Friday, August 4, 2017

Liquid Diamond

Football is vital to Nei Maer, and so is the family. Nemal and his sister Rafaela's diamond tattoos on their arms assure their intimate relationship. Nemal's diamond tattoo above, also marked "sorella" (Italian "sister" meaning) words, Rafaela's tattoo above the pattern is "fratello" (Italian "brother" means).

"This diamond pattern is my sister and I go to the pattern .At that time, we want to pattern with a pattern, because the diamond is very precious, just like my sister's love, so we decided to use this way to express love to each other," inside Said Marr. "Diamonds are simple in appearance, but very beautiful, and is a rare and unique jewelry, which is deeply attracted me, and reminds me of my relationship with Rafa.

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Both inside and outside the stadium, Nemal are outstanding. Nike design team is facing the challenge is to ensure that Nei Maer boots shoes such as its people, unique. In 2013, Nei Maer announced in Rio de Janeiro the first generation of "poisonous front" boots, and in 2014 the summer of football launched a golden version. This year is Nemal became Nike signed the eighth year of the players, he will launch "poisonous front" LiquidDiamond shoes.

Nei Maer and "poisonous front" Liquid Diamond boots

Nemal's love for diamonds provides inspiration for the Nike design team to design such a unique color. "The style and personality of Nemal kicks out our inspiration," said Max Blau, vice president of Nike's soccer footwear. "He is so smooth when he breaks defense and reminds us of the water flowing between the stones. Changed the design of the original diamond elements, but in the upper to create a kind of liquid diamond beauty.

"Poisonous front" of the NikeSkin upper show a weave canvas texture, enhance the color of the three-dimensional effect. Repeatedly test a variety of different colors, the "poisonous front" Liquid Diamond boots came into being, colorful tones and Nei Maer's personality complement each other.

"I think this shoe will be different, because it can bring vitality and dynamic pleasure and I believe that this shoe reflects my bold and pleasant nature." - Nei Maer

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