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nike air jordan 4 retro nike air jordan 4 purple pink

In the nike brand shoes series of many, air jordan this series of shoes is difficult to surpass in the hearts of the classic. However, to say that this series belong to their own unique temperament, the iconic shoes from the fourth generation.
The use of open air cushion in the heel of the shoe, opened a new chapter in the design of air cushion soles. This design makes the grip has a stronger ability to reduce the impact of both feet received during exercise, and the upper mesh design to make shoes more practical and comfortable, after all, we are in the process of exercise The feet will emit more heat, if not like the use of lightweight breathable material uppers, shoes can not be timely heat will make the feet sweat, not only uncomfortable, there may be slipping Case. However, the breathable upper design to effectively avoid such a situation.

This series of shoes not only has excellent performance, but also has a very beautiful shape design, smooth and simple lines, coupled with novel and unique color, so that shoes more both inside and outside. After all, people's aesthetic is constantly improving and progressing with the trend of promotion. Although nike is a professional sports brand, it has always been a very avant-garde design concept, and can keep pace with the times, in line with people's changing aesthetic . So that athletes enjoy the health and vitality brought by the movement, but also be able to enjoy more fashion beauty.
The whole series is more compelling, beautiful color brings joy to the mood, so that more people like the on the air jordan 4 purple pink.

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For a person who likes to workout, then to buy yourself a running shoe is very important. At the time of purchase not only need to consider its design, but also need to take into account its practical effect. So running shoes should be how to buy? So now we will follow Xiao Bian to see.

Air max running From the exterior design point of view, is entirely the perfect combination of fashion and sports, color and dynamic color of the shoe with anti-skid damping and other functions combined to give us a very comfortable effect. So air max running for jogging or running.
So for different people, air max suitable for running? From the introduction of view, the air max suitable for running shoes in all aspects of the design are different, to meet the different needs of the people for running shoes, But from a certain point of view, its uniqueness is what we can really take into account, shock absorption, non-slip, run, with good breathability. So for the air max you can run this problem, we all know, this is a really suitable for their own pair of running shoes.

Running from the treadmill and green belt running two regional running point of view, the treadmill focuses on the body's fat consumption, while the requirements for running shoes is relatively high, due to the human body for a long time running After that, will feel tired, and the air max's lightweight design can really improve the running effect, but also can make people feel that running is not tired. From the green belt to see it, because the venue is relatively flat, the green effect is better, and air max running shoes can really make you comfortable, feet brilliance.

Monday, November 20, 2017

nike lunarflyknit chukka

This article Xiaobian introduce to you nike lunarflyknit chukka men's sports shoes, many people have heard of this kind of shoes, but do not understand this style of shoes there are appearance features and practicality. It has a full creative, the main is to take a good element of science and technology, such as FLYKNIT technology to play more extreme. This is a kind of braided vamp, and is up to the ankle. Through the evaluation from the nike lunar flyknit chukka main is to create a cool style, or is a sports style, but also according to people who wear, said foot is very good.

Nike lunarflyknit chukka Men's sports shoes are mainly lightweight design, but also with the thin upper has been a good fusion, so to feel that they can get rid of the shackles of their feet, so that you can exercise a new experience. And then its main feature is to have a fit, because its main method of weaving is polyester yarn, which is designed to be seamless design, has a good support, with good flexibility, with a good Breathability. nike lunar flyknit chukka evaluation is the use of dynamic fly line approach, this technology is mainly for the weight of the shoes can be reduced, so that the vamp among fit may be timely adjustment.

From the nike lunar flyknit chukka evaluation seems to have a certain degree of protection for the footsteps, that is, to enhance comfort, this is the fusion of high-tech configuration, this is a good cushioning performance, so that , Has a fast response, extraordinary comfort features. nike lunarflyknit chukka men's shoes have a good grip.

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 nike zoom hyperrev How much is a lot of sports enthusiasts care about a problem, because as nike brand in a more outstanding shoes, of course, will be widespread concern, due to the nike zoom hyperrev itself has too many advantages, so a lot of people Water this shoe.

There are doubts about how much the nike zoom hyperrev is because you want to start with these shoes but do not know how the price is in the range of your own acceptance. Although many people are not sure how much the nike zoom hyperrev, but this shoe has many advantages are indisputable fact. How much is fundamentally determined by the value of the shoes themselves. The nike zoom hyperrev's upper uses a combination of super-light nylon and mesh fabrics that provide not only the support you need for moving feet, but also the more breathable shoes that keep you Every part of your feet is free to breathe. Full palm cushion soles to provide the best cushioning effect when the wearer exercise. Phylite midsole is very light, reduce the overall weight, and can better follow the dynamic movement of the feet.

    nikezoom hyperrev How much is it? The price is definitely good value for money, even for great value. If you want to sum up the characteristics of this nike zoom hyperrev with a few words, it is support, cushioning, light, breathable. nike zoom hyperrev How much money in the store and the website, the shop is not the same, although all are genuine there are some differences, generally through online shopping can get more favorable prices, the store a little higher prices, which is now more Many people like to buy the main reason for branded goods, but if the physical store discount is also a bargain.

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nike air max speed turf

A pair of shoes want to wear good-looking, not only for the shoes themselves have the request, more importantly, the wearer should know what kind of dress should be worn to match it, like what pants can be with it Form a consistent style, and more show the charm of this series of shoes.

Needless to say we all know that with the sports jersey air max is preferred, because it is a professional sports shoes, with the pants with the most basic method is the easiest way. As long as the color coordination, and the style of pants is relatively simple, it is undoubtedly the most insured is undoubtedly the most insured. However, in addition to sports, usually there are many people do not like to wear regular sports pants, jeans, jeans are also very good.

Like relaxed and comfortable casual style, you can choose straight jeans, slacks or shorts. However, if you like some more fashion trendy, choose the trousers smaller pants, such as pants, small straight pants, etc., with more fashion. When wearing out the trousers can be rolled up, of course, best not to pull, there are related online tutorials, teach you how to use a very simple method can pull out the trendy trousers, interested in this To search a search to see.
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Usually when the Internet, on what pants to see more related to the model chart to see how they are with reference to the model map usually with what pants, combined with their own body temperament characteristics gradually groping, Will eventually get their own set of methods.

nikeid how? Have heard of nikeid Spike Lee who are full of expectations. In fact, Spike Lee is the most prominent place where it burst crack body shoes, because of the crack decoration, the entire shoe looks like a fierce leopard, ready to attack with the owner.

Speaking of nikeid how the problem, many people are full of praise. In the nikeid Spike Lee front, the most expensive sneakers will also become overshadowed, of course, because it has the power of extraordinary sophistication. First, its appearance is very dazzling, so that people who love sports overjoyed. Light gray shoes body covered with white burst crack, this visual impact is not available in other shoes. Second, its performance has reached an all-time high. Whether it is wrapped or comfort, whether it is grip or wear resistance, Spike Lee is perfect, almost people can not pick a problem. Third, it meets everyone's personality requirements. We need shoes, not only for running and running, but also to highlight their own personality. If you come into contact with Spike Lee, you will understand why so many people rush.
Nikeid how? After this question was put forward, more and more people want to experience for yourself. For them, Spike Lee not only represents the quality of Nike, but also represent their longing for personalized service. Now young people, fancy in addition to cost-effective, there are shoes to bring their own spiritual extension, including satisfaction. A mediocre work, is not recognized by them, only the unique shoes, can be selected for them.

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nike free flyknit chukka premium

Love life, love running! As the number of running enthusiasts thriving, running shoes become a popular sporting goods. In recent years, some well-known sports brand running shoes have become increasingly "light", the purpose is to make running easier. Lightweight and comfortable running shoes, easy to create a 360-degree Smart fit feeling, so running more happier!
Tribute to energy:

Nike Free Flyknit Chukka PR running shoes with the most exuberant Nike football boots Mercurial inspiration, inherited its revolutionary cool look and innovative spirit, extraordinary attitude to football energy and charm.
This new nike free flyknit chukka premium combines the two most proud of the brand technology Flyknit shoe body technology and Free outsole, comfortable feet so that the wearer can not stop. This time the new color using a dazzling orange with yellow through the shoe body, very eye-catching, then lace, tongue and shoe body blend into the gray Swoosh harmony, and finally equipped with a comfortable white Free 5.0 outsole made.
Outstanding performance:

Flyknit uppers create an extraordinary breathability and super-light fit. Flywire combines with the shoelace to achieve extraordinary locking performance and strong support. Nike Free mid-clever take deep groove slit, curved groove and arch cross-cut groove design, to create a barefoot joyous experience. At the same time enhance the strength of the foot. IU foam midsole light and durable. The rubber sole is added to the outsole to give excellent durability to areas with high wear.
NIKE Free story:

After Stanford athletes barefoot training at the golf course, three highly creative and innovative Nike employees set out to create an unparalleled, lightweight running shoe designed to create a barefoot feel. The eight-year study of biomechanical principles of barefoot running has given them an in-depth look at the natural angle, pressure and toe position of their feet, and Nike designers have thus created a completely new, highly flexible nike free flyknit chukka premium running shoes

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Nike is one of the world's leading fashion sports brand. It includes a variety of shoes, clothes, accessories and other products, especially Nike handsome shoes series, diverse styles, people are very fond of this. Today, Xiaobian this brick throw jade, to introduce several Nike nice shoes.
01. Nike handsome shoes Nike Air Force One men shock low cut board shoes 44919-002

The reason why it is one of the nice nike shoes, it is because it is printed on the vamp cool pattern, coupled with the cool black color, so that the shoe is no longer so ordinary, but also low-key distribution With unique charm. In addition to stylish and trendy, it uses Nike's unique midsole AIR cushioning technology brings excellent damping effect and ultra-light, as well as to provide traction rubber outsole. So it is not only Nike good shoes, but also good performance sports shoes.
02. Nike handsome shoes Nike AIR MAX cushioning high-top basketball shoes 622041-101

This is a very dazzling basketball shoes, why do you say that? Because it has a mid-foot fly line design, not only sports more lightweight, it looks very cool, so it is one of nike good-looking basketball shoes . Its sole uses a low-profile rubber design, curved grooves and lateral brackets, so that stability, in short, this is a nike good-looking basketball shoes designed to play on the pitch versatile athletes.
03. Nike good shoes 14 new moon shock absorber running shoes women's shoes sports shoes 654434-60

Pink is a girl's love, most of the girls can not wait for all things are pink, to create their own dream world. And this pink Nike running shoes to meet the dream needs of girls, upper powder color, extremely colorful, this nike nice shoes to wear at the foot, definitely make you become the focus of everyone's attention. Of course, it is beautiful and practical running shoes, wearing comfortable and sensitive, outer cushioning guide rail and forefoot new profile, bringing more rapid toe bouncing, helping runners focus on speed and has the role of shock absorption.
04. Nike good shoes 14 new assassin series wear TF men's soccer shoes 651646-800

It has a streamlined shoe, upper with orange color, soles with fluorescent yellow with orange, the overall look very eye-catching. In addition to this, it is also a high-performance soccer shoe with speed innovations designed for enlarged foot locks, ball-handling at high speeds and explosive sports, suitable for use in a variety of venues. As well as advanced touch, tiny texture and inner sleeve design, lock the foot, bring a comfortable sense of foot.
05. Nike handsome shoes Nike 14 new running shoes shoes shoes 620659-002

When you see these shoes, you are not attracted by the fantastic pattern colors of their upper. Upper to black as the keynote, supplemented by blue and pink with midsole and vamp color echoes, the choice of blue and pink, making the overall feminine, with a bright eye-catching visual effects. In addition, this shoe made of a good material, breathable, comfortable to wear. This pair of shoes expensive, or because it uses nike + technology, sports information and data records can be stored, listening to feel very tall, there are wood?
06 Nike shoes Nike 14 new barefoot breathable breathable running shoes 636232-404

The shoe's upper to different shades of blue with, reflecting the strong sense of hierarchy and movement. The overall appearance of blue, wear on the feet, took to the streets, will definitely lead to a very high rate of return. In addition to the stylish exterior design, this Nike running shoe uses a midsole with rubber outsole, so with a strong grip, is your best choice.
About nike nice shoes, Xiao Bian introduced here, do not know if you have fancy which pair. In fact, many types of shoes Nike, such as basketball shoes, soccer shoes, shoes, running shoes, canvas shoes, shoes 0 and so on, and different categories also have different series, such as the moon series, Air max series, Assassin series, Forrest Gump Series, etc. They are also very popular in the market. Interested friends, may wish to see.

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nike dunk high pro sb

As the most popular shoe plate series of fashion shoes, nike dunk sb authentic identification of natural consumers are most concerned about the issue. We often see in the forums users upload their own Nike Dunk SB, I hope there is God help to determine whether it is genuine. In fact, as long as we have mastered the basic points of identification to judge, the vast majority of nike dunk sb true we can also judge.

First of all, true and false can be seen from the logo on the tongue, open Nike SB authentic tongue, we can see on the tongue will have a clear "NIKE SB" English mark, indicating that this is Professional DUNK SB series skateboard shoes, and ordinary use of DUNK Nike sports shoes, the tongue is only just "NIKE" logo. This is one of the details to judge the authenticity of nike dunk sb. Second, we can judge the thickness of the tongue, Nike SB tongue is lengthened thick design, which is to improve the comfort and safety of skateboarding, and one of the details to judge the true shoes Tongue thickness and length, genuine skateboarding shoes than ordinary DUNK 2.5 cm long, parents can measure, if not in this range, the description is false.

In addition, nike dunk sb judge there is a true and false details, that is, the air cushion design, genuine Nike SB its insole is made of high quality materials, so the foot feel very comfortable, put your feet in, can have obvious Flexible and comfortable, but also has a certain degree of hardness; imitation goods counterfeit insoles give people feel too soft, lack of flexibility. Finally, the price, Nike SB is generally not discounted sale, if the sale price is lower than Wu Bai, then consumers should carefully consider whether the counterfeit.

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 Nike brand occupies a high position in the sports and leisure series, some of them classic, engraving has become a symbol of the trend, but also for people's sports to help. Nike max90 series is the current series of people like it, its fashion and the comfort it provides in the course of the movement so that many people are infatuated with it, but also one of its unique charm. On the characteristics of this series of shoes, mainly in the following areas.

        Nike max90 series has a very good damping system, with a very representative of the Nike brand max air cushion plus pvc foam material added to ensure that the shoes in the wearing process has a good cushioning effect and bounce ability, many people It is precisely because of its very good features in these areas to participate in sports such as running time will choose Nike max90 series.

        Second, in some other performance aspects of this shoe's performance is also very good, it's perspiration ventilation effect is very good, the package of the feet is not bad, to ensure that Nike max90 series wearers have a very comfortable experience. In addition, this series of shoes in the manufacture of soles are also very careful, the use of a very good wear-resistant rubber to ensure that the shoes after wearing a lot of time still able to maintain a good skid and grip ability to enhance Nike max90 series of security.

        In addition, from the design point of view, Nike brand in the creation of these shoes have become more and more trendy, in the design of the use of many new concepts, materials, etc. are also more sophisticated, Nike max90 series show a very good appearance Features, which also makes this pair of shoes have a good mix of effects, very nice.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

nike tennis classic ac nd

Vintage tide swept the domestic and international sports shoes market, many modern consumers exaggerated the style of various cool casual shoes show aesthetic tiredness, while the design simple and generous retro casual shoes showed a strong interest. nike tennis classic ac nd as co-launched by Nike and CLOT new retro shoes, popular in many popular shoes consumers.

Among them, NIKE TENNIS CLASSIC AC ND CANVAS, which ranks the top of the sales list in the most recent month, can be used as a representative of Nike's vintage shoes with its appearance and performance advantages. Let's take a closer look nike tennis classic ac nd shoes. The material of the upper has two main types, namely, smooth leather and suede, the two different upper materials have the same high quality wear, so welcomed by consumers, as people wear the best fashion and leisure Choose shoes Let's take a look at the gel package in nike tennis classic ac nd

This nike tennis classic ac nd upper material for the high-end wear-resistant and durable blue canvas as the main area, while the upper Nike white leather trademark is made of leather material, combined with white rubber soles, shoes look beautiful and comfortable to wear high. Other series of nike tennis classic ac nd the same shoes and excellent performance of this pair of vintage shoes, such as color, nike tennis classic ac nd pay attention to simple and generous color style, the upper often with a single solid color and white shoes standard combination, such as Orange, blue, red, black, etc., making the shoes look simple and elegant, in line with the modern leisure life on the shoes of the aesthetic; and in terms of performance, focus on comfort and durability, such as the use of high-quality canvas into a vamp, Rubber as the sole material to achieve the purpose of wear-resistant and durable; shoes structure is focused on the softness of comfort.

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Jordan, a generation of basketball legend, and his Jordan basketball shoes also take a look at the ebb and flow of the basketball community has always been the support of the majority of basketball fans. We are concerned about the characteristics of each generation of basketball shoes, we are equally concerned about Jordan basketball shoes 1 to 23 on behalf of the price. Let's take a look at the following

2008 Air Jordan series is coming to an end, with the last pair of AJ 23 generation launch, Jordan series of basketball shoes to an end, 1-23 generation such a long span also witnessed the growth of our basketball dream. Let's take 11 and 23 as the representatives.

Jordan 11 generation is the watershed of the old basketball shoes and modern basketball shoes. Basketball shoes is the most important milestone in the history of development. 11 generation of groundbreaking use of patent leather as a vamp material, making it a special symbol of high-end basketball shoes since then. At the same time for the first time using the full palm built-in air cushion technology, combined with the full palm in the end with a carbon fiber bearing plate, so that the whole pair of shoes in the shock of an indicator reached. The Jordan 11 generation basketball shoes prices generally around 600-700. Then come take a look at "Terminator" Jordan 23 generations, the unique design elements also include printed on the outsole of Jordan's fingerprints, fingerprint-type lines are used as a sole gripping lines; tongue lined with Jordan also printed behind Thumbprint. Is a great Jordan series boots the perfect ending!

When we all think that the end of this era, Jordan has retired from the basketball arena for more than ten years and brought back with 29 generations, and Jordan 29 generations of basketball shoes price or not because of retirement and fever veterans, almost breaking the 2000 big Off, if you are really Joe fans, maybe you can Amoy a pair of collection. After reading Jordan basketball shoes from 1 to 23 on behalf of the price of some of the introduction, if you want to buy the basic section of Jordan basketball shoes can name the shoes to see!

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Air Jordan 3 Retro FEAR AJ3

In 1987, the birth of Air Jordan III, one of the most classic shoes in the history of Air Jordan, it is worth mentioning that the design of the shoes also invited Jordan himself to participate. Compared to the previous generation 2, Air Jordan III for the first time with a visible single AIR-SOLE air cushion, in addition to our now-known Jumpman logo, it is in this generation open, and has been in use today! In addition, visually impress the crack burst (also known as the elephant) make this pair of shoes become more dazzling! Then we come together to enjoy several simple and elegant classic Air Jordan III boots.
Air Jordan III Retro'88 - 50-year-old Joe Father "birthday"

When Jordan Father 50 years old, DJ Clark Kent's introduced an Air Jordan III Retro'88, this section of the shoes to the classic retro shoes and design as the main body, while the shoes on both sides decorated with two golden "50" figures Decoration, the perfect embodiment of the theme of shoes. However, this is not a market for shoes, if you like the same series, then you can choose Air Jordan III Retro'88 580775-160, this also presents the first year of authentic, followed by the use of the first year of Nike Air Retro Logo, although this is not a memorial element of 50, but this is a rare couple models Oh! Price is 1699 yuan, if you are interested can Amoy a Amoy.
Air Jordan III - a variety of colors for your pick

Many of my friends in the selection of shoes with the same series, more will be concerned about the color of the shoes, the following Xiaobian to enumerate several different colors for everyone to choose - if you like non-black or white, that Xiaobian recommended You choose "black and white Shuangsha" color burst crack shoes, white models: Air Jordan III "white burst" 136064-105, black models are Air Jordan III Retro Flip 315767-001.

In addition, for everyone to recommend a reference number can sit on three different colors of the Air Jordan III1 36064-00, which are blue and black models: black lychee leather upholstery sport blue details, the appropriate use of depth and shade, Calm and very visual highlights, dark gray crack crack dress is to highlight its classic style; gray models Gray wolf color, with a gray upper, with the classic crack decoration, more particularly the burst crack with a black and silver Build, quite eye-catching. The physical effect of the foot is quite bright, silver details in the black background color is very eye-catching; the last color is red and black, a large area of ​​black and red with a small area of ​​purple light, it was also called fierce Dragon color.
Air Jordan III commemorative models assembled - limited is the classic

Air Jordan is the color of the shoes with the most non-first year, I believe most shoe fans can blurt out Air Jordan 3 Retro FEAR AJ3 Fear 626967-040 This classic old-fashioned limited edition, in addition to similar non-vintage style Oregon duck Oregon Ducks PE, Cool Gray, Doernbecher, Black Flip, Legends of Summer, and more.

Finish the non-first year, let's take the opportunity to talk about the first year engraved limited edition - Air Jordan 3 Retro Fire Red AJ3 white red 136064-120, the Bulls OG color in the vamp using a large area of ​​white litchi skin, with Dazzling red fire and delicate black burst crack, making "Fire Red" to create their own unique color, after the launch of the shoes are used, both in Jordan Brand or non-Jordan series shoes, the red color has been Has been very popular. Finally, we recommend two limited edition models, respectively, the 25th anniversary of Jordan series Air Jordan III 398613-102 there Air Jordan III clown 136064-018, the global limited edition of only 2000 pairs, the market price of 2500 +.

The above is the Xiaobian carefully selected for you Air Jordan III in the classic shoes, they are definitely worthy of your collection of shoes Oh! It is reported that last year (2014) President Jordan Brand officially announced the discontinuation of Air Jordan 3, did not Reproduced Air Jordan 3 gives a clear answer. Shoes fans are eagerly looking forward to it with a new look once again in front of everyone, Air Jordan legend can continue? We will wait and see!