Sunday, August 6, 2017

Adidas launched the 2015 series of popular articles

August 20, Adidas Wujin series 2015 autumn and winter new preview in Shanghai design Republican debut. Shen Shi attack, pull the momentum, Adidas men training in the fall of 2015 together with the spokesman Zhang Zhen Zhang together to open the "Shen Shi" chapter. In 2015, the new series of martial arts design inspiration from the traditional Chinese Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, to explore the atmosphere, encourage people to draw inspiration, in the fall to brave attack, break through the self, so as to achieve a harmonious state of mind.

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Adidas series since the beginning of adhering to the Chinese elements into the concept of natural materials, with the power of nature to help people who love the movement to achieve the best state of mind harmony. 2015 series of martial arts is still the idea into the product design. Will be contained in ancient China people's wisdom of heaven and earth as an inspiration, with the Wuchang has always been the use of organic cotton, linen material, so that clothing has become part of the movement, with the power of nature to help people get the best sporting state.

September 1, Adidas Wuzhuang Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches series launched a new "Shenshi" chapter, "Shen Shi" on behalf of 3 pm to 5 pm, summer air, heaven and earth, and thick plot burst, it is the trend of all things the most fierce Time, but also the most suitable for the human body to challenge themselves, break through their own limits, so that "when the attack." "Shenshi" series in the use of color, using a shallow to deep gradient design, for the entire series to bring vitality. Short-sleeved T-shirt with ink calligraphy LOGO, highlight the "Shen Shi" by the sense of life. Chinese elements and the use of organic cotton also to Wuji series as always, comfortable, more conducive to physical and mental stretch.

Adidas men training martial arts series Shenshi articles will be listed on September 1, winter will continue to launch the "Xu" chapter

Summer is the best basketball season, the essence of basketball spirit is advocating competition. Lack of competition duel is always boring, both sides make every effort to the game will be remembered, the basketball world needs "Rush" in the end. In this summer, Adidas once again set off a basketball frenzy, calling on all basketball enthusiasts to fully enjoy the sweat and summer tempered.

From August 25 onwards, Adidas and MIC dunk team to carry out summer training camp, so that people who love basketball in this hot summer experience different basketball experience. At the same time, for each participating participants in the training camp to send new Ross equipment.

Unprecedented is that this training camp is the first time by the captain of the training team led by Chen Dengxing and Ai Zhiyuan two bouncing master preaching doubts, at the same time to meet the different take-off habits of the crowd, we will be based on different styles, Technical characteristics, personally teach bounce the Bible and practical skills, in leading you to do different training categories at the same time, let you find their own exclusive training methods.

Adidas this summer to "Rush" as the code, called on all fans of basketball together to sharpen their slogan, aimed at training, competition, confrontation to improve their own basketball skills. To this end Adidas this summer organized a national basketball game platform - Adidas "4 to 4" city battle, creative 4 to 4 into the audience basketball game. This time and MIC RIM KISSER summer training camp Beijing station cooperation, but also hope to give basketball enthusiasts to provide more opportunities to show their talent, hone their own technology.

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