Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The new Nike running equipment brings extraordinary comfort, visibility and protection, victory over bad weather, runners thus fearless, free running.

Running unrelated to the weather, is an all-weather movement. Running in the morning, noon, evening, or rain, sunny day can run; in the rain and snow, muddy, slippery on the road can also run; they can conquer the cold, but also beat the fog, but also against the wind and courage The No matter how the weather, running you need to go out, into the nature, rather than standing in the window, watching someone ran from the front. Running is no matter how the nature of the weather, can be calm and comfortable, rain or shine.

Ashton Eaton, who grew up in central Oregon, where winter temperatures can drop below zero. "I like to do outdoor training in the cold or rainy winter.When you know you have the perseverance to go out, and others can not do it, you will be encouraged," he said. "Just keep it warm and I can Focus on training. "

Running will never be limited by the season, so Nike's new winter running equipment has the greatest warmth, breathability, reflective and windproof and waterproof performance. This year's design helps keep the runners visible, dry and warm in the cold, dark, rain and snow. This is the perfect equipment for dealing with the harsh weather. It provides all the performance required by the runner. Not only dare to face bad weather, but also to really integrate into them.

NIKE FLASH PACK series running shoes

For runners, beat bad weather, starting with a single step. Facing the challenge of running in the harsh, unpredictable winter weather, the runner needs a pair of running shoes that can keep it dry, warm and visible. Nike Flash Pack series running shoes with waterproof and 360 degree reflective of the outstanding performance.

The series includes several of the most popular running shoes: the new Nike Air Zoom Structure 18, Nike Free 5.0, Nike LunarGlide 6 and Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31. Each shoe is equipped with a new feature of winter protection, for the runners to provide the necessary performance advantages. The upper is made of dense mesh, or treated with a DWR durable waterproof coating, and its construction helps keep the runners dry. Reflective elements increase visibility in low light conditions.

NIKE SHIELD FLASH MAX reflective jacket and NIKE FLASH tight pants

Winter night long days means that runners are more often running in low light conditions. Nike Shield Flash Jack Jack Jack and Flash Tight Tights are designed to help runners fearless darkness and remain visible in winter training.

The jacket's reflective grid pattern with 360-degree reflective performance, its breathable, lightweight Storm-FIT 5 waterproof fabric is completely seamless to prevent wind and rain. Because in the dark to ensure that the vision and their own visible equally important, the articulated adjustable hood in providing the greatest degree of security shelter, but also flexible to move, to ensure safe sight.

Women's Nike Flash Tight Tights The reflective layer covers the entire side of the legs, helping to ensure that the runners are visible from every angle. The Dri-FIT fabric can sweat to the surface, and then quickly evaporate to help runners from beginning to end to keep dry and comfortable.


As the winter runners know, the winter run the biggest enemy is often not cold, but hot. Running heavy clothes will inevitably lead to stop running, and constantly take off too much clothes. The Nike Aeroloft Hybrid Jack Jack Jackets are designed to help runners keep warm and do not overheat in cold weather after a lot of tests by the Nike Explore Team Sport Research Lab and elite runners. The jacket of the 800 Peng feathers in the warm area joined the engineering laser cutting punch design. Feather filling to bring light warm effect, while not affecting flexibility, while the ventilation hole is to provide breathable effect, to help the body through the release of excess calories to regulate body temperature. Nike Dri-FIT Wool sleeves are made of wool and polyester fibers, both warm and breathable, can absorb sweat from the body to the surface of the fabric, and then quickly evaporate. Nike Aeroloft Hybrid Jacket Woven Jackets will bring just the warmth of the runners.

NIKE RAIN RUNNER rain jacket

Whether it is drizzle or downpour, the secret of running in the rain is very simple, that is to keep dry and cool. Nike Rain Runner Jacket Rainproof Jackets are designed to help runners run farther in the rain and do not feel overheated. The jacketed nylon fabric with a seamless stitching design, wind and water (waterproof effect of 10,000 mm), and double front and rear ventilation is to help enhance air circulation, to ensure that ventilation performance. The jacket design fashion, the integration of the articulated shoulder sleeve to facilitate the swing arm, and removable hood can be stored in the back of the storage bag.

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