Thursday, January 4, 2018

nike back to future

Some players want to know Nike back to the next version of the simple version of quality, after all, through the Nike back to the next version of the picture so that we see the appearance of this shoe is excellent, but more want to understand this powerful idol shoes powerful in Where.

In terms of color, nike back to the next version to do the series has always been a good reputation and great strength, upper black with shoes and upper white, so that this shoe revealed a strong simple domineering, but also very beautiful . So it is very idol group in this performance, people like to see this shoe will love it. Of course, this shoe can obviously rely on the face to eat, but the inherent strength is still very strong. In the nike back to the next version of the high-top can be seen in the shoe surface to join a lot of fly lines, the shoes of the solid sturdy played a strengthened effect. At the same time, everyone can reduce the consumption of shoes while playing basketball. At the same time, even if Wei feet appear during playing, they can be pulled back by the good protection of shoes to avoid the help of injuries. Especially in its midsole has also been thickened, with the top ZOOM cushion, so that the cushioning effect of the shoes reached the ultimate performance on this price, very conscience. So nike back to the simple version of the genuine sought after by people is inevitable.

When you buy can also be selected nike back to the next version of the Jane Los Angeles kicks, it is generally the same as the former, but fine-tuned in the details of the part, so that the shoes more with the taste of the United States. So everyone in the selection of time, but to see clearly, do not buy mistakes. However, which one to buy, can feel the nike back to the next version of breathable intimate care.

Want to buy 2012 Nike 360 ​​new, it is necessary to keep up with the shoes information, Nike / NIKE Air Max all-air palm-power running shoes make people free and unconstrained, enjoy the concept of running every day let you tempted? You can not restrain the exercise of it! Following is for everyone to introduce the shock effect of the 2012 Nike 360, will give you what feeling?
The company is located in:

2012nike new Air Max use of super fiber breathable mesh plus all-pneumatic palm outsole material, allowing you to exercise better stability and shock absorption is a very good sneakers. 2012 Nike 360 ​​classic sports shoes design concept, combined with the latest technology, and its original design extends to different areas, it is also this technology so that people are much fashion rendering and brand heritage.
The company is located in:

Air Max air cushion than the AM1 to be 20% larger air cushion window larger, wider shoe body, these features make sneakers weight increase. In order to make the appropriate make up, Hatfield uses a lighter material to make the upper. 2012 More plastic parts, plus a mix of colors that extend from the insole to the upper, give the sneaker a quick look and make the atmosphere even more eye-catching. Hatfield also divides the insoles into two regions, front and rear, to choose from for various properties and materials. The 2012nike new shoes also incorporates a new sports experience elements, innovation and upgrading, introduced a unique sports shoes, 2012nike always with more colorful colors conquered the hearts of all fans!

Monday, December 25, 2017

air force ones

Determine air force 1 true or false these methods? Market rules are always where there is a demand, where there will be supply, this will not change at any time, I believe we will be more clear to it. There is also a rule that which product is popular in the market to a relatively high degree, then the greater the probability of its fake and shoddy. Like this Nike brand shoes, its sales in the market is quite hot, and then there have been many follow-up fake, of course, because of market demand, will let it be sold in the market. So the air force 1 true and false how to identify it, really quite worrying. No matter who is buying things, it is certainly hope to buy authentic, but on the air force 1 true and false identification, but also need you to pay attention to a problem.

When buying this Nike brand shoes, we must have some knowledge of the air force 1 true and false have some understanding, and this is a very important thing, and the only way to truly understand the goods for their own use , It is very important to help everyone to buy the products they want when they make the purchase. Recognition of the Nike Air Force One, but also the need to use some of the brand knowledge, and understanding of these knowledge, we can understand this platform through the network, is a very good choice, for this, I believe we will be more clear It

On the Nike Air Force One genuine sales, in many cases, we still need to pay attention to, because of its new listing, so much in the market for consumer friends, their fake and shoddy products are more. And we need to know some of the relevant aspects of the brand to know, to be able to better distinguish between the true and false Nike Air Force One, to be able to buy genuine brand. So you want to buy genuine, we must first learn to distinguish between the true and false Nike Air Force One.

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Jordan basketball shoes how? Jordan basketball shoes with what pants? Well with clothes, we can really wear out of its design style. So what the Jordan basketball shoes with good pants, and more to see some of the basketball players on the network with, to determine which collocation for yourself, this is a better choice. Province always look at other people with the match, blindly follow the trend with the fundamentals do not know whether it is right for you, when worn out neither fish nor fowl, even the best shoes, but also wasted.

If you want to know what Jordan basketball shoes with good pants, the first look at your purchase of Jordan basketball shoes is what style, what color. Want to buy genuine words, but do not want to buy a counter, just want to online consumption, you can choose the name of the library to consume this site, will be a better choice. Look at Jordan basketball shoes with what pants pictures, as a reference, so to match the pants, it would be a better choice, for this one point I believe any one of you know it.

Many people understand that Jordan basketball shoes with what pants will be better, so wearing basketball shoes, it will be more attractive, in general, the sports shoes is definitely with sports and leisure pants will be better. In fact, with some jeans, this is not bad. In fact, in addition to formal business apparel, the basketball shoes, no matter what kind of pants with, are unique flavor, trousers, shorts can be.
According to their own hobbies, clever use of some costumes with skills, can be more easily match their favorite types of clothing. In the network reference to the purchase of pictures, it would be better.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Black soccer shoes

In fact, according to different standards, Nike soccer shoes price is not exactly the same, to ask the specific price is how much, it depends on Which series of soccer shoes specifically.

Nike soccer shoes price can be roughly divided into several different grades, such as TF and IC, which is broken nails and indoor shoes, they also exist in the level of the level of difference in the price is generally more than 300 yuan to seven Over a hundred dollars this level. Tiempo Natural and other low-end level soccer shoes, the price is relatively cheap, generally at about 500 yuan level; T90 STRICK other mid-level soccer shoes, the price is more moderate, usually six or seven Hundred or so the price; and Mercurial Vapor assassin and other football shoes in the overall price of Nike soccer shoes, is a top level. So, the specific price of different grades of shoes is not the same, but also according to the different materials used to classify shoes, the highest price should be carbon fiber and the first layer of leather or calfskin combination, the price is generally thousands, Wear the experience is undoubtedly the best. The price of two layers of leather to reduce a lot, the cheapest price should be PU leather soccer shoes, the price is generally only about four hundred.
In fact, not only the price of Nike soccer shoes will vary according to the grade, many brands are there such a phenomenon, due to different models of shoes used in the production of material is not the same, with different performance, targeted Sports functions are not the same, so different sections of Nike soccer shoes prices will be larger or smaller differences.

This article is to say the difference between Nike soccer shoes. In fact, this is also a lot of sports enthusiasts discussed the issue, but many people are still not clear, so in this article, we only based on the leather football shoes to explore the difference between Nike soccer shoes.

Football shoes for the shoes when the feeling of exercise is an important decisive role, the difference between Nike soccer shoes here has also been reflected. There are a lot of problems with the soccer shoes on the cloth surface, the lack of protection of the feet during exercise and the inability to control the ball road well. The problem is more than these; PU leather fabric soccer shoes, soccer shoes in all the Nike inside, the grade can be considered very low, the only benefit is that maintenance is very simple, does not produce the phenomenon of plastic, but no friction, lack of Technical content, but the protection of animal lovers friends like to choose this one; leather cowhide football shoes considered medium grade, of course, cowhide surface is divided into the first layer of leather and two layers of leather, the general price does not exceed 700, Compared with the first two, the cowhide football shoes have a good protective effect on the foot, with friction strips, but the abrasion is unavoidable and lacks enough tension. The price of kangaroo football shoes is the highest in all respects It is very outstanding. Soft and tangled kangaroo skin, resulting in a perfect sense of touch, and this cortex is waterproof, is also very wear-resistant, and has a special friction bar, highlighting the perfect passing arc. Nike football shoes not only exist in this distinction, there are other aspects.
In fact, here only talked about the difference between Nike soccer shoes, but each brand of shoes can be said to be like this. The choice of shoes according to the specific needs to be set, combined with the difference between Nike soccer shoes, choose the most suitable for their own.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

nike air foamposite one weatherman

Nike every new product can bring surprises. For the first time in front of Nike fans, fans began to talk about these shoes in the forum. After some people buy shoes will be very pleasant to share with you. The price of this shoe is relatively high, it should be more advanced shoes. Have a pair of nike air foamposite one prm shoes is everyone's dream.
Some improvement of shoes, make it more suitable for sports. The configuration of the midsole has always been a high-end Nike shoes attention to a detail, from this point can be seen. The material used in the sole part is foamed material. nike air foamposite one safari vamp is also a big bright spot. A molding vamp, there will be no break or open the plastic case. The significance of a molding in the performance of the shoe has been a great show.

Nike air foamposite one safari support performance because of a molding and better. Many shoes production process requires more than one link, but also to use some of the materials to connect. But this series of shoes is different. It is in the production of professional models need to go through this model, nike air foamposite one white can be completed once the processing. Of course, the upper is only one of its advantages only.
The design on the boot is also an attraction. It's boots design uses the classic Nike shoes design technology. Because there is a strong package, put on such shoes, the feet will not feel loose feeling. nike air foamposite one weatherman soles professional treatment, the soles of the shoes increased pattern of grip. In short, the various details of the shoes so that this series of shoes in Nike shoes have a more attractive charm.

Nike's reputation worldwide reputation, not only because of the fashion and rich products, but also because of its technology with the times, each pair of basketball shoes have their own technology developed by Nike, Xiaobian will bring you know today under the nike basketball shoes technology big family.
I believe for Nike basketball shoes technology, we are most impressed by the air cushion technology, Nike air cushion technology can be described as unprecedented, non-internship, internship extraordinary. Nike basketball shoes technology can be divided into four categories: Nike Air, Max Air, Zoom Air and low-pressure Nike Air cushioning.
ZOOM AIR NIKE tripod for the trip, zoom air cushion, also known as impact cushion. In the rubber capsule in addition to filling the high-pressure gas, but also dense cross-distributed fibers. zoom Air cushion thinner, closer to the ground, can provide faster response speed. In nike air cushion, zoom flexibility is the best. Will often be placed in the forefoot basketball shoes, and nike other cushioning technology. Defender shoes are usually used before and after the split zoom with. zoom series focus on the speed of the cushioning, the reaction is fast but can not afford too much weight. AIR MAX, as the name implies, is the air cushion, the volume of gas more, the general effect, mostly used in the heel, with ZOOM AIR use. AIR MAX focus is the cushioning effect, cushioning slow response but the effect is comfortable.

NIKE basketball shoes technology there earlier AIR SOLE, which can be said that the first generation of air cushion, the first pair of air cushioning shoes AF1 is used in this air cushion. Air is the principle of high pressure gas filled into the rubber capsule, and make it closed. Has formed a soft air bag. This air cushion NIKE basic is no longer used on the senior shoes, mostly in the mid-end shoes.
Nike basketball shoes technology to the main air cushion technology, as well as shox this shock technology, is a special elastic rubber columnar rubber pad, shox pay attention to bouncing, bouncing effect is good. Other famous technology Nike basketball shoes technology there are flywire and carbon board: flywire is a thin metal wire wrapped around the body of the shoe or part of the shoes, so as to reduce the shoe body weight and enhance the shoes fixed protection around; carbon board is a mosaic Shoes inside the sole part of the excellent toughness carbon plate, basketball shoes can keep the shape of the shoes at high speed twisted to protect the feet.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

nike flyknit lunar1+

nike flyknit lunar Always let the people who choose it feel great value for money. Many people choose it when choosing running shoes. This is why? According to Xiaobian understanding, nike flyknit lunar has the following features.

First, nike flyknit lunar 1 + fit well. Due to the special upper structure and lace system, when people wear these shoes, they will find it easier to put on, and easier to take off, and will not feel the slightest discomfort during wearing. Even wearing these shoes for a long time, it is still the same ease.
Second, the grip and flu more prominent. Due to the soles of the road has been modified, walking and running in the process, people will neither feel great resistance, it will not easily slip or fall. In fact, it is not easy to combine these two qualities perfectly. Often when the grip is good, the resistance will be increased accordingly, and fluency is high enough, the grip is not good enough.
Third, the comfort of nike flyknit lunar1 + men's running shoes even more impressive. Running the biggest problem is easy to sweat, which requires good shoes breathable. The performance of these shoes is remarkable in this regard, no matter how long you wear it, it will not feel wet shoes.
Because of nike flyknit lunar1 + men's running shoes have so many advantages, let people rush. At the same time, it's price-performance is also surprising. Such a pair of high-quality shoes, of course, the price is not cheap, but it will make buyers think that spending so much money is worth it. This is the biggest difference between Nike and ordinary shoes.

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About nike 2010 shoe standard analysis, is that many Fans more want to know some of the things, which means "never stop", but its logo is another meaning, represents a symbol of brand culture. The nike 2010 shoes parse the new logo, which are all fakes to downtown, many of the imitations can reach 95% similarity in the logo, prompting the rights and interests of many consumer friends damaged, so many brands also joined Change the bidding operation. In order to better meet the market demand, so that the phenomenon of diminished fishes and fish, Fans more to help buy the well-known genuine brand sports shoes, but also make the brand business people have tried their best.

The nike 2010 shoe standard analysis of this out, just so that we see a new hope, the brand's culture has not been reduced, more importantly, prompting us in such circumstances is more conducive to buy genuine brand shoes. And in the name of the shoe store there are many related information on the nike 2010 shoe standard analysis, so when you see the new brand mark, it will not be fussy. We can see its trademark, although only a small number of changes, but the content can be large, the general imitation can not do it, there are professional anti-counterfeit signs, only the official website can be found, this is even more generic No shield shaped.
Nike 2010 shoe standard analysis also symbolizes the brand into a new course. And as a consumer if we can know more about nike 2010 shoe standard analysis, the time of purchase how to identify their brand mark, but also easy to do, do not need to find a professional website platform, you can identify their own, but also to avoid loss suffered . Want to buy a name shoes, like Nike, go directly to the name of the library is quite secure.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Bryant 8 generation basketball shoes evaluation Bryant 8 generation basketball shoes technology

Tiger Poo community uploaded the latest Bryant basketball shoes evaluation of the 8th generation, from the weight, package, flexibility, etc. evaluation of the basketball boots. Here are the specific content of Bryant 8 generation basketball shoes evaluation:
The first is the weight of the assessment, the details of the evaluation is very simple, Nike has always attached importance to the production of portable basketball shoes, the same section of the Bryant 8 is no exception, according to assessors said the weight of the basketball shoes even 10 ounces are not enough basketball players Select the basketball shoes means more flexibility and lightweight to play the best competitive level, do not have to worry about will be physically exhausted in bulky basketball shoes. In addition, in terms of package, Bryant basketball shoes evaluation on behalf of the eighth generation, although the basketball shoes are still very good package, but compared to previous generations of basketball shoes Kobe Bryant, a solid foundation in addition to a solid forefoot basketball shoes, there are some Micro activity space, combined with low help shoes design, make the wearer feel more comfortable and free.

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Grip is a measure of Bryant 8 generations of basketball shoes evaluation is an important project clearance, Bryant 8 sole herringbone pattern with the implementation of the Nike has always been the sole design, so it has good grip and wear resistance, according to Tiger basketball than 8 generations of basketball shoes evaluation practice that put on the basketball shoes, even in the relatively smooth concrete floor basketball training, there will be no skidding, we can see its excellent performance of wear-resistant non-slip. Finally, on breathability, Bryant basketball shoes evaluation of the 8th generation show that the basketball shoes are very breathable, wearing the approach, practitioners can feel the cool feeling from the upper of the shoe. Kobe Bryant 8 is a very good performance basketball shoes.

Speaking of basketball shoes, no one can ignore Jordan's famous basketball trapeze, and Jordan basketball shoes from 1 to 23 generations because of Jordan and double the status of status. Jordan basketball shoes every series behind almost have a legendary story, Jordan basketball shoes 1 to 23 generations led the world basketball shoes production history, creating a basketball shoe one after another milestone in the history.

Jordan basketball shoes 1 to 23 generations of 1 generation, it can be said that the beginning was not recognized by the Union at the time, when the Bulls coach believes that the design of this pair of basketball shoes and the team uniforms will affect the overall Morale, and therefore made a penalty to Jordan, but with the increase of fines on Jordan, Jordan basketball shoes Generation 1 in the minds of consumers, but also increased the status and influence, the final powerful impact of shaking the basketball A brother brand shoes - Converse, basketball shoes, this pair of basketball shoes from the Jordan era entered. The Jordan basketball shoes 1 to 23 generations of 8 generations, is the basketball God launched before Michael Jordan retired, so its meaning is very special and far-reaching, the series of Jordan basketball shoes in the upper design has been innovative, using an advanced The rubber material, greatly reducing the overall weight of basketball shoes, making basketball shoes to light from the change. Because Jordan's retired purchase, many consumers in the world to buy the series of basketball shoes, as a memorial.
In addition to the above introduced two series of Jordan basketball shoes, Jordan basketball shoes 1 to 23 generations of each generation has its own characteristics, it can be said that Jordan basketball shoes 1 to 23 generations is a continuous innovation self-transcendence series, not only Self-innovation, and always occupy a solid leader in the basketball shoe brand.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

nike hyperdunk low

Sometimes, a shoe will quickly become popular because a star wore it. This is the new term in economics - the eyeball economy. Like the NBA Lakers Lamar Odom, the former he is so obscurity, but after passing through a pair of nike hyperdunk low basketball shoes, can be described as soaring! Many NBA fans vying to buy this basketball shoes , Some people have also done specifically for this nike hyperdunk evaluation.

Next, Xiaobian wonderful performance for you nike hyperdunk low evaluation of the specific details, if you want to buy this section basketball shoes, we must pay attention to see Oh!
Compared with the previous style, Hyperdunk Low appears a little low profile. This is a pair of relatively conservative appearance of basketball shoes, and its color is quite eye-catching. Compared with the high-top models, Hyperdunk Low is just a simple Low Cut design for the upper, did not adopt a unique design. This large area of ​​basketball shoes using Flywire technology, so the upper support mainly rely on the height of the upper to support.

In addition, Hyperdunk Low has also been largely simplified in the mid-ground, eliminating the once-popular Lunarlite technology and carbon-plate technology. Although it will to some extent affect Hyperdunk Low's sense of technology, comfort and even combat performance, but this piece of shoes to keep the heel of Zoom Air technology, in order to enhance the overall cost-effective shoes.
Finally, Hyperdunk Low designed an additional TPU stabilizer on the heel of the heel, making the shoe stand out from the core features of parcels, shock absorption, stability and grip, in much the same way as the top-of-the-line style.
The above is the complete evaluation of the nike hyperdunk low process, that is, this pair of calm but not mediocre basketball shoes accompany Odom again and again to win the achievements of the Lakers great record, but also to make Odom this NBA power forward world-renowned!

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In the past, each pair of Air Jordan series basketball shoes have been a great success, and now this section Air Jordan XX9 is the world's first pair of "flying" tailored shoes. This time, Jordan brand continues to be committed to science and technology innovation and fashion into the actual basketball shoes design, the world's greatest players to provide the best combat equipment. 29 generations of Jordan shoes came into being.

Air JordanXX9 has three major characteristics:
Innovation braided upper
Air Jordan XX9 uses the world's first functional woven upper. Inspired by Italy, where the world's greatest artisan craftsmen are located, the Jordan design team found through the state-of-the-art weaving looms that the Jordan design team was able to provide shoes with the perfect blend of all four main elements in a single layer of material. Create the best basketball shoe in the history, functional weave upper has excellent wear resistance and a new look, this shoe lining breathable super, like a sock in general, bringing extraordinary comfort, the realization of the shoes Synchronized with athlete's movement.

Air Jordan XX9 made of high quality materials and innovative technology made, the introduction of more sophisticated technology, Jordan created a signature version of the signature shoe features the precedent. It always listens to athletes: Whether you're a center or point guard, you get the feel of a fit that's tailor-made for you and always try to ensure that athletes not only play when they wear Jordan-branded shoes The best performance of individuals, and can eliminate interference. It is not only light weight, good air permeability, and can wrap your foot, give you enough control.

Prepared for the game
                Dedicated to helping athletes fly in the field, the actual combat function is the core value of the Jordan brand. Although most of the signature shoes are tailor-made for the endorsement athlete, Jordan also gives each customer the luxury of foot-binding.
In order to make the new product and basketball season closer to the start, Jordan brand broke the practice of new products released in February this year, this section Air Jordan XX9 will be listed in September, when it can Jordan store to buy it.