Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brass Monkey Defend College

In line with Li Ning in the first quarter of 2011 in the US market sales, well-known shoes website Counter Kicks first exposed Li Ning for the Philadelphia 76 player Avon - Turner to create a new boots - Li Ning Brass Monkey.

In fact, because Li Ning Brass Monkey in the Chinese market time to market in the second quarter of 2011, slightly later than the US market, so we have not exposed the shoes in advance. Now, since Brass Monkey's true colors have been exposed in the United States, then there is no need to continue to hide the tuck,

Li Ning Brass Monkey the name, inspired by the Beastie Boys band released in 1987 album "Licensed to Ill" in the same name song "Brass Monkey".

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Li Ning Brass Monkey's appearance is mainly to solve the players in the high-speed cut, the ankle is facing a huge risk, especially in order to achieve the purpose of light, all brands are getting the upper and lower today, Li Ning hope to Do not sacrifice the premise of protection, to create the same enough light shoes, and Li Ning Brass Monkey is precisely one such shoes.

In terms of design, Li Ning Brass Monkey is from the motorcycle movement which absorb nutrition, from the racing driver to conquer the skills and protection measures to obtain inspiration.

Not much to say, now take you to take a closer look at Li Ning Brass Monkey it!
First listed Defend I series has appeared in the NBA game at the foot of the Avon - Turner and Baron - Davis, followed by one of the main basketball shoes in 2011 Defend College war debut Yao debut.

To "attack, keep" the concept of inheritance of the new series with a clear real color, get rid of the high price of signature shoes, Defend College to more people's attitude to the basketball enthusiasts side. As a derivative version of Defend I, Defend College not only embodies the 'Defend' series of flexibility-based features, and seize the practicality of the boots, the functionality of the first place.

Defend College uude inherited Defend I design features, in a concise way to express the design of actual combat basketball shoes essentials. In the ankle protection, Defend College used Defend I on the special material, soft and protective, especially the shoelace perforation, adjustable long and short design can not only meet the needs of different people, but also the heritage of the series pen.
Defend College shoes inside and outside the use of multi-stomatal design, covered with two sides of the ventilation holes to enhance the upper breathing capacity. And write the Defend series Logo like a warrior totem in general, marking the basketball faith. Defend College vamp design is simple, and the shoe body lines are smooth, are to highlight the practicality of this boots, and its focus is BD Doom outsole.

The end of this shoe is a combination of Defend I and BD Doom design, forming a unique 'cross-border' style. The classic end of the practice is not the first Defend College, but it is a good control of the price of boots, and to ensure its performance. Li Nien last year as a representative of the top basketball shoes, BD Doom outsole, not only to ensure the excellent performance of the boots, and its iconic curved groove design, so that the wearer's footsteps more flexible.
Cushion and Bounce technology as a pillar of the end of the cushion, can bring comfort to the wearer's foot feeling, for the top defender exclusive design of the ultra-thin forefoot, with a strong sense of the venue, designed for breakthrough players. With the curved groove design, so that the first step to break faster than lightning. Connecting the heel to the palm of the TPU, with the heel of the TPU tray, so that the stability of the boots stronger, to prevent excessive overturned outside the chord support is Defend College stable another guarantee. Through the palm of the word design is so far the most widely used is the most effective large shading lines.

Defend College is one of the main basketball boots launched by Li Ning at the beginning of this year. It has invested a lot of energy from design or technology to build a basketball player and a lovers to overcome himself and surpass the opponent. This spirit is whether the basketball court or off-site life are very aggressive attitude. Continue to break through their own technology, but also to encourage basketball enthusiasts and players to continue efforts and the pursuit of stronger, improve themselves and beyond each other to strong strong - this is Li Ning's offensive and defensive way.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Nike + GPS anytime, anywhere and friends to share running information and running routes

In the App Store released for running enthusiasts in eight new language Nike + GPS applications. This application can be a seamless connection between GPS and speedbrake, a tool that can accurately record motion data, motivations and entertainment runners.

English version of the Nike + GPS application has been launched in September this year, and become the App Store on the most popular health and fitness class applications. The new language versions are available in French, Chinese, Simplified and Traditional, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (only on-screen) and Spanish.

With the Nike + GPS application, you can visually see your own running route on the iPhone, while recording the running speed, distance, time and calorie consumption. Not only that, Paula Radcliffe, Lance Armstrong and other famous athletes and comedian Tracy Morgan will also send feedback during your running and intermittent Information, make you a hundred times the spirit! The application also links you to running enthusiasts around the world via (the world's largest running community, with over 3 million members), maybe they are on the next street!

"We are very pleased to be able to launch this real 'runner exclusive application software on the iPhone.' Through the iPhone, the dynamic Nike + network running community and GPS and speedkeeper to achieve a combination of user function." Nike Digital Sports Vice "We will continue to provide more optimized digital products for running enthusiasts," said Stefan Olander, president, "so that they always have a unique, motivated run experience."

Any place can be used: whether indoor or outdoor, runway or treadmill, the new application combines the GPS technology and the speed of the function of the map to track and track the location of anywhere running routes. Even if the GPS signal is not available, the caliper can also allow the user to continue tracking the speed, distance, time, and calorie combustion values.

Track the route: GPS technology can track all the routes that target the runner, including the speed and distance details of the different points during the run. Runners can even touch the screen while running to see their current location.

Challenge yourself: "Challenge yourself" This platform allows runners to run farther, faster, longer, or more than previously recorded. The application will also record past running results to achieve individual challenges.

Keep in touch: Runners can connect to immediately after each run to save current running information and share it with friends via Nike + website, Twitter or Facebook. In addition, they can also view the progress of the target, participate in running challenges and download training programs.

Moment: When the runner achieves his or her goal, wins the challenge, or gains the best of his or her individual, they will receive an incentive from excellent athletes and celebrities. Runners can also click on the iPhone screen to receive feedback during running.

Users can purchase Nike + GPS applications at the iTunes store on via iPhone and iPod touch for $ 1.99. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, but only on the iPod touch.
Since 2006, Nike and Apple launched the Nike + series of products, a variety of electronic devices can be loaded Nike + features continue to emerge to help runners fully tap their potential. Including the Nike + iPod SportKit sports suit (for iPod nano and iPod touch users who like to listen to music during exercise), Nike + SportBand (for users who do not listen to music while running), the Nike + heart rate detector, and now for iPhone users Launched a new Nike + GPS application.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Review the Bulls dynasty six consecutive years and 98 years all-star it, AirJordan13 all-star color

To slightly recall it, Michael Jordan in the Bulls wearing the last pair of boots is a few generations? Of course, is the final of the 98th finals of the final six seconds of the last 5.2 seconds of the last vote of the Air Jordan14, and with his campaign for 98 years All-Star and most of the playoffs, is the pair of Air Jordan 13 'Playoff', until the total Final fifth game when the second half, Jordan was put on the new Air Jordan 14. Playoff stage and all-star, the most amazing or AJ13 this pair of 'Playoff' and black and red, white red bull color.
63v92w5d5735 , 41t71u4c3326 , 52u82v5d360 , 52u82v5d2747 , 63v92w6d5048 , 41t71u4c4538 , 63v92w6e232 , 52u82v5d3328 , 41t71u4c5530 , 63v92w6e385 , 52u82v5d3926 , 63v92w6e2924 , 63v92w6e3910 , 41t71v4c299 , 63v92w6e5114 , 52u82v5d5029 , 41t71v4c3659 , 52u82v5d5658 , 52u82v5d5847 , 63va3w6e331 , 52u82w5d241 , 41tc5y8g459 , 52u82w5d331 , 41u71v4c280 , 52u82w5d3957 , 41u71v4c2942 , 52u82w5d5217 , 41u71v4c3812 , 52u82w5d5738 , 63va3w6e4937 , 63va3w6e5023 , 52v82w5d2832 , 63va3w6e5229 , 52v82w5d322 , 63va3w6e5817 , 52v82w5d49 , 63va3x6e2849 , 63va3x6e3237 , 52v82w5d3146 , 41u81v4c243 , 63va3x6e3654 , 52v82w5d3819 , 52v82w5d4343 , 41u81v4c3556 , 52v82w5d4513 , 41u81v4c440 , 52v82w5d4939 , 41u81v4c3856 , 52v82w5d5616 , 41u81v4c5231 , 63va3x6e5922 , 42u81v4c029 , 63wa3x6e015 , 42u81v4c414 , 63wa3x6e4027
Imitation of the fossa feet of the mechanical distribution of soles friction surface, with the classic character lines, both inside and outside the field are free to run, ergonomic upper and upper asymmetry design, so that the ankle in the movement more flexible, with the thick and comfortable Lined with flexibility and protection of the perfect balance, is the Air Jordan series one of the most popular shoes.
Air Jordan 13'Playoff 'with all-black shoe body design, which makes the tongue on the yellow circle and JUMPMAN LOGO outsole white claw is particularly conspicuous.
Air Jordan XIII 'All Star' thirteen years of waiting, AJ13 all-star to bring you memories of the Bulls dynasty, this will be your most worthy of forever one of Jordan shoes! The The 1998 New York All-Star Game, Jordan wearing this AJ13 play, a few months after the playoffs, the color once again become Jordan's home boots. In the original five years of color, in addition to this "All-Star" are all re-engraved, and some even engraved engraved. And after another thirteen years, this "All-Star" finally re-engraved, during this period of people who wish to wear through the countless rumors.
Air Jordan XIII 'Playoff' with all-black shoe body design, which makes the tongue on the yellow circle and JUMPMAN LOGO and outsole white claw is particularly conspicuous. Imitation of the fossa feet of the mechanical distribution of soles friction surface, with the classic character lines, both inside and outside the field are free to run, ergonomic upper and upper asymmetry design, so that the ankle in the movement more flexible, with the thick and comfortable Lined with flexibility and protection of the perfect balance, is the Air Jordan series one of the most popular shoes.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

AIR JORDAN 3 white/blue

This picture is yesterday I found in GETTY one of the many pictures ... see this, I immediately decided to do this as a BLOG guide map .....
This picture of the time background is the 2003 NBA All-Star Game ... As we all know, it was MJ's last all-star game .....
Originally, he has a perfect all-star curtain call ... but the last moment, small O'Neill and Kobe Bryant together to destroy his farewell performance .....
In this picture, MJ is blurred .. and Bryant is extremely clear .....
After this season, MJ officially bid farewell to the NBA stage ... and Bryant also officially became the league's No. 1 star .. both the stadium or the stadium ... ...
This all-star game is seen by many people as a watershed in NBA history ... At the time of intermission, MJ's true confession is seen as the transmission of fire ...
In this all-star game, KOBE put on the MJ shoes ... white blue AIR JORDAN 3 generations .....
This pair of shoes is also accompanied by this inheritance of the game together, forever loaded the history of basketball shoes ........

About AJ3 itself, it already has a lot of "first" the .....
This is the first pair of JUMPMAN LOGO use of Jordan shoes ... ...
This is the first pair of shoes that use the exposed air cushion technology .....
This is the first pair of Jordan shoes designed by Tingke. Hatfield .....
In the 1987 NBA All-Star dunk contest ... Jordan is also wearing him to complete the jump from the free throw line that amazing ... ...
Perhaps it is because there are so many meanings ... so in the 03 All-Star Game, still in the chaos of the shoe stage Bryant chose this pair of shoes ...
White blue AJ3 because they are two of the "marriage" and is particularly precious .....

The year before, white and blue AJ3 once re-engraved once ... this year, once again engraved ... perhaps, too many people like it ... ...
AIR JORDAN 3 white / blue .. belongs to Kobe .. Of course, more belong to Jordan .......
The same field plus ... 03 years KOBE all-star photos .....
This morning in GETTY to find a morning ... under a lot of KOBE chaos wear shoes during the photo .....
Which day to open a .. specifically write those KOBE shoes in the chaos through the shoes.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Li Ning professional running shoes evaluation series 3: cloud horse flying

Marathon on the track master of the pursuit of excellence in technology, running posture is also different from the general jogging, many marathon players use the forefoot to run, such as the world marathon record holder Gabriel Gracie in the whole, is the heel does not touch, before Fingers are leaning forward.
This summer, Li Ning running shoes after the introduction of ultra-light 11-generation running shoes, the attack again, the introduction of double crossing, fierce Chun, cloud horse three running shoes. Like a troika and driving, and strive to meet the real needs of different runners. The current Sina running test room is Li Ning racing class running shoes cloud horse, to see whether it can help marathon runners in the long-distance running experience clouds.
Yunma introduction
Clouds in the "cloud" meaning light, "horse" on behalf of the marathon. Yunma is designed for the marathon runners designed lightweight running shoes, and strive to meet the professional demands of competition. In the real marathon runners, naturally there are many master, with most runners followed by the gait with different, they will use the middle of the palm of the gait. In order to meet the running master in the training and competition when the functional requirements, Yunma is Li Ning launched this for the marathon running shoes.
Shoe box as a whole: Li Ning's usual packaging style, shoe box surface processing simple and environmentally friendly, printed with red Li Ning logo. Yunma shoe box than double crossing, strong spring shoe box to be small, light, its light running shoes positioning, in the weight to be directly reflected.
Shoe box label: This evaluation is the cloud horse racing running shoes ARBJ083-1, priced at 599RMB. Yunma time to market for May 1.
Out of the box: the upper color for the bright green, full of dynamic, heel colorful. Soles of the sandwich gives a full sense of science and technology.
Yunma running shoes positive: fluorescent bright green upper, shoes to bring a strong sensory impact, provoke sports desire. Shoe uplift angle than the average running shoes larger, sole wear rubber rough cross, grip should be good.
Yunma running shoes side: cloud horse overall gives a feeling of light feeling.
Yunma running shoes side: luminous Li Ning logo, the use of 3M reflective technology materials, both to increase the sense of beauty shoes, but also to enhance the night visibility, thereby enhancing the night and the light of the outdoor sports safety.
Yunma running shoes on the back: heel written with Chinese characters "cloud", gray sandwich material is Li Ning unique "Li Ningyun" technology materials.
Cloud horse running shoes overlooking: the overall shape of the running shoes before the width of the width of the front palm of the widening treatment to increase the stability of the front palm when landing, and narrow heel so that the upper tightly wrapped feet, reduce the shaking and friction, to ensure fast Travel.
Yunma running shoes bottom: the end of the core technology is the forefoot used professional ultra-light anti-skid wear-resistant particles, Yunma running shoes supporting the core components of performance.
2, local details
Upper detail
Upper: Fluorescent material is dynamic and adds safety. Ultra-light sandwich mesh with flocking without truck support frame, while ensuring comfort while providing support protection.
Tongue: one of the upper, tongue design, so that the curved area is more soft, enhance the comfort performance. Yunma uppers most of the light and breathable, but the tongue is thicker parts, running, the tongue parts of the footsteps to bear the running time on the running shoes, increase the soft fabric can fully ease the instep wear and fatigue.
Heel: the overall thin, along the thickening of the fabric along the tongue with the same function to reduce the friction and fatigue at the ankle.

Shoelaces: the use of flat, the choice of fluorescent green color, and mesh, fabric echoes.

Friday, June 9, 2017


ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASUS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASUS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 ASICS GEL- Technology in the middle of the stack to GEL-KAYANO 23 in the end seems to be so material. Compared to GEL-KAYANO 22 was criticized the god of the gods in this generation has also been reduced, the main credit should be attributed to ASICS headed by the shock of the black technology FlyteFoam midsole technology. So excellent set for one, so I can not wait to be measured on the feet.
Tighten the shoelaces, walking plus jump, people are the deepest impression is the bottom of the soft, this feeling mainly from the GEL cushioning plastic + FlyteFoam midsole technology, as the longest since the most stable cushioning technology, GEL cushioning rubber used in many ASICS running shoes, this time before and after the palm of the cushioning area also improved a lot;
And as a black technology FlyteFoam midsole technology may be great backing, it is made of organic fiber mixture, so that in reducing the weight while improving the cushioning performance. This seemingly impossible does happen in the ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23, in the 10Km test, it almost did not let me feel the foot discomfort of the situation, every step is soft enough, but the feedback is strong.
To have to mention here ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 body is another part of the boast, that is support! It is a strong support system as its cushioning performance, the full position of the Dynamic DuoMax dynamic double-density support system in the running has given me feet enough feet enough support, and the additional TPU support like Gift comes with gifts are generally hi hi hi.
In the running, after 5Km began in the exhausted state of the body is easy to be too soft cushioning consumption of more energy, and super support to the relatively soft cushioning and a lot of this subtle Feisi only personal experience measured ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 talent experience. And design in the bottom position of the center of gravity guide system, but also to improve the speed and stability of the important tool. Outsole AHAR wear-resistant rubber is also for the GEL-KAYANO 23 life to improve the protection.
Each of the shoes have inadequate places, ASICS GEL-KAYANO 23 is no exception, too much weight in the daily wear is not obvious, but if the training distance of more than 20Km, must even more than one gram are runners do not want; The upper in the breath problem in the upcoming heat will also face a great test.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Balance 1090 v2

Running has now become a very special charm of the movement, with the people's health awareness and ideas gradually increased, more and more running enthusiasts began to participate in the nature of the zero-distance contact with the movement. Free to run, let the body get the most comfortable release. Whether in the road or plastic track, running to bring people's fun has not only stay in the movement level, and more with a culture. Running enthusiasts are pursuing a variety of running through the body to bring the fun of the feelings, so that the body and mind and nature do the most intimate interaction.
Light Pioneer Run Run
Smooth running feet do not need too much burden, New Balance 1090 v2 do this. Innovative technology REV-Lite ultra-lightweight midsole use of this pair of New Balance 1090 v2 weight is very low, the use of new materials to reduce the excess weight on the burden caused by running. Ultra-lightweight running shoes in running will not let go with too much at the foot of the burden, allowing you to ignore the presence of running shoes at the foot of the sense of fun running wantonly to the most vividly. Excellent breathability in the light at the same time can be described as icing on the cake, thin breathable mesh covering the entire shoe body, will not let the feet feel feet locked in running shoes, and more is fresh and comfortable, has always been excellent breathability Continuing the traditional features of the New Balance brand running shoes. Will be ultra-lightweight REV-Lite technology and excellent permeability of the integration of running feet will be completely liberated, so happy to enjoy running in the run.
Excellent snatching to enjoy
Using the New Balance strongest cushioning system N-ERGY technology. As the core performance of running shoes, cushioning performance can be strong to run the ankle and knee to bring more comprehensive and better protection. The N-ERGY cushioning system is made of lightweight, man-made rubber material with high recovery and high softness. It can adapt to the higher frequency of the impact in the run, and play the powerful cushioning and recovery. So that the runners in the movement to minimize the ankle and knee wear. The new balance 1090 v2 in the wearing of the foot feel very comfortable, N-ERGY system focused on the back palm, and the former chapter is not alone, New Balance 1090 v2 in the front palm into the New Balance core cushioning Technology ABZORB, as a pair of running shoes in the process of design will take into account the transition after the palm of the palm in the end of the palm of your hand will have a certain height of the decline, so that running can be running to focus on the premise to achieve the most standard running posture. ABZORB technology can effectively absorb the impact from the ground, to improve the protection of running shoes forefoot. The two major shocking technology into the New Balance 1090 v2 cushioning powerful can be described as excellent, no matter what kind of road can let people wear it enjoy the run.
Strong support for the stability of the guarantee
New Balance 1090 v2 powered by Stability Web Shock Bridge technology, as one of New Balance's core stability technology, effective Web to ensure the running of the shoe body support and stability, in the smooth running escort. Stability Web is located at the foot of the running shoes using high-quality TPU, with a lighter quality, more solid performance. Has a good stability Web New Balance 1090 v2 forefoot palm together as one, has been the most solid support, to ensure the excellent play before and after the cushioning play.
Sturdy wear long accompany
Running is a durable exercise, long-distance running need to have a more powerful and more wear-resistant outsole. N-durance is New Balance running shoes used in a wide range of outsole technology. N-durance uses a track-level super wear-resistant rubber blend material to make the most vulnerable outsole become very powerful. Having an excellent outsole with durability, there is no need to worry about excessive wear in running. So that running can be carefree to revel in the fun of running.