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ua sneaker test

Today's evaluation is ua's Curry 1 and Curry 2 basketball shoes, try to make the same series of shoes with the contrast, so that more real response to the performance of shoes.
  As early as two months ago to start the library 2, Curry 1 is started in April last year. Write the purpose of evaluation is to really reflect the performance of shoes, perhaps I really is not a professional, but the shoes did not play enough time to dare not under the comments, after all, writing is not good.
  Well, not long winded, the following look at today, said the two protagonists in the library 1 (dark material) and Curry 2 (father and son)
  I am taller 188, weight 134 (not Tucao, so many years are like, used to like), play the ball emergency stop jumper, little breakthrough (yes I was the legendary master in the cast strange)
  Scoring principle 5 points full score
In fact, the color of things have their own love, when the library is to stay at home color, I like that blue, the problem a lot of people told me to stay dark material, that good point, stay it, anyway, no difference , Curry 2 choice is relatively beautiful point of the father and son color. Curry 1 is 42.5 yards, Curry 2 is 43 yards, I was a typical thin feet, very thin that kind, but in terms of wearing are actually almost, that is my 42.5 feet can wear 43 of the library 2 , But many people say that Curry shoes narrow, it is not true, the two generations of shoes will not have pressure feet (wear protective gear). Too narrow is the low section, after all, shoe type needs, if you buy the low money that really want to buy a big point. So whether the fat feet or thin feet, according to their usual size to buy it right.

  Fabric tie, but the individual still like more than 2 points, in fact, these things are very subjective. The The The The
Two generations of shoes fabric is not the same, Curry 1 is anafoam, Curry 2 is the use of speedfoam, in fact, two generations of shoes, the fabric of its not quite obvious Curry 1 feel like a canvas, with a very hard canvas , But soft in the toughness. Curry 2 fabric looks more solid point, but still soft, toughness is better than the library 1 generation lighter. Personally like Curry 2 fabric more points. How to say it two shoes to wear when the library 1 obviously less than half of the code, but the front palm will be a little empty feeling, even if the lace tighten the forefoot or empty, library 2 will not have such a situation, obviously half of the code , But as long as the lace adjustment can be a good fit feet.

Curry 2: 4 points, Curry 1: 4 points low it
On the cushion, you can see the two generations of the library are used with the charged, in fact, many jrs said in front of the same thing is shocking rubber, relatively speaking, 2 to 1 generation of cushioning feel better, it should be said that insole do better. A lot of people mythology on the individual in terms of luna really no charge to the comfortable, of course, contrast zoom certainly not that feedback so strong, but absolutely enough, take off the ground to cushion or obviously can feel, Sent so little bit, may also be relatively solid feeling for a long time. Alone on Luna and charged at least the latter will not have trampled situation (I know I weight light)

Package 1 generation is a small victory 2 generation, but it should be said to win in the fill: should have 4.5 points
As a professional basketball shoes, parcels are generally not bad where to go, I especially like high-help shoes, Virgo must also bring the lace to the highest hole. On the two generations of parcels are very good single library 1 filled really thick, within the boots and Achilles tendon filling from the picture can be seen very full, the truth now a lot of shoes can not do this, so the library 1 dress will be very comfortable. 2 generation is relatively complete and can not really complete and 1 generation, the first time when the foot is still a little resistance, but thanks to the toughness of the fabric, completely like nike plastic shoes that kind of foot feeling. In the small details of the above 1 generation really do a good job, 2 generation I think is the pursuit of more light it, in fact, lost or within the scope of the accepted.

Grip: this did not say 2 generation is certainly better than 1 generation: 2 generation is: 5. The The The 1 generation can only give: 4.5
Here really want to Tucao ua ah, with a big bottom from the cd to the library 1, to the cd2 there are now high paragraph is this big end, I was really drunk But have to say that this is also a lot of design at the end, from cd to the back of a lot of jrs said good grip. My play is no ball, but the ball that the first step to wear the first step in the library after two generations of shoes really do, slippery opportunity is really less (may also think that the venue is better reasons: indoor plastic field). 2 generation Needless to say, looking at the deep lines, emergency stop urgent more confidence, but also to say that the second generation is more suitable for the break in disguise.
  Comprehensive said that the two generations have their own advantages and disadvantages: 1 good package, first-class filling, enough to use the shock, after all, did not have shoes. 2 generation is more light, the grip is more good, cushioning more obvious.
  In fact, everyone has his favorite shoes, of course, nike, adi have their own good (nike zoom and good design, adi boost), a lot of people will Tuku ua price problem, want to say is a generation Actually more than 800 points (not the traffickers fried Oh), 2 generation is indeed a bit high price, really a bit out of the actual combat shoes should be in the price range, but good things to continue to try to understand what is suitable for what Is not it? I now just do not blindly do not go to the trend with the go (there may be jrs Tucao wear ua it seems to force grid high), a pair of shoes only know that they are not suitable for their own, and only know what to suit The shoes, I hope to play jrs like to play more and more.
  Said so much to talk about the two generations of shoes on the Ku Li feel, the pen is really bad, you look at it, the wrong discussion of harmony Oh
Oh, and good base friends heart shoes to, or ua, waiting for him back it. The The The Haha

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What is the Nike men's sports culture shoes, heard of the Nike men's sports culture shoes?
    Nike sports shoes it is not only shoes, or a work of art, has a high cultural value. Nike Men's sports culture shoes target group is a young and dynamic fashion family, highlighting the comfort, quality, strong style and leisure appearance, launched to become the darling of the fashion industry, its products convey a positive, healthy, fashionable information, Widely sought after by the city elite, fashion people.
    Here to introduce several Nike men's sports shoes.
    Nike men sports shoes style one: NIKE SWEET LEGACY CANVAS
    Classic black and white with help surface is the second layer of leather + leather + fabric inside the material.

    Nike men sports culture shoes style two: NIKE TOKI ND
    This Nike men sports culture shoes, shoes body is blue and black + peak white color, very casual, and slightly mature. Nike classic retro style, Zhongbang design, simple shape, suitable for all kinds of pants type.

    Nike men sports shoes style three: NIKE ALL COURT TWIST LTR
    Yellow olive + white, this is the Nike All Court Twist LTR series, designed to integrate the Japanese trend of the godfather Fujiwara Hiroshi Footscape and All Court shoes as the characteristics of the hair, full version of the ventilation hole design will be Low-key but with the source of identification.

     For the concept of cultural shoes, here for everyone under the popularity. Cultural shoes is not only has a comfortable function of wearing, but also has a profound cultural heritage, is the modern popular elements and the perfect combination of traditional technology products. Such as: the old US cloth shoes, the old Beijing shoes and so on.
Also, Air Max 1 is not just a professional jogging shoes, but also a cultural shoe, because the unique streamlined design, a little retro appearance, lightweight design makes young people loved. Especially in Europe and the United States, Air Max 1 has become a trend and cultural signs, and even in all kinds of extreme sports to see its shadow.
     Nike men's sports and cultural shoes without losing the fashion and leisure, is the moment a lot of love and the pursuit of fashion boys choice.

 Board shoes is a plot, in the winter temperature of the tie, we have to choose thick winter shoes, but now, let us marching spring tide, so that shoes strong return it!

    The first red Nike shoes picture, vibrant. Nike shoes have been one of the young people are most familiar with the shoes, among us a considerable part of the young people like Nike shoes, Nike shoes, good quality looks good ok. Open the shoe, a pair of Nike shoes in front of you like to open a computer desk, a picture of the face plate.

    This Nike shoes picture, with the above picture shows a Nike is the same series, with different colors, youthful vitality. Nike shoes have been everywhere, simple and not complicated, mixed with a little competitive spirit and trend style, which is our love of Nike shoes.

    Nike Blazer, which was born in 1972, and Dunk series, the earliest have the image of basketball shoes in front of everyone. However, among the many Vintage shoes, Xiaobian most desirable is the pioneer Blazer High, because of its narrow body design can be modified in addition to foot type, Hi-Top style is more suitable for with jeans. If your feet are too large, and like to wear pants to wear, then Blazer High is definitely your best choice.

     This shows that this Nike shoes, it is made of high-grade suede, and the main colors used to show the navy blue, it seems Nike is also prepared to play Navy wave, while in the soles of the part of the use of two-color Stitching, especially the front of the red reinforcement and white outsole hit each other, so that shoes more features. In addition, Swoosh part of the use of high-grade leather to show, so that the whole shoe looks more full.

    Red and white or black and yellow with the Nike shoes, such as the upper and lower two Nike shoes picture, eye-catching color, big Nike logo, so now more and more MM are like a neutral dress, personality, wild, fashion Without losing innocence. Letter group of irregular cut T-shirt outside the dark green jacket, the following with denim hot pants, and then put on a pair of black Nike shoes, is the street travel fashion beautiful makeup. Black and white striped piece of skirt and gold with the shoes, tide range full of children.

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Air Jordan XXXI Supernova

Christmas Eve, we will usher in this Air Jordan XXXI Supernova supernova color. Orange and star blue combination of the upper by the weaving and leather material to build, the tongue inside the "Supernova" Logo is a direct indication of identity. Beautiful galaxy star crystal soles again echoed the "universe supernova" theme. It is reported that the shoes will be on December 24 sale, interested friends can be concerned about the next.

The evaluation of the shoes is Jordan 3 generation black and red advertising color. The appearance of the shoes than the previous 30 generations have changed a lot, really like the ads said the same return to the design concept.

Open the shoebox, the shoes themselves are equipped with black shoelaces, also sent a red lace. Feeling the shoebox is nothing special ~ ~

Shoes, the former half of the use of the preparation of materials, feel more than 29 and 30 of the upper to loose, in the high-speed disguise to the stability of the foot feeling is not enough, although there are flying line technology, no Bryant 9 upper support high

The ankle of the shoes and the previous generations, like the corresponding protection point, wearing a very comfortable, the design of the boots to wear it is not strenuous.
The latter part of the shoes is the use of leather material, enhance the overall sense of the quality of shoes it

The soles are not difficult to see the use of the full support of the zoom cushion system, but the soles seemingly also a technology, wearing the feeling of the soles of the meat, may not strengthen the reasons for it, zoom response speed is still very timely, slow vibration Ability is good.

On the foot of the photo, please ignore my thick legs ~ ~ ~ ~

Pdfry27492 , Pdfsu27514 , Pdfzd3678 , Pdftq27536 , Pdfum27558 , Pdfkg27292 , Pdflc27314 , Pdfans31057 , Pdfmv27359 , Pdfaoo31079 , Pdfnr27381 , Pdfapk31101 , Pdfarc31145 , Pdfarz31168 , Pdfaip3924 , Pdfajl3946 , Pdfio27248 , Pdfakh3968 , Pdfamw31035 , Pdfacq3769 , Pdfadm3791 , Pdfaei3813 , Pdfwc27600 , Pdfwz27623 , Pdfaay3725 , Pdfabu3747 , Pdfss27512 , Pdfto27534 , Pdfau345 , Pdfvg27578 , Pdfnp27379 , Pdfapi31099 , Pdfaqe31121 , Pdfara31143 , Pdfarx31166 , Pdfast31188 , Pdfgu27202 , Pdfhq27224 , Pdfajj3944 , Pdfji27268 , Pdfalb3988 , Pdfaly31011 , Pdfafz3856 , Pdfabs3745 , Pdfaco3767 , Pdfru27488 , Pdftm27532 , Pdfui27554 , Pdfve27576 , Pdfwa27598 , Pdfwx27621 , Pdfmr27355 , Pdfnn27377 , Pdfaqc31119 , Pdfho27222 , Pdfik27244 , Pdfakd3964 , Pdfal336 , Pdfkz27311 , Pdfams31031 , Pdfano31053 , Pdfaok31075 , Pdfaee3809 , Pdfafa3831 , Pdfafx3854 , Pdfacm3765 , Pdfadi3787 , Pdftk27530 , Pdfaus31239 , Pdfvc27574
in conclusion,
       Advantages: slow vibration performance is good, start fast, soles of the grip is good, the upper breathability is good, return some of the cortex material selection, wearing a very comfortable, playing 3 hours, feet are not tired.
       Disadvantages: parcel performance in general, shape individuals do not like, no previous generations of good-looking, configuration is too simple.
Overall, the shoes are a change in the previous two generations of style, do have the feeling of Jordan 1 generation, some people like some people do not like it, the performance of the shoes is still good, that is, a little bit disappointed it ~

Today, fortunately to Jordan, an official event # FLIGHT CLUB # Air Jordan XXXI try on the activities, after all, a new generation of Air Jordan XXXI attractive or gray often gray large. For the first time to understand the actual performance of Air Jordan XXXI, I dragged my old legs to the stall in Shanghai Yangpu District Jiangwan Stadium.
The contents of the activities I simply chatted, after all, or to mention it. Jordan official invited some of the Shanghai media to experience Air Jordan XXXI, the whole activity is divided into two parts. The first part is the actual part, and the second part is to visit some of the Air Jordan XXXI related content part. And today's focus of today is the actual part of myself!
Gossip less talk, now start chatting Air Jordan XXXI. Some of the official information I first speaking, the upper part of the forefoot and upper two parts, the front palm with Flyweave weaving technology, heel with a leather material. While in the shoelace part of the same use of the dynamic fly line technology. From the technical point of view, this is certainly a new attempt. Weaving technology and leather connection is also very soft. From the foot experience, the whole shoes of the upper parcel done a perfect.
Here is the Air Jordan XXXI upper lined part, we can clearly see that there is a layer of boots inside the package, but also in the ankle part is also a large number of four fillers, which made a good inside Filled the package. If 10 is divided into full marks, then this is almost nothing to pick out any problems. If you have to say something flawed, then it can only say that poor ventilation, shoes, the feet will be more hot, because the filling is too thick.
This is the actual combat after the Air Jordan XXXI, we seem to see out of the development of the upper part of the flyweave deformation of the more powerful. Indeed, the shoes in the upper support is to do the general, compared to Air Jordan XXX for the support of the upper is a little worse, but here the Air Jordan XXXI but with a more fit, so that the comfort and flexibility of shoes Sex has improved. Perhaps this is the difference between the two aspects of the pros and cons.

Air Jordan XXXI design inspiration from the Air Jordan I, so from the toe and heel two parts of the view, the similarity of up to 90%. I personally like to see this point of view from the heel of this pair of shoes, the perfect combination of retro and modern. Heel at the circle of the moment the feeling of a little time the tunnel TPU feeling, connected to 30 years of time, red and black gradient time. Although I have not experienced wearing the Bulls era MJ, but in the field of shoes, this color is no way not to experience.

Sigh a few words, then talk about the end of the technology. First of all to tell you about the end of the connection with the upper part of the Department seems to be a circle TPU, in fact, not the. TPU material only heel cortex of the circle, I personally feel a little bit small, in fact, can be made in a circle, so the texture will be giant giant upgrade. In the end of the use of FlightSpeed ​​+ full palm ZOOM Air technology configuration, that really the first moment on the foot there is a clear feedback, the comfort of the shoes is also very high, my weight at 76KG, such a weight Air Jordan XXXI (In the words of Anne, this is the best pair of shoes he wears the foot) Similarly, I am here to take Hyoerdunk 2016 FK version to make a comparison. Air Jordan XXXI weight than Hyoerdunk 2016 FK, both the size of the ZOOM cushion, I believe is about the same. Differences from the FlightSpeed ​​foot feeling, for the two feedback is almost the same, that is, when standing still, Air Jordan XXXI in the end of the feedback foot feeling better than the HD 2016 FK.

Oh, in the end finished, said the end of the design. First of all to talk about the shading design, from the official introduction, the shading design inspired by the fish bone lines, will be improved in the grip. However, today's stadium ah gray, this ah I really can not measure, and we look at the bottom of my shoes to see the ball out to see. The performance of this grip, I personally think we can still look forward to my poison APP "shoes door crooked Road" column, where we will use slow motion to show this pair of shoes, some of the actual effect.

Finally put a few pictures of the actual combat, we can ignore me, here are the pictures of Anime Mei Mei Oh! And if you feel that today's evaluation content is not satisfied with the words, we must pay attention to the end of the poison APP "shoes door crooked Road" video Oh!

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AIR JORDAN XX8 design inspiration comes from the mysterious "invisible" concept, and ultra-modern design to achieve superior performance excellence. In addition, AIR JORDAN XX8 using innovative Flight Plate technology, leading the industry changes, in order to help enhance the player's performance on the pitch.

1, the use of extensible synthetic material of the upper shade with high-performance zipper design not only play a supporting role, but also showing a neat and agile and a unique appearance of the times.

2, Dynamic Fit technology using the elastic band, from the bottom of the shoe has been stretched package, and with the lace system integration, both light and play a supporting role, and can automatically adjust with the action of the feet.

Pdfaaz27727 , UDamex28941 , Pdffk27166 , Pdfald27991 , Pdfabw27750 , Pdfags27876 , Pdfakg27968 , Pdfaqx271141 , Pdfavt271267 , Pdfact27773 , Pdfahp27899 , UDamgs28988 , UDamw2360 , Pdfamy271038 , Pdfaru271164 , Pdfadq27796 , Pdfaim27922 , Pdfama271014 , UDamcs28884 , UDamhp29011 , UDant2383 , UDalx2335 , Pdfaen27819 , UDapz2441 , UDamdp28907 , UDamim29034 , UDaoq2406 , Pdfato271210 , UDaqw2464 , Pdfanv271061 , UDamem28930 , UDamjj29057 , UDalyu28782 , Pdfaul271233 , Pdfajw27958 , Pdfaao27716 , Pdfaqm271130 , UDalzr28805 , Pdff275 , UDamgh28977 , UDamld29103 , Pdfabl27739 , Pdfba2752 , UDamhe29000 , Pdfaci27762 , Pdfasg271176 , UDambk28850 , Pdfby2776 , Pdfarj271153 , UDamch28873 , Pdfcv2799 , Pdfank271050 , UDamiz29047 , UDapc2418 , Pdfaec27808 , UDalyj28771 , UDamde28896 , Pdfds27122 , UDamjw29070 , UDalzg28794 , Pdfep27145 , Pdfape271096 , UDamkt29093 , Pdfaba27728 , Pdfaqb271119 , UDamy2362 , Pdfaby27752 , Pdfagu27878 , UDamb2339 , UDanv2385
3, full length boots made of three layers of cloth, not only more breathable, but also help to reduce friction.

4, Achilles tendon site added pad, in the comfort of the same time also help to ease the heel parts sliding.

5, external molding heel can play a light support role, and provide bamboo fiber and carbon fiber two kinds of materials and color choice.

6, heel parts of the pull film to make shoes more convenient.

7,8 inch shoe collar not only play a supporting role, and its unique design so that athletes look more different.

8, the innovative Flight Plate technology uses Pebax® as the raw material of the shock absorber, through the compression and bending Nike Zoom unit to maximize the shock absorption feedback, and thus play the best performance.

9, located in the heel and forefoot of the Nike Zoom unit to play a rapid response to the role of shock absorption, and provide more close to the ground wearing feelings.

10, Phylon stent to bring stability and support.

11, in the rapid change, the carbon plate in the foot to bring torsional stiffness and light support.

12, in the hardwood floor course, and more to the outsole pattern can bring excellent grip and wear resistance.

13, according to different colors using hard rubber or translucent rubber material outsole, are very strong wear.

28 years ago, Michael Jordan put on the first pair of AIR JORDAN series, basketball shoes from the beginning has become different; 1988 Tinker Hatfield designed in the low tube AIR JORDAN III, visible AIR, change consistent shoes design, 90's AIR JORDAN VI with sleek toe design, change to all the basketball shoes after the design. Most of the AIR JORDAN in Tinker Hatfield has become a classic shoe. By 2013, Thinker Hatfield and JORADN BRAND product developer Josh Heard jointly designed the concept of basketball shoes - AIR JORDAN XX8; blend of innovative technology and design AIR JORDAN XX8, since its introduction, the outside world of its design and technology are There is an extreme reaction and intense discussion; although it is unknown whether it can become a new generation of classic shoes, but definitely sure it has set off a new revolution in the shoes industry.

Lebron x elite

To a lot of forerunner after consultation, and finally under the cruel start, the store's view of the Knicks do not like to see, always like platinum, even if dirty does not matter, really like is the last word. Shunfeng day arrival, get the hand when the light is very big box I want to be out of the bag. The The Just take a few to make a memorial

Just last night indoor field activities, take a simple actual combat a bit, because last week because of fatigue ligament injury to do acupuncture and electrotherapy, did not dare to play too much time
The doctor had to rest for two weeks, but put on shoes would like to go to run and jump. The Then talk about the actual experience of personal experience:
Comfort: heel and ankle to describe what is to lock the feeling, this pair of shoes specifically to pick a large yards, but the actual time in front of the toes or a little longer, I feel this pair of shoes is a parcel on the length of the package How long or how long, thin classmate is not estimated to be partial code, take off when you really feel jumping more than usual, when forced to feel a little feedback force to help you rise, the same height than other times Province little force.
Grip: the indoor field feel are almost it, it is worth mentioning that once won the rebound after the rebounds, feeling the same feeling in the runner that swash plate, very suitable for linear players. The Yes, that is, Zhan Huang this type of fast break students, feel every step of the strength can get the greatest feedback and use.

UDakmi27782 , UDakvb28009 , UDalum28670 , UDalcf28195 , UDaklo27762 , UDakca27514 , UDalbl28175 , UDalke28402 , UDakrz27929 , UDalsd28609 , UDaliq28362 , UDakqk27888 , UDalrj28589 , UDakil27681 , UDalhw28342 , UDakpq27868 , UDakyj28095 , UDakgc27620 , UDalpv28549 , UDakxp28075 , UDalgh28301 , UDakwv28055 , UDakeo27580 , UDalfn28281 , UDaknh27807 , UDakwa28034 , UDakmn27787 , UDalnm28488 , UDakd2289 , UDalwf28715 , UDaldz28241 , UDalms28468 , UDalvl28695 , UDalde28220 , UDakkz27747 , UDakts27974 , UDalck28200 , UDakke27726 , UDaltx28655 , UDalbq28180 , UDalkj28407 , UDaksd27933 , UDaltc28634 , UDakrj27913 , UDalsi28614 , UDalab28139 , UDakqp27893 , UDakzi28120 , UDakhb27645 , UDalia28346 , UDakpv27873 , UDakyo28100 , UDakgh27625 , UDakpa27852 , UDalq2328 , UDakfn27605 , UDalgm28306 , UDakog27832 , UDalpf28533 , UDakx2309 , UDalfs28286 , UDaknm27812 , UDalmx28473 , UDalvq28700 , UDakms27792 , UDalmc28452 , UDakde27544 , UDaluw28680 , UDalli28432 , UDakur27999
Cushioning: the center of gravity than the ordinary version of it down, friends one foot is KD ELITE, one wearing this, feeling the height of almost. The The The feeling of landing on one: fall on a mat. The Not like the feeling of falling on the floor. The But finished knees will have a little bit uncomfortable, the knee may not be too good to play the reasons for life jump. The The
Protector: The foot is locked in the shoe. This sentence can be generalized. The
The next is the biggest drawback: or with the same as the ordinary, shoelaces on the next two loose. The I do not make some improvement in the elite version of the problem. The Shoelas called me where to find with the dazzling to match this pair of shoes. The Well, next time the views of others, on the knot. The Or even if I tied to the last hole or will be out, simply can not concentrate on playing.

To sum up, light on the dirty I am quite satisfied with the problem, give people a few feet, because the material is not the size of the AIR MAX 2013 FUSE mesh, so it is not easy to stay dirty, if stepped on the inside of the network The surface is not good to say. But most of the toe that kind of plastic so you can not be too tangled! LBJ8 and LBJ9 together with the sense of comparison is that LBJ8 a little cushion, LBJ9 did not feel the cushion. The AIR MAX 2013 air cushion big enough to wear a period of time after the more obvious soft, but not as good as this pair of shoes for the first time to take the feeling of playing obviously, had to hesitate to wait for LBJ 11, it now appears LBJ10 can Let you experience the unprecedented foot feeling to enhance this sentence is absolutely not false. Ordinary version of the walk will have a bomb and a bomb out of the obvious rebound feeling, the elite version of the road did not feel this feeling, but the movement is still quite obvious. This shoe is just like the IPHONE just launched the kind of revolutionary technology, do not really regret.

Buy this pair of shoes all rely on nike advertising to play well, was keen to see Iron Man, shopping to see the elite elite posters naturally deep trap
Then I began the tragedy of the road to burn

At that time when the heat, it is not out of stroll, daughter introduced me a Belle own website, excellent purchase, then and now on this site no good, cheap is there, but the defect is hard state. My wife a pair of snow cotton 2 months to wear a broken skin, and this pair of elite also have Mishap, is the pressure foot, left foot outside the instep of the black plastic is very hindered, probably because of my feet wide, just started wearing very Pressure, the pressure of the pain, so began to shoot the thigh, that bought a loss. Later, wearing a section, distraction of the natural not pressure. Online shopping Mishap, or to the store to buy a good test, but more than 300 provinces saved down. Reluctantly tolerated 1517 orders, now seems cheaper.

Shoes breathable too good, this is what I have never had the breath of breath experience, than the net nike running shoes are good! The disadvantage is that the weather is cold, frozen feet also experience the real.

Fly line technology, the past few years nike basic universal to all the shoes, and really feel nothing to use, this pair of anti-loose with a coarse shoelace, and fly line with the role is to let you wear shoes when the bad Wear, take off shoes when the lace is not good solution. I have a pair of nike fly line free5.0 running shoes, that is more exaggerated, that shoelaces are decorated, not to mention the fly line.

Air cushion, this is probably my best through the air cushion, and the real full coverage, followed by support and cushioning balance almost reached the best ratio, comfortable front foot soles, in the outbreak of the time there is a certain ejection feeling, rebounding Self-confident! Landing like a march.

Pull the wind effect, summer shorts socks, bow rate is high, but coupled with the same pair of jeans, shoes followed by a bevel, so a very long feeling caused by a heel, said here had to mention the shoes because heel reasons, Slightly smaller, I usually wear 44.5, these pairs of 45 are some crowded feet, it is recommended to buy a large number

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adidas EQT Top Ten 2010

In the 1996 draft, the first round of the 13th by the Charlotte Hornets selected Kobe Bryant - Bryant was immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, since the high school students in the Los Angeles Lakers began his brilliant career The Bryant - Bryant in the rookie season, became the NBA (microblogging) the history of the youngest starting players, and become the youngest players selected the best rookie team. Accompanied by Bryant - Bryant through the sweet rookie season is adidas second day basketball shoes - adidas EQT Top Ten 2010.

In 1996, adidas then launched the "Feet You Wear!" Basketball shoes concept, composed of small feet from the small face of the "Tianzu" Logo appeared in the adidas basketball shoes. "Tianzu" technology is not developed by adidas, but in 95 years from an unknown company to buy the right to use, "Tianzu" design concept is a number of support points and arch support A plane, the whole seems to be like the reduction of human feet, can be provided to the wearer most comfortable, natural wear state. The first adidas basketball shoes equipped with "Tianzu" technology is adidas EQT Top Ten 2000, adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 is "Tianya" technology for the first time in the use of basketball shoes, so the technology is not too mature, so We only see Bryant - Bryant in the rookie Dingzhuang wearing adidas EQT Top Ten 2000, and rookie season is by the upgraded version of the adidas EQT Top Ten 2010 accompanied by Bryant - Bryant through. Adidas EQT Top Ten 2010 also uses a tongueless overall design, adidas classic three bars and shoelaces cleverly combined to improve the package of shoes, and the last bar extends to the heel to form a cross-shaped, and Foot shape of the small smile of the "Tianzu" Logo is embroidered in the cross-type above. In the end of the end, adidas EQT Top Ten 2010 in the end still did not use adiPrene cushioning technology, but the thickness has increased, the end of the use of the "Tianzu" technology, including the arch at the three "days Foot "structure is more prominent, and the forefoot and the back of the two pieces of" Tianzu "structure is the use of the word lines, providing a good grip and start-up.

htmfctp882555 , htmfdzq883388 , htmfcwd882621 , htmfcys882688 , htmfdrz883189 , htmfcom882422 , htmfcra882488 , htmfeb88123 , htmfdab882723 , htmfcjj882289 , htmfdcq882790 , htmfcly882356 , htmfdvx883291 , htmfdlr883025 , htmfdyl883357 , htmfcuz882591 , htmfdof883091 , htmfcxn882657 , htmfdqu883158 , htmfcnh882391 , htmfdgo882892 , htmfcpw882458 , htmfecj883459 , htmfdus883260 , htmfcrf882493 , htmfdkm882994 , htmfdxg883326 , htmfdna883060 , htmfcwi882626 , htmfdpp883127 , htmfcmc882360 , htmfdfj882861 , htmfcor882427 , htmfdhy882928 , htmfdqz883163 , htmfdtn883229 , htmfdwb883295 , htmfcsp882529 , htmfdok883096 , htmfcwn882631 , htmfdpu883132 , htmfczb882697 , htmfdic882932 , htmfebj883433 , htmfdkr882999 , htmfdal882733 , htmfdnf883065 , htmfcjt882299 , htmfdd8899 , htmfcmh882365 , htmfdwg883300 , htmfdfo882866 , htmfcvi882600 , htmfcxx882667 , htmfcnr882401 , htmfdgy882902 , htmfdts883234 , htmfcqf882467 , htmfdjm882968 , htmfect883469 , htmfclc882334 , htmfdvb883269 , htmfdej882835 , htmfdxq883336 , htmfcud882569 , htmfcws882636 , htmfdpz883137 , htmfdsn883203 , htmfcpa882436 , htmfdz88121 , htmfcrp882503
Adidas EQT Top Ten 2010 in terms of cushioning and comfort compared to the previous adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 have improved, the weight of shoes is also reduced, but in the end of the wear resistance is slightly less.

In the 1996 draft, the first round of the 13th by the Charlotte Hornets selected Kobe Bryant - Bryant was immediately traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, since the high school students in the Los Angeles Lakers began his brilliant career , The effectiveness of the Los Angeles Lakers has brought 5 NBA (microblogging) championship, in addition, Bryant - Bryant also won the 2008 regular season MVP, 09 and 10 years of the finals MVP, four All-Star Game MVP and so on personal honor.

Also in 1996, adidas launched the "Feet You Wear!" Basketball shoes concept, by the foot shape of the small smile of the "Tianzu" Logo appeared in the adidas basketball shoes. "Tianzu" technology is not developed by adidas, but in 95 years from an unknown company to buy the right to use, "Tianzu" design concept is a number of support points and arch support A plane, the whole seems to be like the reduction of human feet, can be provided to the wearer most comfortable, natural wear state. And the first equipped with "Tianzu" technology adidas basketball shoes is adidas EQT Top Ten 2000, this adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 spokesperson is the year into the NBA Bryant - Bryant. Adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 is the "Tianya" technology for the first time in the use of basketball shoes, so the technology is not yet mature, so we only see Bryant - Bryant in the rookie Dingzhuang wearing adidas EQT Top Ten 2000, And in the game is put on the improved adidas EQT Top Ten 2010. Adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 with a tongue-free overall design, adidas classic three bars are evolved into three elastic band, and the combination of shoelaces make shoes wrapped more outstanding, the shoes outside the wave pattern can be said that the foot series The representative design. And the shape of the human feet constitute a small smile of the "Tianzu" Logo is on the shoe on. In the big end, it can be said is adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 a major flaw, the shoes just light using the "natural foot" technology, the bottom part of the cushion is not added to any technology, the end of the foot with the reference structure The five pieces of block-like character pattern structure, the middle of the three more prominent block sole structure to form a triangle to achieve a stable effect, but did not use adidas has mature Torsion System. In addition, the improved thin bottom in the end although the weight and improve comfort, but in terms of performance are discounted.

Although adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 in the end of the field has been flawed, but after all, adidas "Tianzu" series of basketball shoes for the mountain, its classic is self-evident. In 2008, adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 has been re-sale, but at that time adidas has no "Tianya" technology use rights, so engraved adidas EQT Top Ten 2000 has not seen shoes on the "foot "Logo.

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The stars are busy vacation, the major sports manufacturers also seize this opportunity, with their signing star to the world to do publicity. Now, AIR JORDAN BRAND is with its three stars, Wade, Anthony, Paul in the Chinese land set off a new wave of JORDAN. Let's take a look at the story of Anthony and JORDAN BRAND, one of the three stars.

In 2003 the third overall pick by the Denver Nuggets. Compared with James, who entered the league at the same time, Anthony is unfortunate, he did not have their own in the rookie season signature shoes, at the same time, he is also lucky because he was Jordan "hand" into the shoes industry "Ivy League" - JORDAN TEAM. To know that this is for a rookie, it can be said that the supreme glory. Accompanied by Anthony to complete the debut is a pair of white North Carolina color of the AIR JORDAN 12. AIR JORDAN 12 large-scale re-engraved, launched a variety of colors, so that the conservative AJ FANS difficult to accept, but these refreshing color also created a lot of classic, which is the number of North Carolina AIR JORDAN 12 popular. Until today, many of the AJ FANS still can have a pair of North Carolina color of the AIR JORDAN 12 as a long-cherished wish.

UDajnr27141 , UDajok27160 , UDajpd27179 , UDajpx27199 , UDajrj27237 , UDajui27314 , UDajvv27353 , UDajxh27391 , UDajya27410 , UDajzn27449 , UDakaf27467 , UDakaz27487 , UDakbs27506 , UDajmv27119 , UDajno27138 , UDajpa27176 , UDajpu27196 , UDajs2278 , UDajtm27292 , UDajuz27331 , UDajvs27350 , UDajxe27388 , UDajxy27408 , UDajyr27427 , UDajzk27446 , UDakac27464 , UDakaw27484 , UDakbp27503 , UDajms27116 , UDajnl27135 , UDajoy27174 , UDajpr27193 , UDajrd27231 , UDajsq27270 , UDajuw27328 , UDajvp27347 , UDajxb27385 , UDajxv27405 , UDajyo27424 , UDajzh27443 , UDakat27481 , UDakbm27500 , UDajmp27113 , UDajni27132 , UDajov27171 , UDajqh27209 , UDajtg27286 , UDajut27325 , UDajvm27344 , UDajwf27363 , UDajwz27383 , UDajyl27421 , UDajze27440 , UDakaq27478 , UDakbj27497 , UDajmm27110 , UDajnf27129 , UDajnz27149 , UDajos27168 , UDajqy27226 , UDajsk27264 , UDajtd27283 , UDajtx27303 , UDajuq27322 , UDajwc27360 , UDajww27380 , UDajyi27418 , UDajzb27437 , UDajzv27457 , UDakan27475
And in the year's NBA all-star weekend rookie challenge. Anthony put on the latest sale of AIR JORDAN 19. Its degree of concern in no way inferior to James at the foot of the AIR ZOOM GENERATION. This is the first time after the Jordan era of the first pair of AIR JORDAN. The whole shoe is inspired by poisonous snakes, emphasizing light and quick. Configuration, although slightly inferior to the previous generation, but still retain the double ZOOM AIR and the bottom carbon plate. The snake-like outsole in the field has excellent grip and anti-rollover effect. And the total after the year, JORDAN BRAND on the formation of a tradition, each year on behalf of the AIR JORDAN debut in the All-Star.
In the 04-05 season, Anthony put on the latest AIR JORDAN 1.5. But also from the beginning of this pair of shoes, .5 concept was clear down. This concept is to take two generations before and after the elements of shoes, synthetic pair of new shoes. From 1.5 we can see AJ1 generation and 2 generations of many classic elements. Ankle at the "Carmelo" words is enough to show off. Prior to this, in addition to Jordan, there is no one to put his name in real print on the AIR JORDAN above.

In the all-star weekend rookie challenge game Anthony took the lead in the year of the main AIR JORDAN 20. This pair of works with a summary of the nature of the use of a breakthrough I.P.S in the end of science and technology. The overall design will be practical and artistic combination of the perfect. At the same time also created a large area of ​​shoes using laser engraving precedent. And Anthony's North North Carolina player version is this pair of shoes noble and elegant embodiment of the most vividly.
05-06 season, the first half of the season, Anthony is still wearing a AII JORDAN 1.5, in March against the Grizzlies game, Anthony put on the latest AIR JORDAN 5.5. This pair of shoes is the continuation of last season MELO 1.5 design concept, we can easily find from the above AIR JORDAN 5 and 6 shadow. Such as the forefoot of the shark teeth, open the window air cushion, bulging upper, lateral holes.

In the 06-07 season, Anthony did not like the previous season in March to wear new boots, but early in the Japanese men's basketball world championships, JORDAN BRAND can not wait to let Anthony put his true sense First double signature shoes JORDAN MELO M3. It can be said, JORDAN MELO M3 is a pair of landmark works, this is not just the first pair of Anthony's signature shoes, it is JORDAN BRAND for the first time in addition to players outside of Jordan launched signature shoes. And Anthony's LOGO is also the first time in the shoes.

07-08 season, Anthony put on his second pair of signature shoes JORDAN MELO M4. JORDAN MELO M4 relative to the previous generation and no significant changes and breakthroughs. The so-called Air Cushioning System is only a variant of Vis Air, the actual foot name is not too obvious change. If you want to find bright spots, then it may be the use of the ankle at the Foamposite material, and it is also AIR JORDAN shoes, the first use of this material.

08-09 season, Anthony once again before the start of the season put on the latest boots, Anthony's third generation signature shoes JORDAN MELO M5. This pair of shoes debut in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games men's basketball finals, and witnessed the US team won the gold medal in the moment. But in so far all Anthony's signature shoes, the most mediocre can be regarded as this pair of JORDAN MELO M5, not to mention the sale of color is actually all black, so that all sneaker are stunned.

09-10 season, Anthony ushered in his sixth season, also ushered in the JORDAN MELO M6. And this pair of shoes for the first time in the official game debut, or in Taipei preseason. Compared with the previous generations of works, JORDAN MELO M6 re-review the retro style. Angular shape and simple uppers can not help but think of the previous .5 series. And the seemingly heavy appearance of the opposite is that, JORDAN MELO M6 weight is very light, it can be said that the whole Melo series in the lightest pair. And in the end of the configuration, we finally can not see that the old Air Sole, and replaced by the front and rear palm separation ZOOM AIR configuration.

10-11 season, the beginning of the season came the news of Anthony asked to be traded. And by the impact of this rumors, JORDAN BRAND was also forced to arrange in the regular season after the opening of the JORDAN MELO M7 on sale. Mediocre modeling reflects the recent years, Nike and JORDAN BRAND design standards decline. In the configuration, JORDAN MELO M7 has returned to the forefoot ZOOM AIR, after the palm AIR SOLE configuration. Only in this generation, after the palm of the air cushion was made out of the exposed form.

Air Jordan XVIII AJ18

2002-2003 season, that is, Jordan's last season, most of the time are Air Jordan XVIII accompanied by the side, but also witnessed a lot of classic moments! February 10, 2003 morning, the 52nd NBA (microblogging) Eastern and Western All-Star Game, the Western Star team eventually after two overtime, to 155-145 victory over the Eastern star team. The last time to participate in the All-Star Game Jordan scored 20 points, beyond the "day hook" Jabal on the All-Star Game scoring list of the top. The first plus 4 seconds left 8, Jordan in the left side of the bottom line zero angle a precision, wonderful back jumper, the ball in the air to draw a rainbow like a perfect arc, as everyone expected to fall Into the net, Michael! The The

At zero angle, in the face of Marion's defense, Jordan can not see the ring with years of experience firmly in the ball, which will determine the fate of a ball it? In the air a full retreat of the two meters of the "trapeze" with no matter what kind of adjective to boast not too much of the back jumper perfect all the hope! Jordan 20 points! If there is no small Austrian fool foul, it really perfect!

htmfbgp881541 , htmfasw881184 , htmfbpu881780 , htmfaqx881133 , htmfbab881371 , htmfbfz881525 , htmfbne881712 , htmfaqg881116 , htmfbdj881457 , htmfarp881151 , htmfbsl881849 , htmfato881202 , htmfapq881100 , htmfbes881492 , htmfbau881390 , htmfbpw881782 , htmfbnx881731 , htmfap8833 , htmfawf881271 , htmfbre881816 , htmfash881169 , htmfaye881322 , htmfbng881714 , htmfbdl881459 , htmfazn881357 , htmfaxo881306 , htmfbmq881698 , htmfbkr881647 , htmfayx881341 , htmfbaw881392 , htmfbm8856 , htmfbrx881835 , htmfbka881630 , htmfbce881426 , htmfbaf881375 , htmfblj881665 , htmfbrg881818 , htmfbjk881614 , htmfazp881359 , htmfavr881257 , htmfaxq881308 , htmfats881206 , htmfbor881751 , htmfbkt881649 , htmfbqq881802 , htmfbgv881547 , htmfbiu881598 , htmfayz881343 , htmfava881240 , htmfax8841 , htmfbid881581 , htmfayi881326 , htmfbpj881769 , htmfawj881275 , htmfbjm881616 , htmfbfo881514 , htmfbkv881651 , htmfbgx881549 , htmfbmu881702 , htmfbey881498 , htmfaxb881293 , htmfbsa881838 , htmfboc881736 , htmfapf881089 , htmfavc881242 , htmfare881140 , htmfbgg881532 , htmfbmd881685
April 17, 2003, 02-03 season NBA regular season last day, the Wizards away 87-107 lost to the Philadelphia 76ers. Jordan in his NBA career last battle played 28 minutes, won the NBA career last 15 points and the last four rebounds 4 assists. Jordan finally in all of its 1072 NBA games to get 32292 points, averaging 30.123 points per game, beat beyond Chamberlain (1045 games, 30.066 points / field) to become the NBA history, the average score of the highest players, wish to win the "scoring" The title. When the game left 1 minute 46 seconds, the 76ers of the Snow made a surprise to the audience all the things - he did not need the case, in the backcourt of the Wizards team foul Jordan. This foul is obviously want to let Jordan free throws. Jordan took the free throw line, the two players are far behind the station, so that a person throwing the two boys Jordan. They know that this time belongs to Jordan and fans, when Jordan picked up the ball, firmly hit two balls when the hundreds of flash in the flash.

In the Wizards, Jordan himself two season through the Air Jordan is not much, including AJ3, AJ9, AJ11, AJ16, AJ17, AJ18, AJ Team.

Air Jordan XVIII launch of the ad is classic in the classic - WCAT IS LOVE, let's take a look at this luxury sports car Air Jordan XVII it:

Air Jordan 18 is a pair of fully expressed Jordan unique style and personal charm of the top basketball shoes. Designers think Jordan on the pitch gestures between the elegant and smooth temperament is Jordan 18 to pass the main feeling. So Jordan 18 is equipped with a fine texture of the whole leather and deerskin uppers, chrome details of the treatment so that deer leather shoes body to show the perfect sense of value. In the heel and forefoot between the part of the specially designed with small holes to increase the permeability, foam with Lycra artificial elastic fiber boots design, so that this pair of shoes have a great comfort. Heel heels at the high-tech carbon fiber sheet to provide an additional support for the ankle stability. Full-palm of the zoom air air cushion installed directly in the underwear, while in the full palm of the zoom air air cushion, heel also added a zoom air air cushion, this two-tier air cushion design must be provided for the back palm excellent Cushioning. Soles covered with light light Phylon in the end, with chrome trapeze logo TPU support before and after the palm of the hard rubber outsole, soles wave-like character pattern, to provide good friction. AJ 18 special significance is that it may become Jordan in the last pair of boots on the game, Jordan has made it clear that the end of the season will be retired again.

As a brand series of course there will be more AJ launch, but no Jordan in the NBA arena radiant, at the foot of the boots will be eclipsed, so AJ 18 will be Jordan on the pitch last glorious testimony.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Nike Lebron Solider and Ambassador

We all know that James's team shoes have soldiers (Solider) and envoys (Ambassador)
These two team shoes series has also been a lot of generations, and reputation is quite good!
So last year Nike has launched a named witness (Witness) in the low-end James team shoes!

A friend asked me:
"Soldiers and envoys are both cost-effective, but also what a testimony?"
Why is it going? Witness 1 generation as the name suggests is to witness the next figure it!

This is like the Kobe Bryant series in addition to the generation and team shoes "venom" outside
But also in December 15, 2014 after the launch of the "Mamba spirit", as a gimmick it!
(Do not ask Xiao Bian do not know what this day, do not know the next figure)

The name is to commemorate the players to achieve a certain honor, that white is to take the opportunity to launch a more shoes, and then linked with the event or honor. This is directly tied with the star, and the star is better sold!
Well, analyze the shoes!

See the chart on the map? "Real basketball shoes"!
That Xiao Bian in this tell you "witness" This shoe is not suitable for playing!

Shoe box with a red, in addition to the color and other LBJ14 exactly the same.

UDaiul26641 , UDajcp26853 , UDaikm26382 , UDajbs26830 , UDaisr26595 , UDajjx27043 , UDairu26572 , UDaizz26785 , UDaiq2250 , UDajgi26950 , UDaiof26479 , UDajfl26927 , UDajeo26904 , UDaikr26387 , UDajkb27047 , UDajje27024 , UDajac26788 , UDairb26553 , UDaihc26294 , UDajhk26978 , UDaiyj26743 , UDajfq26932 , UDajet26909 , UDaimq26438 , UDajcz26863 , UDaijz26369 , UDajbe26816 , UDaisd26581 , UDaihh26299 , UDaiyo26748 , UDaipm26512 , UDajgs26960 , UDaiop26489 , UDajea26890 , UDaiv2255 , UDajdd26867 , UDaiuc26632 , UDaila26396 , UDajcg26844 , UDajbj26821 , UDajjo27034 , UDairl26563 , UDaixw26730 , UDaiuh26637 , UDailf26401 , UDajcl26849 , UDaisn26591 , UDajar26803 , UDajiw27016 , UDaizv26781 , UDajhz26993 , UDaipw26522 , UDajhb26969 , UDaiya26734 , UDajek26900 , UDaivj26665 , UDaimh26429 , UDailk26406 , UDajcq26854 , UDairv26573 , UDaj29 , UDaiqy26550 , UDajhg26974 , UDaipd26503 , UDajid26997 , UDajfm26928 , UDajds26882 , UDaiur26647 , UDaiks26388 , UDaijv26365 , UDajcv26859 , UDairc26554
First of all, this shoe design is simple, with a reasonable tone
But I asked the friends around them that they were too simple to say with the design of this pair of witness 1, a little bit of the shadow of the soldier 9. The whole pair of shoes at first glance and that kind of visual impact, people do not have a lot of desire to buy.

The overall upper is the most common knitted fabric, the upper is quite soft.
The implication is that the upper there is no support at all.

Look at the figure can be found that the upper is quite easy to break it! So Xiao Bian in this reminder, do not wear this pair of shoes to play field, the upper really easy to rub broken.

And we can see the figure, this witness 1 in such a soft upper nor before the use of flying line technology, resulting in Xiaobian in the foot of the foot when running back and forth!
Xiao Bian was trying to put a "swing" ah!
Although there is a tight shoes in the shoe, the disappointment of this loose boots and shoe material is almost very thin
Thin even the filler is also so little, Nike is running shoes to design it!
So the upper of the package we can imagine.

Look at the heel and the upper
May have to be disappointed! The whole pair of shoes followed by a piece of TPU, upper side of the you think it is TPU place it is only foam material, there is no trace of stability and protection of it!

Nike also seems to be aware of this point so behind the Achilles tendon site designed a filled sponge,
Do not think that is one of the boots, just like the tendon that fast.
Comfort is also good, but after all, no TPU how to put the foam is also useless!

And finally there is a place that is not disappointing, that is, in the end and outsole!
In the end of science and technology is two hexagonal ZOOM, and in the figure on the soles of the red area.
Xiao Bian looked disassembled, the two ZOOM is close to the outsole, and ZOOM quite thin
This caused, in the foot after the two ZOOM foot feeling is not obvious, in the start when the feedback is still very fast.
After the palm no ZOOM is the general cushioning rubber filled, Xiao Bian feel a bit hard, play will shock foot.

Outsole is XDR wear rubber, do not think that XDR can be on the field
This pair of witness XDR outsole is also quite thin!

to sum up
Witness the series after all, only the first generation, I think the future development should be getting better and better.
But the fact is that, as I said at the beginning of this pair of shoes is not suitable for playing is not suitable for combat, I recommend wearing it to the gym or wear it to carry out some ordinary basketball training, such as dribbling what.
After all, such a soft upper wearing feelings or comfortable, just like my question before the Nike is not the pair of basketball shoes design deviation? Become a running shoes!
If you want to buy the end of the basketball shoes, Xiao Bian really do not recommend this pair of!
After all, this configuration is a mess, after all, James soldiers and envoys two pairs of team shoes configuration and cost are so high, the price on Taobao also can. Like a soldier 10 can be bought within 800! Moreover, the soldiers 10 or double champion boots why not choose it?