the use of technology on the precipitation after more than two years Boost technology perfect in Rose's shoes, let People for this more of a look.
Versatile today
We can determine the actual product after the advent of the situation now Ross in the adidas "position" exactly how, in the adidas D Rose 5 after the sale of the market we found to remove today's evaluation of the first release, the brand in the design of the shoes quite Work hard, there will be a variety of different vamps adidas D Rose 5 gradually meet with friends, so hard to make every Rose fans are very pleased. Here we look at adidas D Rose 5 uppers performance, first in the hands of the overall integrity and hardness is too large is the vamp system is very intuitive feedback, after the foot of the hard upper really is stubborn, feet In the shoes and not a lot of space, we can understand the performance of the package up to do in place, because the front palm of the larger broadband so the comfort of the feet or let me satisfied.
Finally perfect show
For Boost technology with basketball shoes, I believe we have been looking forward to a long time, in the early this year adidas first released Crazy LightBoost implanted in the posterior palm of the Boost technology for everyone to taste fresh. But this move is clearly not meet the public appetite, so that the news has long been exposed adidas D Rose 5 to jump to the list of everyone's first wish list. Get adidas D Rose 5 after we can find Boost technology can almost be called the whole palm of the application, and the elasticity of the foot feel is still perfect, while some friends in the stability will be some concerns, but in the elastic and stable two The problem adidas reached a perfect balance, that is to say in the slightest no need to worry about stability, it also has excellent cushioning ability.
Learn from success stories
Boost's earliest appearance is adidas brand running shoes product Energy Boost, after practice test, with Booost technology running shoes products quickly get public recognition. Careful friends can find adidas in Boost technology with running shoes products in the application of similar X-shaped midsole support, and now in basketball shoes adidas learn from the success of the case before the perfect transplant to the basketball shoes. Outsole convenient, forefoot wave pattern application with full palm point pattern arrangement, such outsole design and taking into account the application of Boost technology believe adidas D Rose 5 is a pair more inclined to use the basketball shoes inside.
Look forward to the new peak
After adidas D Rose 5 evaluation, I can be sure that this expectation is very worthwhile. For adidas brand basketball shoes, I believe Boost may be a big direction for the future, for the re-emergence of adidas basketball shoes it will play the most important role. Taking into account the personal injury of Ross, the overall design of adidas D Rose 5 emphasizes the protection, we can see the upper position of the hardness of the TPU blessing, firmly locked feet in the key link to do enough effort. New shoes new season, we can do is good wishes, and continue to look forward to, we look forward to Ross new season to have a better record, we also look forward to the future in the Boost with the next, there will be more pertinent Shoes come out.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Saucony Triumph ISO

Buffer preferred
Compared to New Balance, Asics, with one of the top four running shoes brand Saucony in the domestic popularity is relatively low, and now Saucony with its latest ISO series running shoes officially entered the Chinese market. As we all know, for a professional running shoes, the end of the cushion is often the focus of the most concerned about the runners, and the main buffer Saucony Triumph ISO ISO series can be described as the highest attention from the shoes, the end of the use of Saucony headed PWRGRID + technology , The use of tennis patting principle of both buffer and stability. This issue will be the author of the full interpretation of the "buffer preferred" Saucony Triumph ISO.
Top craftsmanship
When I get Saucony Triumph ISO, the first appearance gives a sense of great sense, regardless of ISOFIT upper or PWRGRID + in the end represents Saucony's top shoe-making process, people can not wait to wear it run up, And after the trial I immediately immersed in the Saucony Triumph ISO wonderful foot feeling, then you will find this pair of shoes is not just a variety of technology piling up, but the designer will be the same as the various parts of the jigsaw puzzle Put together, which is precisely reflects the Saucony rich background, the more solid in the end but did not seem to overgrowth, which point on the Saucony control is in place.
Compact wraps
The upper system is the most complex part of Saucony Triumph ISO and is the most used part of the technology. ISOFIT uppers are suitable for most foot types and can provide socks-like wear for runners. Shoes on both sides of the support structure can also help the uppers close to the foot, I can also feel the tightening of the shoelace from the upper side of the sense of parcel, while the heel at the same time SUPPORT FRAME this package Sense and enhance a level. In the course of running Saucony Triumph ISO has been tightly wrapped around my feet, there is no case with the foot does not happen. Uppers large area mesh design also makes breathability is satisfactory, after 5 km jogging, my feet are still very dry.
Soft play both
The Saucony Triumph ISO biggest upgrade is in the bottom part. PWRGRID + technology to the principle of tennis racket as the source continue to play a strong ability to absorb the impact of the runners at the same time to provide resilience, and higher than the previous generation POWERGRID 20% cushioning and 15% resilience. I also feel in the actual dress in the middle of the buffer is just right, and because the toe and heel there is 8mm drop, followed by a more soft wearing feelings, and forefoot is more from the bottom of the rebound, so that the author's every A pedal are more crisp and neat. It is worth mentioning that the Saucony Triumph ISO forefoot to the back of the palm is a very smooth transition, the bottom is not raised, this design makes Saucony Triumph ISO more suitable for most people wearing.
Stable and durable
As for the outsole, Saucony Triumph ISO combines Suconi's unique recipes and processes. IBR + new rubber made by liquid casting, so that the outsole is more durable. Large forefoot also makes the outsole has excellent stability, I am running in the process also feel very stable and smooth. The only fly in the ointment is that the outsole lines are more rugged, slightly less grip on the ability to suggest that you choose to use more flat roads or plastic runways.
The choice of the gospel
Saucony Triumph ISO as a cushioning shock type running shoes, it can be said to have the ultimate cushioning performance, suitable for most runners, the general re-run is therefore the Gospel. I believe that after you wear it experience, it will be impressed by its excellent performance.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Asics GEL-Nimbus 18

Old flagship
In the past six months, Asics has made great moves, such as Meta Run and Gel-Quantum 360 and other new flagship running shoes debut, almost updated the Asics family within the pattern. Despite this, the old series of performance is still strong, long time with the feedback and runners to give them priceless trust. The evaluation of the protagonist Asics GEL-Nimbus 18, long-term occupation of the flagship status quo, in the runners have a high reputation, with the times after the update showed a better performance.
Appearance change
From the appearance point of view, Asics GEL-Nimbus 17,18 two generations of works have a big difference, easy to distinguish when running. On the one hand is the upper texture, GEL-Nimbus 18 upper texture is more detailed; the other hand is the end of the depiction, the new line in the bottom line was wavy, visually more fluid, but Gel plastic exposed volume reduced Some, domineering value has declined. Shoe last aspect has not changed, followed by the position is still relatively tight, while providing a variety of width options.
Ultimate package
Asics GEL-Nimbus 18 inherited the previous generation of upper mesh material, but the upper cover of the thermoplastic area has increased a lot, almost from the toe has been wrapped to the heel, only the release of the toe bending position. During the course of the movement, this shoe is very tight package, and can obviously feel a certain thickness of the upper, running quite solid. Followed by the lining of the filling is full, material touch silky, foot feel similar to the memory sponge, with the next large TPU tray, in every step when landing are very solid.
Balanced weight loss
Asics GEL-Nimbus 18 in the end has always been no lack of technology, which is the best effect is the T-Gel gel. Although the exposed volume smaller, but in the evaluation process did not affect the foot feeling, flexible full of wearing experience did not diminish. In addition, Fluidride double midsole construction can effectively convert elasticity into propulsion, and also help reduce weight. As a cushioning running shoes, the GEL-Nimbus 18 controls the overall weight, uses more light materials and reduces excess parts. However, during prolonged jogging, the ankles and knees do not show soreness or discomfort. Put every point of weight on the blade.
Road running artifacts
Outsole can be said to be the smallest place of Asics GEL-Nimbus 18, the outsole division and grain lines are similar to similar products, but for the outsole application of the concept of fighting color, than before it looks brilliant some. Perhaps in order to play the best performance in the road running, its outsole lines have been relatively fixed, versatility is not good, although the special is very prominent but still deduct a little points, it is recommended that as far as possible in the road and runway On use.
Keep in competition
Each year the GEL-Nimbus series will be upgraded and challenged to keep pace with the times and to maintain a favorable competitive stance, and to keep its runners looking forward to every year. 2016 Asics GEL-Nimbus 18 With more competitors, both in the Asics family and in other brands, it is believed that this will inspire it to do better.