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LOWA brand profile
In 1923, LOWA was founded in southern Germany Bavaria Jetzendorf. Relying on more than 80 years of professional experience in shoe, LOWA is as the German national standard for the world to provide real high-quality outdoor sports shoes. For every detail of the demanding, to ensure that each pair of LOWA shoes excellent quality. LOWA selected the world's high-quality materials; with world-class professional soles; shop with more than 10 patented technology and the world's leading foot comfort system; in Europe to create each pair of outdoor shoes

LOWA offers you a full range of outdoor sports shoes including extreme climbing, hiking, picnic, city tours, etc.
LOWA features

1, excellent quality

LOWA never stingy to use the best parts and the best technology, with enough time to make every pair of shoes perfect. In fact, we have two hundred craftsmen to do shoes, so called purely handmade.

For example: Gore-tex, Vibram, SPS soles system, PU midsole, TPU outsole

2, superior comfort

LOWA shoes comfortable world-renowned. This is the secret we can win over, we have collected over two decades of analysis of millions of pairs of different foot data. This ensures that our design is suitable for different types of foot types. LOWA is the only company in the world that offers a wide range of shoes.

Name: MOUNTAINEXPERTGTX hiking shoes
Retail Price: ¥ 3480
Brand: LOWA
Name: ICEEXPERTGTX hiking shoes
Retail Price: ¥ 4180
Brand: LOWA
Name: TIBETGTX hiking shoes
Retail Price: ¥ 2780
Brand: LOWA
Overall evaluation: J032 new black good, more suitable for office workers, waterproof is very good, light, fabric is good, shoe buckle wear more convenient than some of the previous look good. Because of my old J032 replaced the current black new, I feel really a bit different.

Htminff9631 , Htminhp9693 , Htminmi9816 , Htmipb423 , Htmirl485 , Htmimxv9439 , Htmitv547 , Htminad9499 , Htmiwe608 , Htmincn9561 , Htminjq9746 , Htminm382 , Htmiot415 , Htmirc476 , Htmimxm9430 , Htmitm538 , Htmimzw9492 , Htmivw600 , Htmince9552 , Htmingy9676 , Htminjh9737 , Htminlr9799 , Htmiok406 , Htmimxd9421 , Htmivn591 , Htminbw9544 , Htmingp9667 , Htminiz9729 , Htminli9790 , Htmiob397 , Htmimwv9413 , Htmisv521 , Htmimze9474 , Htmive582 , Htminbn9535 , Htmindx9597 , Htmingg9658 , Htminiq9720 , Htmint389 , Htmiqc450 , Htmimwm9404 , Htmism512 , Htmimyw9466 , Htmiuw574 , Htminbe9526 , Htmindo9588 , Htminfy9650 , Htminkr9773 , Htminna9834 , Htmipu442 , Htmimwd9395 , Htmisd503 , Htmimyn9457 , Htmiun565 , Htminaw9518 , Htmindf9579 , Htminhz9703 , Htminki9764 , Htminms9826 , Htmipl433 , Htmimye9448 , Htmincx9571 , Htminhq9694 , Htmink380 , Htminmj9817 , Htmipc424 , Htmimxw9440 , Htmitw548 , Htminae9500 , Htmiwf609 , Htminco9562 , Htminey9624
Wearing feelings: very comfortable, easy to run, the basic quickly adapt, and more comfortable through. No special run-in period, easy foot, and soon to adapt, and support good.

Style evaluation: more stable, more durable than the previous paragraph.

Sole evaluation: rubber base adhesive good; moderate hardness of the soles, wear, soles basically no wear, good wear resistance. But the soles of the skid is not very good, in the uphill and snow-capped mountains down the mountain can walk more rest assured, in the gravel road and muddy road more satisfied; but in the rain, walking on the slate or water to turn to wrestling. And then the root of the root edge of a certain wear and tear.

The protection of the shoes: the ankle protection is more obvious (because the upper is relatively high); walking on the ankle protection is good; tongue paste service is good.

Tank waterproof and breathable: waterproof good, you can soak in a place where there is water, feel more cool. But also in the long distance after walking, in the shoes of the little thumb on both sides of the upper vents have obvious wet phenomenon, do not know is not the soft underbelly of the shoes, and need time to dry.

Uppers warmth: Yes, but at minus 10 degrees, time more than 1 day, more than 1 hour do not walk, can not stand.

Vamp support and wear resistance: Yes, after a long time after walking without deformation. But in the mountains of the stone pestle walking on both sides although the rubber bit protection, the upper or a slight hanging flowers.

Insole: sweat good.

Shoelaces: feel a little longer, and not wear, 3 months after the left foot and the fourth shoe buckle "close contact" shoelaces quickly broken, and quickly changed one. Strongly asked to improve the wear resistance of shoelaces.

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Montrail Fusion VS VASQUE 7219

Because the level of limited. The following evaluation is only from some of the surface contact with the general use of the feelings of comparison, and no too much technical data to support, please forgive me! Wrong, not the place please ax, thank you!
2 pairs of shoes the average degree of use should also be relatively close.
Part will use the abbreviation M for Montrail Fusion, using V for VASQUE 7219.


1. Waterproof and breathable
Montrail Fusion all-around shoes
Use GORE-TEX XCR waterproof breathable material.
Use GORE-TEX waterproof breathable material.
Montrail Fusion is only good for waterproof and breathable performance.

2. Anti-collision wear
Montrail Fusion all-around shoes
Pasta using flannel, toe protection using thermoplastics, heel protection using cast plastic, outsole using FasTrax carbonized rubber;
The use of 2mm anti-cut leather + nylon upper, the toe part of the use of reinforced rubber protective film, patented STEALTH high friction rubber outsole.
As V's toe part of the use of reinforced rubber protective film, from the actual situation is indeed better than M to ensure;
And the end of the wear-resistant side of the two sides should be quite ~ and the cloth is clearly the strength of the V is higher can be ruined.

3. Comfortable feet
Montrail Fusion all-around shoes
Just wearing the time can be said to be the use of the effort, only to wear his feet (I feet more feet on the foot of the Chinese foot width), feet into the future feel a little crowded on both sides ~
Slightly release the shoelaces, the feet have been easy to slide into the feeling completely do not need enough period, as if you can leave the way.
But after use you will find M's compassion is not obvious, but found that M is very close to the feet tightly wrapped around the foot of every inch of the skin, and V after the use of obvious sense of internal friction is obvious (perhaps too loose ).

Htmimaj8829 , Htmilvp8705 , Htmimey8948 , Htmilxc8744 , Htmimgl8987 , Htmilqu8580 , Htmimpv9231 , Htmimac8822 , Htmimbq8862 , Htmimoa9184 , Htmilyj8777 , Htmimsp9303 , Htmilsa8612 , Htmimbj8855 , Htmilto8652 , Htmimkt9099 , Htmimcx8895 , Htmimmg9138 , Htmimek8934 , Htmilzq8810 , Htmilru8606 , Htmimiz9053 , Htmimsi9296 , Htmimcq8888 , Htmimed8927 , Htmimnn9171 , Htmilxw8764 , Htmilzj8803 , Htmimis9046 , Htmimsb9289 , Htmimkf9085 , Htmimvc9368 , Htmimng9164 , Htmilwb8717 , Htmilzc8796 , Htmimqh9243 , Htmimap8835 , Htmimrv9283 , Htmimjz9079 , Htmilvv8711 , Htmimfd8953 , Htmimro9276 , Htmilr335 , Htmimlf9111 , Htmimup9355 , Htmimex8947 , Htmimgk8986 , Htmimpu9230 , Htmilqt8579 , Htmiltu8658 , Htmimdc8900 , Htmimgd8979 , Htmimpn9223 , Htmimhr9019 , Htmiltn8651 , Htmimso9302 , Htmimnt9177 , Htmilwo8730 , Htmimfx8973 , Htmilyb8769 , Htmimhk9012 , Htmilrt8605 , Htmimiy9052 , Htmiltg8644 , Htmimsh9295 , Htmimvi9374 , Htmimnm9170 , Htmilxv8763 , Htmimav8841 , Htmilun8677 , Htmimot9203 , Htmimqg9242 , Htmimao8834
4. Feet support
This part may be a lot of friends did not pay attention, but for me it will be very obvious ~ because the former part of the poor support for wearing shoes, walking a little longer will find the bottom of the foot muscles slowly pull the pain feeling, and as for walking The pain ~
But the M's shoes because of the use of a three-tier density EVA in the end and EVA insole, the support of the arch feel very good and tightly wrapped around the foot pad arch, walking quite easily.
V shoes also have a good performance, but quite M support will appear slightly soft!

5. Grip
In the city hard slippery environment M shoes if the water, in the hard slippery floor feel the level of forward grip is obviously insufficient, and V shoes feel little effect.
In the outdoor rugged and non-slippery hard ground, M shoes grip performance exceptionally good, and V still maintain a good grip.
This is a personal feeling M outsole carbonized rubber moisture after the anti-skid is not as V at the end of the STEALTH high friction rubber outsole, but in the case of non-wet or non-smooth ground M under the big end of the grip than V shoes The end to be better.

6. Downhill downhill
V shoes up the mountain when the grip performance is not as good as M shoes, especially the difference between the support of the arch, feeling M shoes up the mountain more easily.
Downhill, V shoes feel the internal friction of the shoes sliding, and even appear obvious with the foot situation, it is difficult to avoid the heel shoes within the sliding situation; and M shoes may be due to its special heel design, down the mountain process completely feel And V shoes completely different feeling, a kind of shoes with the foot of the sway. As mentioned above, M shoes heel design is fascinated me (my heel is more prominent, the general high-heeled shoes is easy to tear my feet Oh) it may be I feel most satisfied with the heel one of the design.

to sum up:
It is clear that the V shoes due to strengthen the type of plastic coated with anti-torture against the degree of resistance or more than M's all-round shoes to be stronger, but note that it is likely due to the large area of ​​the plastic package overwear V shoes moisture permeability significantly Not as good as M shoes Oh ~ especially the forefoot site.
Also in the city slippery surface of the anti-skid effect is V shoes to win a little; and in other cases and up and down the mountain case M shoes performance to be more prominent, highlighting the comfort, safety is better than V shoes.
Overall, I prefer M this pair of shoes, whether it is to work or outdoor walking process, although it is not as good as the city of anti-skid shoes, but still more than most of the VB rubber outsole shoes better , Basically do not appear slippery situation, just not enough to move forward enough ~

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Beat you is not far from the mountains, but the foot of your shoes ... ...

Late summer and early autumn, it is natural scenery brilliant.

Golden leaves, lofty sky ...

Autumn outdoors is full of different kind of wonderful,

To attract the wolves to find out what! The

and many more! JACK WOLFSKIN hold down your footsteps toward the outdoors, ask: your shoes, choose it?

Thousands of miles, beginning with a single foot, the shoes do not choose well, how can the fun outdoors?

Outdoor shoes, the right is the best; outdoor shoes, do not choose expensive, only selected right!

Focus on foot, choose foot shoes; like climbing, picking mountain shoes; good waterproof footwear, it is the best choice for wading.

According to their own exercise to choose the right outdoor shoes, so enjoy Huan, in order to comfortable and comfortable!

Hiking shoes

Htmikrx7933 , Htmilnt8501 , Htmilet8267 , Htmikvu8034 , Htmikkp7743 , Htmikbp7509 , Htmilda8222 , Htmikxm8078 , Htmikom7844 , Htmikfm7610 , Htmijzy7466 , Htmilki8412 , Htmiksj7945 , Htmikmu7800 , Htmikzr8135 , Htmiklb7755 , Htmikcb7521 , Htmilmn8469 , Htmikjj7711 , Htmikdu7566 , Htmilkv8425 , Htmilbv8191 , Htmikqr7901 , Htmijys7434 , Htmilos8526 , Htmiljc8380 , Htmikuo8002 , Htmikfz7623 , Htmikaj7477 , Htmiksw7958 , Htmillh8437 , Htmikid7679 , Htmikco7534 , Htmile322 , Htmikjw7724 , Htmikaw7490 , Htmilch8203 , Htmiknt7825 , Htmiket7591 , Htmiljp8393 , Htmilap8159 , Htmikma7780 , Htmikgl7635 , Htmijxm7402 , Htmilnm8494 , Htmilem8260 , Htmikyy8116 , Htmikki7736 , Htmikbi7502 , Htmikof7837 , Htmikiq7692 , Htmikda7546 , Htmikvn8027 , Htmijxz7415 , Htmilij8361 , Htmijzr7459 , Htmilgr8317 , Htmikxs8084 , Htmilko8418 , Htmilez8273 , Htmikqk7894 , Htmildg8228 , Htmikuh7995 , Htmikos7850 , Htmikac7470 , Htmiliw8374 , Htmikzx8141
Scope: low altitude mountain and jungle; 1-2 day light hiking and leisure outdoor activities.

Upper: generally low, medium or low to help

Material: leather and nylon fabric mixed fight, or full nylon mesh material.

Performance: comfortable and soft, breathable, and some shoes with waterproof film, with excellent waterproof performance.

Walk through shoes

Scope: low altitude mountain environment and complex rugged terrain; multi-day long distance walking and simple climbing.

Upper: low help and help

Material: universal selection of leather, some shoes use leather and nylon wear-resistant fabric stitching.

Performance: good resistance to hard, wear resistance, grip and support, some shoes with waterproof film, with excellent waterproof performance.

hiking shoes

Scope: high altitude technology climbing shoes, the activities of the environment for the steep slope, more gravel and ice and snow mixed terrain.

Upper: higher

Material: leather, nylon, plastic, carbon and other materials.

Performance: support, flexibility, resistance to hard, warm and protective are relatively strong, the surface also has excellent water resistance.

Off-road running shoes

Scope: for low altitude environment in the mountains and jungle cross-country running, single-day light hiking activities, leisure outdoor activities and the usual urban leisure wear.

Upper: low help

Material: large area breathable wear-resistant nylon fabric, or leather and nylon material splicing.

Performance: breathable, slip resistance, cushioning shock absorption; some shoes with waterproof film, with excellent waterproof performance.
Outdoor shoes all-round selection Raiders

Repeated comparison, carefully selected,
Color, texture, style,
Is your favorite!
Will heart water shoes to take home,
From it to accompany you through the horizon!

Appearance detail
Sewing line: smooth and smooth car line not only feast for the eyes, but also highlight the fine workmanship Oh!
Soles glue: the naked eye can see the overflow rubber shoes, not a good shoe! It is easy due to the movement of twisted extrusion caused by viscose glide degumming;
Anti-kick: slightly thick rubber material anti-kick is an excellent choice, to avoid the choice of hard plastic anti-kick shoes;
Shoe hook: choose thick, good electroplating process, the surface smooth burr-free shoelaces;
Insole: good shoes have a good insole, ergonomic insoles wearing comfortable, with a certain degree of cushioning and anti-fatigue performance.

Footwear material
Surface: the choice of smooth leather surface smooth, no obvious creases and wrinkled shoes, nylon uppers observe whether the fabric is slightly damaged, weave to maintain latitude and longitude density consistent;
Waterproof film: footwear waterproof performance can not be judged by the naked eye, but we can observe the waterproof socks suture is straight, gluing is dense and so on;
Soles: select the rubber forming the regular soles, you can try to feel the comfort of footwear.

JACK WOLFSKIN autumn and winter new products Hyun color struck, gorgeous autumn

JACKWOLFSKIN bring hyun new products. Soft pink, bright orange, put them outdoors, dotted the strong colors of autumn it!

TRAIL EXCITE TEXAPORE Cross Country Running Shoes

Material: CIRCULINER fabric selection of polyester fiber and PU leather leather synthesis, with breathable quick-drying performance;

Soles: WOLFTRAIL2 Outsole, lightweight, providing excellent sport flexibility and slip resistance; added TPU skeleton structure for the foot to provide greater stability and support.

Performance: Contains TEXAPOREO2 + waterproof film, with excellent waterproof function and breathability;

Other technology: equipped with reflective decoration and speed system, heel also added a stable unit.

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PUMA IGNITE EnergyReturn

The world's first trapeze Yusean Bolt today to attend the world's premier sports brand PUMA spring running shoes IGNITE conference. Many runners from the daytime gathered in New York landmark Times Square, wearing IGNITE latest running shoes in the treadmill test run, experience PUMA history, the most "energy feedback" (EnergyReturn) running shoes. Runners in the test process the release of energy in the feet continue to accumulate until the night after the arrival of all the energy release of the climax, instantly lit Times Square, a number of iconic outdoor LED screen. At this moment, the trapeze Bolt wearing IGNITE officially debut, will PUMA latest running technology show to the global consumer.

Htmijaz6817 , Htmijug7318 , Htmizk692 , Htmijcb6845 , Htmijgw6970 , Htmijll7089 , Htmijvt7357 , Htmijvj7347 , Htmijlv7099 , Htmijqz7233 , Htmijde6874 , Htmijrs7252 , Htmizb683 , Htmijpd7185 , Htmijva7338 , Htmijcm6856 , Htmijlm7090 , Htmijdp6885 , Htmijrt7253 , Htmijwx7387 , Htmijjc7028 , Htmijsc7262 , Htmijni7138 , Htmijsw7282 , Htmijkp7067 , Htmijge6952 , Htmijbk6828 , Htmijgo6962 , Htmizm694 , Htmijpo7196 , Htmijus7330 , Htmijbu6838 , Htmijgy6972 , Htmijvb7339 , Htmijcx6867 , Htmijln7091 , Htmijvv7359 , Htmijik7010 , Htmijlx7101 , Htmijra7234 , Htmijmq7120 , Htmijrk7244 , Htmijjd7029 , Htmijjx7049 , Htmijnt7149 , Htmijsx7283 , Htmij15 , Htmijfc6924 , Htmijkg7058 , Htmijoc7158 , Htmijtg7292 , Htmiyu676 , Htmijfm6934 , Htmijom7168 , Htmijbb6819 , Htmijpf7187 , Htmijbl6829 , Htmijut7331 , Htmijqs7226 , Htmijcy6868 , Htmijib7001 , Htmijly7102 , Htmijwf7369 , Htmijdr6887 , Htmijil7011 , Htmijje7030 , Htmijna7130 , Htmijse7264
PUMA IGNITE R & D process lasted 9 years, the use of innovative technology to make IGNITE PUMA become the most outstanding resilience of running shoes products. IGNITE foam with unprecedented high-tech rebound bubble, both comfort and excellent wear resistance. Heel at the ForEverFoam foam structure is also the industry's first innovation and technology to maximize the wear shoes to improve wear resistance. IGNITE energy feedback performance will wake up the vitality of the feet, detonated unlimited potential.

The magnificent conference on the trapeze Bolt also has a special significance. In 2008 for the first time to break the men's 100 meters world record, Bolt also appeared in New York Times Square, to celebrate the glory of the game. Since then his career career officially set sail, breaking the world record five times, and won 14 times the world's major track and field events gold medal, this record so far no one can and.

Bolt said, "I like the grand event scenes, the PUMA IGNITE conference is to make me an eye-opener. New York runners from the daytime began in the cold wind for several hours, they wear IGNITE running shoes The energy released by the gradual accumulation of energy gathered in the scale of many runners slowly under the efforts to reach the highest point after the release of a strong energy that moment Times Square was lit LED giant screen and gorgeous I am very happy to be able to return to New York, the city has my very good memories, it always makes me amazing. "Talking about the new PUMA IGNITE running shoes , He went on to say, "I like the IGNITE running shoes, usually wearing it training can obviously feel the excellent resilience of running shoes, whether it is starting moment of explosive or all-round comfort, I really feel the potential and vitality of the feet Was completely awakened. "

Asics G2170 NY

Like running on three years ago, but began to run for a long time, probably can be traced back to 2009, but only occasionally running, three days fishing two days drying the rhythm. In late 2011, the work encountered some bottlenecks, everything is unhappy, and later simply give up the original work, engaged in another relatively easy business, this time suddenly suddenly all of a sudden down, but feel overwhelmed, plus Middle-aged fortune, all kinds of sick rush, slowly began to run, the first time after work at night to run, then the girl gradually big, and need to spend more energy and time in the family, so instead of running in the morning. Occasionally a chance to find a colleague around also like running, on the whim, similar to the end of 2011 to participate in the Shanghai Marathon, to know that I ran up to 10 km.

So in the out of control, so today to introduce the running shoes - as a runner of the most basic equipment.

My first pair of real sense of the running shoes, Asquires, 950 km of running, until the toe of the breathable surface damage. Accompanied me to run three marathons - the end of 2011 Shanghai Marathon half, 2012 Tokyo Marathon and 2012 Yangzhou Marathon. Is the most shoes in all the shoes of a pair of shoes. Is now retired.

This pair of shoes is characterized by Gel, so the buffer is good, that is, the upper is not wearable, 500 km around the big toe has been damaged.

2012 Tokyo Marathon, through the Asakusa Temple Lei Men.

The second pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave Nexus 6 entry running shoes, bought in the Decathlon, more than 300 prices, do not require any performance, 800 km or so, and now has been retired, the main burden of the training plan in the recovery of this one, So did not participate.

Entry shoes, there is no special highlight of the place, it is full of durable, and now occasionally wear to run.

The third pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave Spacer AR3, lightweight marathon shoes, it is estimated that there are more than 800 km, the end of 2012 Shanghai Marathon full, 2013 Shanghai Marathon and Chongming Marathon half, had to participate in the 2013 Wuxi Marathon Wear, but for various reasons did not do so.

Htmijjn7039 , Htmijrj7243 , Htmijbt6837 , Htmijnm7142 , Htmijwq7380 , Htmijow7178 , Htmijij7009 , Htmijem6908 , Htmijqf7213 , Htmijap6807 , Htmijfw6944 , Htmijhf6979 , Htmijsz7285 , Htmijdi6878 , Htmijpb7183 , Htmijle7082 , Htmijui7320 , Htmijql7219 , Htmijjz7051 , Htmijrv7255 , Htmijce6848 , Htmijny7154 , Htmizc684 , Htmijxb7391 , Htmijhl6985 , Htmijph7189 , Htmijuo7326 , Htmijey6920 , Htmijba6818 , Htmijmu7124 , Htmijvy7362 , Htmijgh6955 , Htmijsa7260 , Htmijhr6991 , Htmijtk7296 , Htmijja7026 , Htmijqx7231 , Htmijwd7367 , Htmijgn6961 , Htmijhx6997 , Htmijtq7302 , Htmijac6794 , Htmijlw7100 , Htmijjg7032 , Htmijfj6931 , Htmijcw6866 , Htmizu702 , Htmijtw7308 , Htmijef6901 , Htmijai6800 , Htmijjm7038 , Htmijbs6836 , Htmijkw7074 , Htmijwp7379 , Htmijgz6973 , Htmijov7177 , Htmijky7076 , Htmijub7313 , Htmijmh7111 , Htmijjs7044 , Htmijfv6943 , Htmiyw678 , Htmijdh6877 , Htmijld7081 , Htmijio7014 , Htmijqk7218 , Htmijau6812 , Htmijmn7117
Light, only 168 grams, feet feel good, soles of the grip is very good, I think the buffer is also good, but the marathon shoes are not much demand.

The fourth pair of shoes, V of the five fingers shoes, taste fresh, through a period of time, about 300 km or so, did not participate in any game.

This pair of shoes need a period of time to adapt, can not start too much too fast, socks need five fingers.

The fifth pair of shoes, Salomon SpeedGross3, cross-country shoes, less than 150 km, participated in the 2013 Hangzhou Zhengge 32K cross-country race, the first off-road life.

Protection is quite good, relatively light, relatively thick soles, but also to cushion the good, fast shoelace system, Salomon do off-road shoes is very professional.

A photo of cross country races.

And then could not help but ran their own ran to Jinan, a circle of 42 km.

Or in the home Chongming run mud road, ha ha.

The sixth pair of shoes, Adidas Glide Boost, Boost's bottom is really good, this pair of shoes are 1068 km, or a good buffer, but the soles have to die, but did not participate in any game.

Adidas black technology, boost material unparalleled durability and buffering capacity, now as Recovery running shoes is very good.

The seventh pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave rider 17, due to the goodwill of Spacer AR3, bought the R17, currently about 600 km, ready to wear next week's Wuxi marathon.

Shoes are good, but there is a problem with durability, 600 km heel is already very serious wear and tear.

Eighth pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave Spacer Idatendyna, is also a marathon shoes, last year's double 11 purchase, has not yet started to use.

Ninth pair of shoes, Mizuno Wave Sayonara2, lightweight marathon shoes, but also last year's double 11 purchase, has not yet started to use.

Friday, September 15, 2017

SCARPA Spark 2012

SCARPA Spark cross-country running shoes won the "Trail Runner" magazine 2012 "Editor's Choice Award", this year's second award. This shoe is a new 2012, just won the "Runner's World" magazine "best new" award. Quick-drying, 30-40% of the fabric is recyclable, the end of the use of EcoPure, to reduce the thickness of the soles of the bubble, suitable for mountain long-distance running. SCARPA products mainly involved in walking, skiing, climbing, rock climbing, 4 years ago began research and development of cross-country running shoes, since then launched a new cross-country running shoes every year.

"Spark is light and has better shock absorption, and it protects the feet well during the run," the evaluator commented.

"This shoe is ultra-light, functional, hard in the middle, flexible at the end, and better protects the ankle in the mountains," says Runner's World magazine editor, "and is comfortable for dash and endurance.

Retail Price: $ 115

Htmihpt5849 , Htmiimn6441 , Htmiiyd6743 , Htmihvr6003 , Htmiinb6455 , Htmiihp6313 , Htmiink6464 , Htmiitf6615 , Htmiiid6327 , Htmiizd6769 , Htmihxo6052 , Htmihsh5915 , Htmiipb6507 , Htmiiux6659 , Htmiijs6368 , Htmiivi6670 , Htmiiel6231 , Htmiiwi6696 , Htmihwe6016 , Htmiitk6620 , Htmiick6178 , Htmiioa6480 , Htmihxe6042 , Htmihrv5903 , Htmiiix6347 , Htmihry5906 , Htmiidk6204 , Htmiiuk6646 , Htmiiuz6661 , Htmihsm5920 , Htmiiju6370 , Htmiijx6373 , Htmiips6524 , Htmihyt6083 , Htmiiqa6532 , Htmihze6094 , Htmihtm5946 , Htmihoc5806 , Htmihua5960 , Htmiiwn6701 , Htmihoo5818 , Htmiili6410 , Htmiill6413 , Htmiilu6422 , Htmiilx6425 , Htmihva5986 , Htmiimi6436 , Htmihpr5847 , Htmihvm5998 , Htmiiyb6741 , Htmiini6462 , Htmiinl6465 , Htmiicg6174 , Htmiizb6767 , Htmiinx6477 , Htmihxv6059 , Htmiipf6511 , Htmiijz6375 , Htmiivp6677 , Htmihoh5811 , Htmihu234 , Htmihuc5962 , Htmihzv6111 , Htmiigd6275 , Htmihv235 , Htmiiru6578
Cross-country run, in the country as a new form of outdoor sports to attract more and more participants from the weekend just past the North Face 100 km activities of the grand scene can be seen.

Only 150 grams of INOV-8 latest cross-country running shoes-Trailroc 150

As the saying goes, good horse with a good saddle, cross-country run is different from the road to run, it's diverse, terrain complex, to participate in the game has a pair of good cross-country running shoes is clearly crucial. The INOV-8's new cross-country running trail, Trailroc 150, may be the best choice for your next race.

INOV-8 brand has been accustomed to the weight of the product to name the product model, like the previous ROCLITE312GTX, Terroc330, Trailroc 150 weight natural 150 grams, a pair of extreme ultra-light off-road running shoes. Simple shape, the entire upper a suture are not, all parts of the stitching with hot fit technology; without the end of the lack of shock to the wearer can more fully enjoy the natural feeling of Mercedes-Benz.

Shoelaces: the use of the famous fast lace system. The steel wire replaces the traditional shoelace, the flexible wire is rolled into the inside of the BoaReel, and the comfort is adjusted according to the foot shape through the button on the side of the shoe. Eliminating the need for traditional lace shoes in the shoes when the trouble of shopping shoes, completely avoid the outdoor activities of the shoelaces naturally loose problem. In the process of outdoor activities can also be based on the wearer's comfort needs of the shoe at any time to use the fast lace system to adjust the degree of elastic shoes.

Uppers: wear-resistant waterproof cattle Pakistan leather upper, with waterproof, breathable function is not easy to deformation.
Lining: GORE-TEX lining, waterproof breathable to ensure that the movement of the feet dry.

Sole: the company's own research and development of HYPER GRIP soles, with a strong wear-resistant wear-resistant performance, excellent grip, light and solid. Before and after the shoes are distributed with ten anti-skid stability of the nail, the front palm arranged with four-way anti-skid pattern, before and after the rocker parts of the shading deep and fan-shaped arrangement, to better prevent the shoes horizontal, vertical slip and enhanced Shoes climbing ability to adapt to a variety of outdoor terrain conditions and climate environment wear.

In general, the grip and wear resistance of the soles are inversely proportional, but the Treksta HYPER GRIP solves these two problems and is a high-tech product with superior wear resistance and excellent grip.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Experience the overall evaluation: because the shoes to the relatively late, only a few days to experience, in general, this is a pair of great outdoor cross-country running shoes, regardless of appearance and performance are very exciting! Put on after there is the speed in the outdoor speeding, very comfortable, wear it is not willing to take off!

Note: VASQUE regular channels have after-sales service card! Warranty! Although it is a test, but also a card, manufacturers really kind Haha!


Experience point of view 1: shape

VASQUE BLUR is a pair of outdoor cross-country running shoes, shoes, stylish and generous, wear more pedicure, the color is very reasonable with a look like a pair of people like a pair of shoes.

Experience 2: Upper detail

Toe with thickening protection, the user in the outdoor do not have to worry about the speeding and down the mountain accidentally hit a hard stone to the lovely foot Y and heel injury risk.

Shoes with 75% synthetic leather as a package, tongue and shoes on both sides of each row has a row of breathable nylon structure of the network structure, so that the feet in the process of rapid cooling, not easy to sweat, both feet always keep dry The

The back of the shoe has a striking VASQUE logo, wrapped in the heel of the whole shoe. Thick heel design protects the heel from trauma. The soft sponge design allows the feet to maintain a certain degree of comfort when wearing shoes and walking.

Experience point 3: soles detail

Htmihgs5614 , Htmigt207 , Htmihes5562 , Htmigzt5433 , Htmigp203 , Htmihas5458 , Htmihml5763 , Htmihbs5484 , Htmihnl5789 , Htmigk198 , Htmigwt5355 , Htmigi196 , Htmihjl5685 , Htmigut5303 , Htmigrt5225 , Htmihhl5633 , Htmige192 , Htmigot5147 , Htmigpt5173 , Htmigmt5095 , Htmihne5782 , Htmigkt5043 , Htmihje5678 , Htmihke5704 , Htmigvm5322 , Htmigsm5244 , Htmiget4887 , Htmigum5296 , Htmihge5600 , Htmigom5140 , Htmigpm5166 , Htmihbe5470 , Htmihce5496 , Htmihny5802 , Htmihde5522 , Htmiglm5062 , Htmigxf5367 , Htmihmy5776 , Htmigjm5010 , Htmihjy5698 , Htmigzf5419 , Htmihky5724 , Htmigwf5341 , Htmighm4958 , Htmihly5750 , Htmigtf5263 , Htmigfm4906 , Htmihgy5620 , Htmihhy5646 , Htmigpf5159 , Htmigem4880 , Htmigqf5185 , Htmigrf5211 , Htmihay5464 , Htmigmf5081 , Htmigxz5387 , Htmigkf5029 , Htmighf4951 , Htmigwz5361 , Htmigif4977 , Htmihjr5691 , Htmiggf4925 , Htmigqz5205 , Htmihdr5535 , Htmigoz5153 , Htmiher5561 , Htmihbr5483 , Htmignz5127 , Htmigzs5432 , Htmigkz5049 , Htmihar5457
Shoes, the end of the shoe pattern is very deep, superior grip performance, and has a certain role in the shock, in the outdoor flight process has a moment of explosive power. The middle of the soles of the VASQUE logo where the material is hard, and has many rough lines, activities in the sharp stone is generally pedal to step up to maintain body balance, I guess is to cope with complex outdoor terrain of a protective design.

Shoes in the end of the use of rich soft EVA material, has a good shock resistance, a very typical running shoes structure.

Experience point 4: the details of the shoe and the structure of the insoles

Tongue and shoe body as a whole, which is the general structure of the hiking shoes, like a sock wrapped like a pair of feet.
The internal see the shoes of the suture is more ideal, the middle of the two black lines is that I do not understand what it is, more mysterious.

Insole structure is the highlight of this pair of shoes, is the so-called VFS double density design. It is clear that the shoe consists of two parts, the yellow part is very soft, the black part is relatively hard. The black part is tightly pressed over the yellow part. I guess it is not easy to lead to the soft structure of the shoe deformation and enhance the seismic performance of a design, this is my first time to see the design, with a certain technical content.

Experience 5: practical experience

Shoes to wear for 3 days, put on to a good sense of comfort, almost do not have to run can immediately enjoy the use of outdoor. Shoes breathable performance is very good, walking and running in the outdoors do not feel the feet of special heat and wet. Seismic performance can be said to be very good, I feel and NIKE ZOOM technology comparable. I think you can use this pair of shoes to play basketball, although I have not tried, huh, huh. Shoes, grip performance is good, experience the rain during the walk in the streets of water on the ground did not slip.

Have to say 1: relative to other outdoor cross-country shoes, this pair of shoes is relatively light The surface of the shoe is very complex, but on the other hand it's work, stitching is very particular about, once again emphasizing its superior performance and the appearance of fashion, this pair of shoes I really like!

Have to say 2: this pair of shoes is not no shortcomings, because the experience during the rain, this pair of shoes do not use GORE-TEX like waterproof socks, so wear the wild in the rainy season is easy to wet, The Another shoe design in the north should not be suitable for winter, because the mesh design area is relatively large, relatively easy to be frozen feet.

Finally pay a little brother COOL according to a! Hee hee! Everybody is ready to wipe up!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


It seems that we are running every day, but it seems that we have forgotten the most should be accumulated before running one thing, we tend to spend a lot of money to buy a variety of features of the running shoes, but never thought should let Their training is also more comfortable. We often wear shoes to do comprehensive training, in fact, this is not a good habit, we need is an industry specializing in training shoes.

Current evaluation of the protagonist: PUMA IGNITE XT training shoes
After the launch of the IGNITE running shoes at the end of last year, PUMA did not focus on running shoes products, in most brands have not really involved in the comprehensive training shoes products, PUMA this seems to be fast step. IGNITE XT is PUMA this launch of a new training shoes, with IGNITE prefix feel it in the training capacity.

Overall appearance: flat style prominent, left and right foot with asymmetrical design of the upper
After the out of the box, it is clear that IGNITE XT has IGNITE running shoes shadow, the overall continuation of the IGNITE running shoes design elements, but also has a very different, and running shoes is different from the shape design is to distinguish IGNITE XT and IGNITE running shoes The most intuitive way. IGNITE XT both from the front or side to see the shoe type should be more flat, this flat is not only reflected in the upper flat design, the most obvious is the soles of the forefoot position without a slight upward trend. As the design of the upper is not to take the three-dimensional design, so IGNITE XT upper did not see too much of the upper support material, but in the front uppers and the right side of the upper design of our common hot fit material. Observing IGNITE XT from a top-looking perspective, it will be found that this is a design that will cause obsessive-compulsive disorder.
In addition, IGNITE XT on the left and right side of the upper use of different weaving, but also in the upper front of the staggered will form a visual difference, the design of the shoelace is symmetrical arrangement, but IGNITE XT tongue with a non-symmetrical Of the design, the entire tongue from the left side of the upper extension, forming one, but the right side and no suture. Although seemingly awkward, but the fit and comfort is to improve a lot.
IGNITE XT insoles compared to IGNITE running shoes also pay more attention to the comfort of the soles of the feet, in the heel, arch and forefoot position with bulging foam to increase the cushion, the first foot will be slightly discomfort, but after a simple adaptation, The comfort of this insole is quite good.
On the whole, IGNITE series of weight has always been high, this pair of IGNITE XT single weight has reached 293 grams, while IGNITE running shoes but also slightly lighter. Fortunately for the training shoes, there is never the pursuit of lightweight this matter, so do not need too much attention IGNITE XT shoes weight, better wear is the king!

Htmifzs4756 , Htmifaj4097 , Htmifyz4737 , Htmifae4092 , Htmifyu4732 , Htmifa162 , Htmiezc4064 , Htmieyo4050 , Htmiexv4031 , Htmieyj4045 , Htmiexg4016 , Htmifvv4655 , Htmiewn3997 , Htmifvq4650 , Htmiewi3992 , Htmifux4631 , Htmiewd3987 , Htmifus4626 , Htmiews4002 , Htmifvb4635 , Htmifui4616 , Htmifud4611 , Htmiftz4607 , Htmiftu4602 , Htmifsw4578 , Htmieto3920 , Htmiety3930 , Htmifsm4568 , Htmiete3910 , Htmifrt4549 , Htmifsh4563 , Htmiet155 , Htmifsc4558 , Htmiesv3901 , Htmifrj4539 , Htmifpi4486 , Htmiesq3896 , Htmierx3877 , Htmifpd4481 , Htmiesl3891 , Htmifr179 , Htmiers3872 , Htmifoz4477 , Htmifou4472 , Htmifop4467 , Htmieqp3843 , Htmierd3857 , Htmifok4462 , Htmieqk3838 , Htmieqz3853 , Htmieqf3833 , Htmiequ3848 , Htmifnh4433 , Htmiepw3824 , Htmieoy3800 , Htmifme4404 , Htmifmt4419 , Htmieot3795 , Htmifm174 , Htmieoe3780 , Htmifll4385 , Htmienl3761 , Htmifks4366 , Htmiflg4380 , Htmienv3771 , Htmienb3751 , Htmiemi3732 , Htmifkx4371 , Htmiemx3747 , Htmifkd4351

Vamp design: perfect to improve the fit and comfort, protection performance was praise
And we have the requirements of running shoes, integrated training shoes on the veneer of the fit and comfort also has a very high demand, IGNITE XT upper and lower sides using the same breathable fabric but use a different weaving method, The left side of the fabric is small and dense, the right side of the fabric large and loose. Also in the front of the upper, two different weaving methods staggered with the design of the thermal bonding material, so that the toes in the forefoot space can be more casual and comfortable activities.
IGNITE XT of the upper compared to the design of IGNITE running shoes changed a lot, the inside of the PUMA logo into a fabric weaving pattern, before the IGNITE running shoes encountered in the big toe root was the top of the problem completely resolved. In addition to the use of slightly thick material in the toe, the upper part of the toe area has joined the hot fit material, greatly increasing the support and protection performance. Although there is not much support on both sides of the upper design, but the lace and tongue in the IGNITE XT play a vital role in the asymmetric tongue with symmetrical shoelace enough to ensure that the upper and feet fit, and Can improve the upper parcel, PUMA old generations of training shoes in the poor package of the problem, in the IGNITE XT also did not appear.
IGNITE XT heel with a rigid plastic package to support the design, try not to appear with the foot of the situation, followed by the addition of the convenience of pulling design is also considered more humane.

Soles design: IGNITE foam to enhance the stability and cushioning, the effective protection of the whole foot
IGNITE XT is still used in the end of the IGNITE running shoes are greatly appreciated IGNITE elastic foam, and running shoes more emphasis on the buffer and rebound is different, IGNITE XT midsole design more emphasis on stability and cushioning. IGNITE XT's buffer performance is very good inherited IGNITE running shoes performance, in the back position with the IGNITE running shoes with the same arrow design, absorbing buffer to provide a rebound. In order to ensure that IGNITE XT in a variety of training projects to ensure stability, in both sides of the midsole position in the end of the design of a similar to the quadrilateral protruding design, and at the top has been extended to the forefoot, thereby increasing In the stability of the front palm.
IGNITE XT's outsole design is also to make IGNITE XT to achieve the most stable state, although not the whole palm of the end of the design, but the whole bottom are at the same level, so there is no landing when standing or unstable phenomenon , But also the use of the way the slot will be before and after the link, the effective guide to the impact of landing. However, the late use of the rubber is relatively thin EverTrack wear-resistant rubber, may have an impact on the durability.
In addition, as with the IGNITE running shoes, IGNITE XT in the posterior palm position is also implanted a ForEverFoam shock absorber rubber, used to improve the heel stability and cushioning.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Li-Ning Arc

With the gradual increase in urban life pressure, we always in the day during their work in the wholeheartedly. But when the night falls, and everything begins to silence, a group of people are preparing to start their journey at night. Night run for us in the city life is no stranger to each night run is like a wonderful journey, although still in the city, but another point of view watching the usual bustling streets, your body and mind will Get the maximum relaxation. In this summer, Li Ning shock structure series running shoes Li Ning arc family has ushered in a new member - Li Ning arc four generations of running shoes, vamps special night sky design and luminous elements, so that people love the night run from the other A pleasure.

Current evaluation of the protagonist: Li Ning arc four generations of running shoes
Li Ning arc four generations of running shoes continuation of the Li Ning arc series of multi-arc hollow damping structure design, based on the previous generation will be fully upgraded soles arc structure for the runners in the process of running to bring more superior shock absorption experience ; At the same time, the bottom of the targeted full palm deep bend design, to maximize the movement of the soles of the foot during the flexibility to ensure that the runners in the running process, especially when the front palm bending shoes and feet the largest The fit, flexible shock absorption, effectively avoid sports injuries.

Htmidbg2768 , Htmidmu3068 , Htmicxe2662 , Htmidir2961 , Htmidez2865 , Htmidqm3164 , Htmidaw2758 , Htmicwu2652 , Htmidig2950 , Htmidal2747 , Htmicwj2641 , Htmidtu3250 , Htmiefg3548 , Htmicsg2534 , Htmided2843 , Htmidpr3143 , Htmidlo3036 , Htmicvz2631 , Htmidhl2929 , Htmidsz3229 , Htmicrw2524 , Htmiddi2822 , Htmieat3431 , Htmidwr3325 , Htmidha2918 , Htmidso3218 , Htmidow3122 , Htmicyw2706 , Htmiczg2716 , Htmidkt3015 , Htmieid3623 , Htmidgq2908 , Htmieea3516 , Htmicra2502 , Htmidol3111 , Htmidzz3411 , Htmicyl2695 , Htmicut2599 , Htmidgf2897 , Htmidcc2790 , Htmidoa3100 , Htmicya2684 , Htmidjy2994 , Htmiegy3592 , Htmicui2588 , Htmiedf3495 , Htmidnq3090 , Htmidzd3389 , Htmidjn2983 , Htmidva3282 , Htmiegn3581 , Htmicty2578 , Htmidqy3176 , Htmiecv3485 , Htmidbh2769 , Htmidmv3069 , Htmidyt3379 , Htmicxf2663 , Htmiduq3272 , Htmiegc3570 , Htmictc2556 , Htmictn2567 , Htmidf115 , Htmiec138 , Htmidax2759 , Htmidmk3058
Uppers performance: Li Ning arc four generations of running shoes ura new innovative "FlexShell" technology, this technology through a reasonable division of the elastic material and the perfect combination of process structure. In the actual dress, Li Ning arc four generations of running shoes uugong very excellent, flexible upper material can be like socks close to your feet, coupled with the tongue of the integrated design, so that the performance of the package far Wins with traditional running shoes. In addition, the arc four generations of running shoes uppers seamless elastic three-dimensional printing process is also used just right, you can feel from the upper elastic material support, this feeling is very fit, nor the phenomenon of foot pin. Finally, the tongue of the sandwich mesh material is a good solution to the problem of ventilation. Overall, the arc four generations of running shoes uppers or maintained at a very high level, the new technology to join enough to meet the needs of night runners.

Cushioning performance: the same as before, Li Ning arc four generations of running shoes in the end is still using a multi-arc hollow shock absorber structure design. But in the arc four generations of the body, Li Ning arc shock technology has become more exaggerated, this design makes the arc four generations of the ability to cushion the family became the best. In the course of running, I can feel very clearly feel the deformation and rebound of Li Ning arc technology, and because of its high degree of different, followed by a higher design is very suitable for the author as much as the weight of the runners, Lower design of its pasteability also has some guarantee. Not only that, the hollow design to ensure the arc four generations of running shoes excellent cushioning at the same time, but also let my feet more flexible, flexible cushioning is my pair of running shoes cushioning the deepest impression.

Support performance: Li Ning arc four generations of the end of the seemingly seamless, but another mystery. Designers cleverly will Li Ning arc technology is divided into two parts, the two parts of the material density are different, can play a cushioning support two-in-one effect. First of all, the upper layer of the material density is low, can give the maximum soft feet cushioning experience, while the lower layer of the higher density, the material is relatively hard, resistant to compression, and through a unique curved structure to support the feet. In the running, my feet have never been a sense of collapse, in the end of the structure from beginning to end "care" with my feet forward.

Durability: As we all know, most of the night run because of the choice of shuttle in the city, and the city asphalt pavement, so the night run for the running shoes have a high demand for durability. To this end, arc four generations of running shoes on the outsole with a high wear-resistant rubber, due to structural problems, arc four generations of running shoes do not like the general running shoes as a large area of ​​contact with the ground, which also requires high wear-resistant rubber Join. In the 5 km night run, arc four generations of running shoes out of the end and there is no traces of wear, its durability or worthy of our confidence.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Nike LunarGlide+ 5

A pair of excellent running shoes need excellent breathability and support, but also have just the right cushioning and protection, but also in the weight to do as light as possible, and for those long-distance lovers, wear resistance is also necessary Indispensable condition. Although the LunarGlide series was born not long, but soon it by virtue of excellent performance and excellent design has become our most anticipated running shoes every year, is the closest to our answer pair of running shoes.

Current evaluation of the protagonist: Nike LunarGlide +5
Get a pair of perfect running shoes is the dream of each runner, whether you are in the gym on the treadmill sweat, or shuttle in the tall skyscrapers of the city, whether you are early to the young runners, or hard training every day professional runners, perfect The running shoes are always able to give you the most powerful support, and now, LunarGlide +5 the emergence of our dream come true, perhaps it can not be called perfect, but it is the closest to the perfect running shoes.

Htmiclb2347 , Htmibig1598 , Htmicel2175 , Htmibbq1426 , Htmibrf1831 , Htmicnk2408 , Htmicgu2236 , Htmibdz1487 , Htmicad2063 , Htmicpt2469 , Htmibmy1720 , Htmicjc2296 , Htmiccm2124 , Htmibvx1953 , Htmibpg1780 , Htmibiq1608 , Htmicev2185 , Htmibrp1841 , Htmicnu2418 , Htmibkz1669 , Htmichd2245 , Htmibty1902 , Htmiccw2134 , Htmiclv2367 , Htmibj67 , Htmibcj1445 , Htmibyp2023 , Htmibrz1851 , Htmicod2427 , Htmibli1678 , Htmichn2255 , Htmibes1506 , Htmiayc1334 , Htmibuh1911 , Htmicqm2488 , Htmicdf2143 , Htmibak1394 , Htmibq74 , Htmicme2376 , Htmibjj1627 , Htmicfo2204 , Htmibyz2033 , Htmicon2437 , Htmibls1688 , Htmibfb1515 , Htmicbg2092 , Htmiaym1344 , Htmickf2325 , Htmibhk1576 , Htmicdp2153 , Htmibx81 , Htmibjt1637 , Htmicfy2214 , Htmibdc1464 , Htmibzi2042 , Htmibss1870 , Htmicox2447 , Htmibmb1697 , Htmicbq2102 , Htmiayw1354 , Htmibva1930 , Htmibok1758 , Htmickp2335 , Htmibhu1586 , Htmicdz2163 , Htmibbd1413 , Htmibxj1991 , Htmibqt1819 , Htmibkc1646
LunarGlide + 5 appearance improvement: from the appearance point of view, it can be said LunarGlide +5 did not give us too much surprise, perhaps before the LunarGlide +4 too successful reason, LunarGlide +5 appearance basically continued streamlined design, but in the Details, LunarGlide +5 evolution is obvious to all, the upper material is no longer an ordinary mesh, but the use of advanced engineering mesh (Engineered Mesh) this material is lighter and more tough, not because of too many bending (Nike Flywire technologies) has also been improved, the former as the fly line exposed, so durable and can not let people satisfied, the LunarGlide + 5 in the top of the fly line deliberately added a layer of protective film, flying line in the shoe and shoelaces connected, so that not only did not affect the shoes of the package, but also durable and reduce the pressure on the foot surface has been improved, Wrapped in the foot and feet, such as glove-like dynamic fit feel. Followed by the TPU support system can move along with the heel, to adapt to the feet, which play a role in protecting the heel.

Hidden evolution -LunarGlide +5 in the end of the upgrade: LunarGlide +5 in the end of the appearance does make a lot of people disappointed, but do not "look at people" to wear it is the best way to find the answer, put LunarGlide +5, you will Found that the original LunarGlide +5 in the end of the evolution are people can not see, and then step on the feet to feel its evolution, first Fitsole insoles fit the foot shape, providing excellent support and comfort, and the appearance of almost the same as before The Lunarlon cushioning system uses a soft and elastic foam core, wrapped in support foam pallets, the inside of the DYNAMIC SUPPORT to provide the necessary support performance, it is worth mentioning that the foot you will find LunarGlide +5 foot feeling and not so soft as before, but in the early foot on the rigid, in the run gradually become soft, dynamic support platform is not to increase the weight and the middle of the support column under the premise of providing stability, Soft and stable two seemingly contrary to the theory, in the LunarGlide +5 who got the best interpretation, indeed, experienced the success of the former, LunarGlid e + 5 has no need to soften the foot through the consumer, and for the outsole, LunarGlide +5 equally well, waffle outsole can provide excellent grip on any road, Nike Natural Motion curved groove to enhance the shoes Flexibility, so that the stairs more stable and efficient, followed by BRS 1000 carbon rubber is to let those long-distance runners can carefree running, it can be said LunarGlide +5 is really running for the runners running shoes.