Thursday, August 3, 2017

Nike Air Max 2015 Shoes

Air Max series of running shoes has been concerned by the Nike Air cushion to create soft and flexible cushioning effect for the runners to provide a comfortable pace. The new Nike Air Max 2015 running shoes "light" return, bringing the light of this series - the upper design has been simplified to improve, bring more flexible, lightweight pace.

Nike Air Max 2015 NIKEiD exclusive customization service will be held on November 11 in China global debut, when Chinese consumers can enjoy the new Nike Air Max 2015 running shoes online custom experience, the first to have their own unique Air Max running shoes.

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Simplify the upper light and comfortable

Nike Air Max 2015 uppers designed to simplify the improvement. Nearly seamless engineering The upper of the mesh is designed with a single layer in the middle to provide a light breathable effect; while the tongue and the rest are double-layer designed to increase comfort. NIKE FLYWIRE fly line was woven into the upper, the unique shoe eye structure can maximize the role of flying line, so that it can automatically adapt to foot type, safe wrapped feet, so that both feet feel comfortable. The foam at the heel is soft and comfortable, and the transparent, seamless surface covers the foam and the outside of the mesh, bringing light support. At the same time, compared with the previous Air Max 2014, its weight reduced by nearly 50 grams (10 yards men's shoes 12.5 ounces / 351 grams, 8 yards shoes 10.23 ounces / 290 grams). So you run faster and longer - enjoy a comfortable running experience.

Max Air ultimate comfort

The use of a transparent design of the combination of full palm Max Air cushion melt the best cushioning system and superior flexibility in one: the cylinder structure for the foot into the more air, from the heel to the toes off the ground and a series of action conversion Provide flexible support; flex air with the Max Air cushion unit fit excellent flexibility, can bring smooth / comfortable pace; made of environmentally friendly rubber waffle shavings provide durability and multi-directional traction. Let you in the run to enjoy the ultimate comfort, light rebound experience.

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