Monday, August 7, 2017


Positive 2016 French European Cup opened the occasion, PUMA using four different color scheme, first released King Top special section shoes. As a result, this longest history of football boots brand new, put on a rich French color. Its design inspiration from the European Cup four host city color and culture.

Paris King King shoes with navy blue with a white Formstrip track stripes, to pay tribute to this dazzling luxury French capital. Bordeaux version of the King Top like an elegant "Bordeaux wine" to this famous wine region as the source of inspiration. Known for its long history of Lyon for the King Top shoes into its unique milky white and light blue. While the Marseille King King out of the bright blue, silver color is taken from the Mediterranean city of the city emblem design.

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The King Top as a professional football shoe is suitable for the relatively hard natural grass on the surface. High-quality texture of the leather so that players feel more comfortable fit at the same time maximize the control of football, but also to the life of the shoes themselves can be extended. Cone-shaped anti-skid with PU injection of double-density outsole, to create a super stability and agile response capability. Folding tongue effectively prevents football from putting pressure on the lace knot.

2016 summer, the world's leading sports brand PUMA value of the trend of retro style and the arrival of the Olympic Games to a new color perfect interpretation of the brand under the classic shoes Duplex, to the retro running shoes of the glorious history and design elements to pay tribute, filling the PUMA deep Street tidal current gene.

PUMA Duplex shoes as the early 90s of the retro running shoes on behalf of, then repeated engraved with the series of iconic EVA cushion in the end and rubber outsole, in the cushioning performance and wear resistance has a consistent performance; The use of anti-fur and nylon material stitching, coupled with the toe mesh of the 90's retro running shoes common mixed material design, both to ensure the durability and balance of the permeability, but also the retro retro nostalgic flavor of the most vividly.

Duplex Olympic shoes in the Duplex Olympic shoes inspired by the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games to black and white-based colors, embellished with bright red, yellow, blue, green and Olympic colors, several sense of distance in the designer The collision, showing a unique sense of harmony, but also create a stylish but playful vitality of the Olympic atmosphere.

Another Duplex Classic shoes is based on the retro color heat continued to rise to the retro three primary colors blue, gray, black as the main colors covered in Duplex shoe body stitching material, to create three in the modern city never fade Street fashion shoes.

PUMA has been committed to breaking the routine, quickly capture the trend of the trend, the brand under the command of several classic running shoes series updated update. The PUMA Duplex series in the retro under the guidance of the popular elements of the low-key to join, coupled with comfortable wearing feelings, will be set off in the trend of this summer boom.

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