Wednesday, August 9, 2017

JORDAN brand to pay tribute to Westbrook

Jordan brand player Russell Westbrook success in today to create history, become the history of basketball alone to get three times the number of players in the single season. At the same time, his wonderful performance continues, one of the greatest personal seasons in the NBA to create history.

"Great" is the eternal pursuit of the Jordan brand, so we can easily understand why Michael Jordan that Westbrook who has the same vein and his own spirit: because he is the same, constantly in the people beyond expectations.

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"Weissbrook is always the engine and energy source for the game," said Michael Jordan. "He is willing to take every opportunity to help his team win."

Today, Jordan brand to a "Big 0" video and a pair of Air Jordan XXXI "Why Not?" Player special edition products to commemorate this historic moment, and to Westbrook with him "Why Not?" The spirit of the tribute.

In Stevie Wonder's song "Higher Ground", Westbrook and the former record holder, the great Oscar Robertson (Oscar Robertson) of the high light moment alternately, this name is "Big 0" video is intended to pay tribute to the two athletes and their outstanding performance.

Air Jordan XXXI "Why Not?" Inspired by the Jordan brand's iconic shoes AJ III classic black cement color elements, and Westbrook 2013 through the AJ III PE, with AJ XXXI modern materials, but also There are specially designed for Westbrook special shoes, together to build together.

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