Wednesday, April 26, 2017

adidas D Rose 5

Good play is not just one out
Injury in the past two seasons after the Ross finally came back, this summer we once again on the game to see that familiar Rose, wearing the US team jersey war world championships. I believe that in order to regain a better return this season, the summer world championship transition is a wonderful thing, the world championships on the site of Ross is still so poor, longing for the game, for re-boarding the site of our desire for each of us Are obvious to all. Of course, Rose's return is not necessarily only a good show, along with his fifth generation signature shoes adidas D Rose 5.
Number one spokesperson
As adidas Basketball's number one spokesperson, and now the personal series has been very mature has 5 generations of products come out. We can see in the shoes of the shoes in the adidas brand for the early adopters of technology and the design concept to upgrade, adidas D Rose 5 can be seen as the best of these columns in a pair of shoes, from the use of technology to the whole and then to all aspects of the If you want to use the subversive character to describe I do not think too much, the first appearance of the eye is very lethal, and then the use of technology on the precipitation after more than two years Boost technology perfect in Rose's shoes, let People for this more of a look.
Versatile today
We can determine the actual product after the advent of the situation now Ross in the adidas "position" exactly how, in the adidas D Rose 5 after the sale of the market we found to remove today's evaluation of the first release, the brand in the design of the shoes quite Work hard, there will be a variety of different vamps adidas D Rose 5 gradually meet with friends, so hard to make every Rose fans are very pleased. Here we look at adidas D Rose 5 uppers performance, first in the hands of the overall integrity and hardness is too large is the vamp system is very intuitive feedback, after the foot of the hard upper really is stubborn, feet In the shoes and not a lot of space, we can understand the performance of the package up to do in place, because the front palm of the larger broadband so the comfort of the feet or let me satisfied.
Finally perfect show
For Boost technology with basketball shoes, I believe we have been looking forward to a long time, in the early this year adidas first released Crazy LightBoost implanted in the posterior palm of the Boost technology for everyone to taste fresh. But this move is clearly not meet the public appetite, so that the news has long been exposed adidas D Rose 5 to jump to the list of everyone's first wish list. Get adidas D Rose 5 after we can find Boost technology can almost be called the whole palm of the application, and the elasticity of the foot feel is still perfect, while some friends in the stability will be some concerns, but in the elastic and stable two The problem adidas reached a perfect balance, that is to say in the slightest no need to worry about stability, it also has excellent cushioning ability.
Learn from success stories
Boost's earliest appearance is adidas brand running shoes product Energy Boost, after practice test, with Booost technology running shoes products quickly get public recognition. Careful friends can find adidas in Boost technology with running shoes products in the application of similar X-shaped midsole support, and now in basketball shoes adidas learn from the success of the case before the perfect transplant to the basketball shoes. Outsole convenient, forefoot wave pattern application with full palm point pattern arrangement, such outsole design and taking into account the application of Boost technology believe adidas D Rose 5 is a pair more inclined to use the basketball shoes inside.
Look forward to the new peak
After adidas D Rose 5 evaluation, I can be sure that this expectation is very worthwhile. For adidas brand basketball shoes, I believe Boost may be a big direction for the future, for the re-emergence of adidas basketball shoes it will play the most important role. Taking into account the personal injury of Ross, the overall design of adidas D Rose 5 emphasizes the protection, we can see the upper position of the hardness of the TPU blessing, firmly locked feet in the key link to do enough effort. New shoes new season, we can do is good wishes, and continue to look forward to, we look forward to Ross new season to have a better record, we also look forward to the future in the Boost with the next, there will be more pertinent Shoes come out.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Saucony Triumph ISO

Buffer preferred
Compared to New Balance, Asics, with one of the top four running shoes brand Saucony in the domestic popularity is relatively low, and now Saucony with its latest ISO series running shoes officially entered the Chinese market. As we all know, for a professional running shoes, the end of the cushion is often the focus of the most concerned about the runners, and the main buffer Saucony Triumph ISO ISO series can be described as the highest attention from the shoes, the end of the use of Saucony headed PWRGRID + technology , The use of tennis patting principle of both buffer and stability. This issue will be the author of the full interpretation of the "buffer preferred" Saucony Triumph ISO.
Top craftsmanship
When I get Saucony Triumph ISO, the first appearance gives a sense of great sense, regardless of ISOFIT upper or PWRGRID + in the end represents Saucony's top shoe-making process, people can not wait to wear it run up, And after the trial I immediately immersed in the Saucony Triumph ISO wonderful foot feeling, then you will find this pair of shoes is not just a variety of technology piling up, but the designer will be the same as the various parts of the jigsaw puzzle Put together, which is precisely reflects the Saucony rich background, the more solid in the end but did not seem to overgrowth, which point on the Saucony control is in place.
Compact wraps
The upper system is the most complex part of Saucony Triumph ISO and is the most used part of the technology. ISOFIT uppers are suitable for most foot types and can provide socks-like wear for runners. Shoes on both sides of the support structure can also help the uppers close to the foot, I can also feel the tightening of the shoelace from the upper side of the sense of parcel, while the heel at the same time SUPPORT FRAME this package Sense and enhance a level. In the course of running Saucony Triumph ISO has been tightly wrapped around my feet, there is no case with the foot does not happen. Uppers large area mesh design also makes breathability is satisfactory, after 5 km jogging, my feet are still very dry.
Soft play both
The Saucony Triumph ISO biggest upgrade is in the bottom part. PWRGRID + technology to the principle of tennis racket as the source continue to play a strong ability to absorb the impact of the runners at the same time to provide resilience, and higher than the previous generation POWERGRID 20% cushioning and 15% resilience. I also feel in the actual dress in the middle of the buffer is just right, and because the toe and heel there is 8mm drop, followed by a more soft wearing feelings, and forefoot is more from the bottom of the rebound, so that the author's every A pedal are more crisp and neat. It is worth mentioning that the Saucony Triumph ISO forefoot to the back of the palm is a very smooth transition, the bottom is not raised, this design makes Saucony Triumph ISO more suitable for most people wearing.
Stable and durable
As for the outsole, Saucony Triumph ISO combines Suconi's unique recipes and processes. IBR + new rubber made by liquid casting, so that the outsole is more durable. Large forefoot also makes the outsole has excellent stability, I am running in the process also feel very stable and smooth. The only fly in the ointment is that the outsole lines are more rugged, slightly less grip on the ability to suggest that you choose to use more flat roads or plastic runways.
The choice of the gospel
Saucony Triumph ISO as a cushioning shock type running shoes, it can be said to have the ultimate cushioning performance, suitable for most runners, the general re-run is therefore the Gospel. I believe that after you wear it experience, it will be impressed by its excellent performance.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Asics GEL-Nimbus 18

Old flagship
In the past six months, Asics has made great moves, such as Meta Run and Gel-Quantum 360 and other new flagship running shoes debut, almost updated the Asics family within the pattern. Despite this, the old series of performance is still strong, long time with the feedback and runners to give them priceless trust. The evaluation of the protagonist Asics GEL-Nimbus 18, long-term occupation of the flagship status quo, in the runners have a high reputation, with the times after the update showed a better performance.
Appearance change
From the appearance point of view, Asics GEL-Nimbus 17,18 two generations of works have a big difference, easy to distinguish when running. On the one hand is the upper texture, GEL-Nimbus 18 upper texture is more detailed; the other hand is the end of the depiction, the new line in the bottom line was wavy, visually more fluid, but Gel plastic exposed volume reduced Some, domineering value has declined. Shoe last aspect has not changed, followed by the position is still relatively tight, while providing a variety of width options.
Ultimate package
Asics GEL-Nimbus 18 inherited the previous generation of upper mesh material, but the upper cover of the thermoplastic area has increased a lot, almost from the toe has been wrapped to the heel, only the release of the toe bending position. During the course of the movement, this shoe is very tight package, and can obviously feel a certain thickness of the upper, running quite solid. Followed by the lining of the filling is full, material touch silky, foot feel similar to the memory sponge, with the next large TPU tray, in every step when landing are very solid.
Balanced weight loss
Asics GEL-Nimbus 18 in the end has always been no lack of technology, which is the best effect is the T-Gel gel. Although the exposed volume smaller, but in the evaluation process did not affect the foot feeling, flexible full of wearing experience did not diminish. In addition, Fluidride double midsole construction can effectively convert elasticity into propulsion, and also help reduce weight. As a cushioning running shoes, the GEL-Nimbus 18 controls the overall weight, uses more light materials and reduces excess parts. However, during prolonged jogging, the ankles and knees do not show soreness or discomfort. Put every point of weight on the blade.
Road running artifacts
Outsole can be said to be the smallest place of Asics GEL-Nimbus 18, the outsole division and grain lines are similar to similar products, but for the outsole application of the concept of fighting color, than before it looks brilliant some. Perhaps in order to play the best performance in the road running, its outsole lines have been relatively fixed, versatility is not good, although the special is very prominent but still deduct a little points, it is recommended that as far as possible in the road and runway On use.
Keep in competition
Each year the GEL-Nimbus series will be upgraded and challenged to keep pace with the times and to maintain a favorable competitive stance, and to keep its runners looking forward to every year. 2016 Asics GEL-Nimbus 18 With more competitors, both in the Asics family and in other brands, it is believed that this will inspire it to do better.

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2

About half a year ago, we have for everyone to evaluate New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2, a pair of almost suitable for all foot type of cushioning running shoes, and today the arrival of this pair of new look New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2, Xiaobian willing to call it For the winter version or enhanced version, in the end what are the differences between them? Look down ~
If not the same name, depending on the appearance of them is definitely not a pair of shoes. Large area of ​​3M reflective support material so that this pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2 whether it seems or feels so indestructible, the new seamless stitching shoes will be fully protected, and the bottom of the Fresh Foam technology or so Thick, the appearance of this, the foot measured!
Tighten shoelaces, New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2 shoes outside the supporting material and similar to the windproof material boots will be wrapped tightly tight feet, although the body material to feel more rigid, but the heel and high leg lift and Did not feel any discomfort in the foot bend area. In the end of the Fresh Foam cushioning feel full of flexibility, running the impulse is very strong.
This road running test we chose the asphalt road 5KM, in almost no running before the 1KM, in the end of the fresh Foam rebound is obvious, the use of honeycomb bionic technology seems to have entered a mature stage, and then with the outsole Of the block scattered, making it completely worthy of the reputation of the Department of slow shock. As the evaluation of the same day Beijing winds around, just to witness the good time of windproof materials, road running, it really did not "feel at home" feeling, and the upper support as looks as stable, I believe this 3M material is very suitable for night running Family.
Put aside the autumn and winter version of the words, this pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2 may be considered a slight lack of breathable. After the 5KM test, look at the soles, wear is still more obvious, its outsole life has some concerns.
At present, this pair of New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay v2 has been listed, the official price of 799 yuan, cushioning excellent, full of flexibility, very suitable for a week running frequency of 10-30KM winter night run a group, like a friend can look at.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Overlord In Low Altitude War
Low and open the imperial power is not reduced
Uppers lower? See also Max Air 360? LeBron 9 Low for summer basketball to change more than a little bit
If the current market shoes to do some comparison, LeBron 9 is definitely the most comprehensive performance of a pair of shoes, almost all of Nike's high-end technology integration, piling out a pair of excellent performance shoes. At the same time in order to occupy the summer market, LeBron generation series will be corresponding to the introduction of Low Cut version, coupled with bright color, sought after a great degree of catch up with the trend, especially the previous generation LeBron 9 Low's great success, let us LeBron 9 Low has a very high expectations.
LeBron 9 Low Although it is based on the generation of the Low Cut version, but with those in the past by the original cut directly to the hooded design, LeBron 9Low is a pair of redesigned shoes, compared to the Mid version, in addition to sharing the same big At the end of the design, we almost find it difficult to trace the mark.
LeBron 9 uppers with the latest Flywire technology and carbon fiber pattern weaving upper, can provide enough tough support performance, but it is very airtight, LeBron 9 Low first thing to do is to let the shoes breathe. Of course, "subversion" is the design of the generation is not arbitrary, in fact, in the initial stage of the sample and the earliest exposure of the form of view, LeBron 9 Low the first half or copy the design of the generation, using the Flywire technology, As well as the heel on both sides of the use of Hyperfuse design to improve ventilation performance. But the final version of the market is a face-lift: a large area using the Hyperfuse design, inside and outside the 11 different sizes of Hyperfuse triangle "skylight" design, you can see the shadow of Hyperfuse 2011, a little perfunctory, which makes LeBron 9 Low in the appearance of mixed, but from the functional side, LeBron 9 Low upgrade to become a pair of shoes suitable for summer. And the tongue on the scribbled sign of James and the heel of the exclusive Logo still prove that this shoe origin extraordinary.
"Cut off" the towering upper, LeBron 9Low shoes look more slender, more in line with the public aesthetic standards, Low Cut design is definitely a summer wearing a big "weapon." Low Cut to maximize the release of the ankle part of the space, but also because of the Low Cut design, LeBron 9 ankle parts of the anti-collision foam has also been canceled accordingly, replaced by a common smooth material lining, but the shoes Comfort is commendable, a lot of friends wearing LeBron 9 have complained that the forefoot upper slightly stiff, a little bit of the problem, and the use of Hyperfuse uB LeBron 9 Low compared to this will not have this Stiff feeling.
LeBron 9 Low and the original version of the biggest wear is the difference between the shoes of the package, it is well known LeBron 9 three-dimensional upper cut, coupled with a powerful technology uppers, shoes wrapped called the ultimate. This version of Low version of the less inferior, Hyperfuse hot melt uppers although it is also a certain strength to play a supporting role, but LeBron 9 Low overall shoe rounded, from the actual feeling of wearing, the upper can not be tightly fit Foot, ankle part of the elimination of the Pro combat movement anti-foam foam at the same time did not increase the thickness of ordinary sponge, it is recommended that you wear this shoes when the attention to protection, after all, LeBron 9 Low is not like today's Zoom Kobe series flagship Low Cut , The protection of professional lack of some.
Despite the satisfaction of LeBron 9 Low, the responsiveness of the front palm is also very good, but we still have to give a very serious objective advice, try not to wear to fight against the fierce competition, the whole palm of the Air Max 360 The focus of the shoes, Low Cut design LeBron 9 to protect the decline of a lot, obviously this is a pair more suitable for field shoes.
LeBron 9 Low's subversion of our version of the improvement from the Mid version of the low version of the concept of reduction, retained a certain LeBron 9 elements under the premise that this is the first pair of newly designed Low Cut shoes, Hyperfuse and full palm Air Max 360 absolute high-end shoes configuration, which also makes LeBron 9 Low price more than a lot of behalf of the signature shoes. However, due to the high center of gravity shoes, LeBron 9 Low is not suitable for fierce confrontation, but it is a pair of Air Max 2012 such as the top of the slow running shoes shoes, the wearer can experience the excellent comfort, A topic of color launch, in this summer Max Lebron 9 Low will set off a wave of upsurge.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nike Kobe 8 System

The Way to Honor - Kobe 8 System
And the size of the previous operation of any of the shoes of different evaluation, this time we did not choose to enter any one of 25 yuan an ordinary time field or a little luxury to choose 400 yuan an hour of basketball venues for this is the history of the most But also directly with the Nike Kobe 8 System with the ocean, came to the other side of the Atlantic Los Angeles, at the center of Staples to experience this is the most lightweight top basketball shoes - yes, is the history of the center, Los Angeles The Lakers and the Clippers at home with the legendary American Basketball Sanctuary, we will be here with Kobe 8 System this Bryant new favorite staged its home show. It is particularly worth mentioning that the trainer who has guided us to participate in training and grouping is Tim Grover who has provided private training for Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and it is hard to imagine the Kobe 8 System test.
"Bryant will always give yourself a lot of training in the body.He every year to do the strength of training, and may even be excessive, and always on the power of strength, so the body will always be some fatigue." Crazy strength training to Kobe Bryant Over the years, we still had a strong ability to fight, and in Tim Grover, like Kobe Bryant's strict requirements, our training volume is beyond the previous imagination, but this is faster to understand the Kobe 8 System point of view is clear Not a bad thing.
In the beginning of the training, Mr. Tim Grover did not seem to have imagined as we began to imagine the team as the media mercy, on the contrary, we experienced the most likely to consume a product experience activities, and for the shoes evaluation, the dramatic Warm-up training also gave us a more comprehensive subjective impression of the Kobe 8 System.
From the Lakers home locker room to wear Kobe 8 System began, we can feel this is a pair of very light shoes, of course, put aside the data, we can not assert that it is the light of the most, but at least be the lightest one. But to make everyone sweat training, Kobe 8 System is no longer a simple and straightforward light, but a light body with a reasonable cut, and then with the comfortable material to create a sense of flexibility. So excellent foot thanks to its unique Umbrella Engineered Mesh mesh, although it does not have a domineering and mysterious technology name, but more than the combination of flywire and breathable, while not Hyperfuse as blunt. Of course, you can continue to condemn the lack of Engineered Mesh's performance, but it's like you're entangled in its low-help design lacking an ankle protection - are you not used to it from Zoom Kobe 4 Extreme style? Moreover, Kobe 8 System that blunt toe at least you can protect your feet are not easy to trample injury.
As for the other aspects, due to the previous stage of training to footsteps, running and strength-based, so we can not Lunarlon in the end of the shock absorption performance assessment, but it's paste compared to Kobe 7 System's Zoom Air and Cushlon Obviously much more, especially the forefoot part, and even can feel the rapids of the big bottom and the floor friction moment when the big texture of the distortion. Some exaggerated But that's the way it is.
"Bryant played so many years, from the age of 17 began, and almost every year into the five or six months of the playoffs, the last summer also played the Olympic Games for him, he hoped that the feeling of the first game of the playoffs Is the first game of the season, not the first 83. "With the help of Tim Grover, Kobe Bryant has a veteran players in the miracle of the physical reserves, but in a series of cruel training, we are in the group confrontation inevitably feel some fatigue, Fortunately, at this time the foot of the shoes is Kobe 8 System.
After a variety of reentry and slippery practice, the majority of media colleagues finally under the command of Mr. Tim Grover began a half-court confrontation. One-of-a-game win and four-player rules make the game full of surprises, but also at the same time make the game rhythm faster. Fast paced, high confrontation, coupled with the consumption of pre-physical, making the Kobe 8 System in the weight and comfort advantages have been more clearly reflected.
First of all, Engineered Mesh upper for the feet that soft but hidden tough package in the confrontation is very obvious. And compared to the previous several Kobe signature shoes, Kobe 8 System inside the cage seems to be large, which will undoubtedly meet the more wearer, especially the needs of Asian foot type. At the same time, although the functional mesh in the support of the texture is certainly not as hard as the Hyperfuse, but in the toe and heel, especially followed by such a critical force position, the designer or carried out a targeted thick design.
Finished the distinctive vamp, and then look at the end of the performance. Compared with our earlier Lunar Hyperdunk, although the same use of Lunarlon technology, but due to shock absorption technology completely into the insole, and the shoes themselves are not filling the end of the foam material, so we Kobe 8 System can be more clearly Feel the Lunarlon in the moment of landing that kind of very soft flexibility. But with the game, more running told us that this soft is only limited to the heel, because the forefoot of the Lunarlon than the heel a lot of thin, so in a good sense of paste at the same time, Kobe 8 System before the Palm can be described as moderate hard. Perhaps this kind of sacrifice softness brought about by the start speed is Bryant expected, of course, if this is not what you expect, it can also wait for another time, Zoom Air will be embedded in another Lunarlon System will be in the near future Meet with us.
Finally, say more, in the above content, Kobe 8 System in the center of Staples show a very high profile and high performance. But after the end of the confrontation, we habitually observe the outsole of the shoes - although there is no direct wear, but its very delicate material is clearly not suitable for the domestic common cement site, even if you can not visit the Staples Center, Kobe 8 System to reduce the cost of each emergency stop and break the sunk, you should also bring it to find a decent inside.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Nike Free Flyknit Red Yellow

Today's running shoes is no longer simply for the runners service tool, and more and more new technology, the new color is full of our eyes, and in these running shoes, Nike Free Flyknit is definitely the most attractive to our eye, Not only because of the dazzling color, its superior performance is to make it stand out of the protection, and now, let us ready to start to see Nike Free Flyknit addition to shape, but also bring us how surprises.
Yes, you are not wrong, is the second layer of skin, not the second layer of socks, which also validated the Nike Free Flyknit strong sense of fit, uppers new, more compressed Nike Flyknit structure to ensure the Nike Free Flyknit that is like a skin-like sense of fit, Flyknit unique pattern appearance is the pressure on the instep of the size of the distribution from the deduction. According to Nike sports research laboratory scientists have come to the upper, the use of pressure mapping technology to locate the stress area. As the top of the foot area of ​​the upper weaving more tight, so the appearance point of view, Nike Free Flyknit the front is more upturned, which also helps to keep the forefoot and heel stability. In addition, the elastic design can ensure the comfort and safety of the ankle, making the shoes is not easy to slip off. After the foot, Xiaobian almost feel the foot of the shoes, this feeling is not the kind of general lightweight shoes to Xiaobian, the upper and the foot without a trace of the gap, a sense of fit unparalleled, this with the feet for One of the feelings is unprecedented.
Finished the upper, we talk about Nike Free Flyknit in the end of the performance, the use of Nike Free + 5.0 in the end, you can provide a relatively balanced cushioning experience (in the 1-10 range, 1 similar to barefoot running, and 10 It runs like a traditional running shoes. In the first to get this pair of shoes, Xiao Bian for the cushioning or quite worried, after all, is not a good sense of shock and well known technology, but after the foot, Xiao Bian for its cushioning fear of vanished, Although not as good as Lunar, but the balance was shock for the general runners enough, especially after five kilometers of running, Xiao Bian did not feel any pain in the foot, but more and more relaxed, light Quality, balance, is Xiao Bian for this pair of Free Flyknit in the end of the biggest impression.
Free Flyknit because of the end of the use of the Nike Free + 5.0 technology platform, so in terms of flexibility has a superb first-class wearing experience, articulated soles structure can be deformed with the foot of the natural movement, through the arch of the oblique cross-cutting help In the runners to change the pace, to ensure that the natural rhythm, in the course of running, you will feel an unprecedented barefoot experience, the upper Nike Flyknit and Nike Free + 5.0 in the end with each other, so you enjoy Barefoot flexibility at the same time, to ensure that the foot will not be injured, so as to maximize the exercise of the foot muscles.
Free Flyknit the upper with a Nike Flyknit structure, in terms of permeability has a unique advantage, before we said, Free Flyknit fit is very strong, as the second layer of skin, and breathability to Xiaobian once again remembered The skin of the word, in the running process, the foot produced by the heat almost no obstacles to be excreted, Nike Flyknit the upper as skin, thin lines between the holes as your pores, like, quickly away Moist hot air, so that the feet always feel refreshing.
Throughout this pair of Free Flyknit, it brought Xiaobian never had a dress experience, this is a revolution, perhaps the future running shoes are not limited to the "second pair of socks" this decision above, but with the skin tightly Together, imitating the initial form of human race - barefoot plus midsole, Free Flyknit is currently the closest running shoes shape.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nike Kobe Venomenon 4

In order to take the product as the center, Nike around the Kobe series brings a wealth of derivative products, in the end of the actual combat as the starting point of Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 is one of them. This time the color evaluation is especially designed for the horse version launched, showing a strong Asian style. In fact, this series was originally designed specifically for Asia, the big shoe is more suitable for the usual Asian foot type, the application of the XDR technology is also conducive to the bottom of the bad venue.
Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 Nike Kobe series has always been a continuation of the appearance of the streamlined shoe body lines, no frills, concise and to the point, the only type Logo tongue represents Kobe's most prominent. The first use of Hyperfuse material to create the overall weight of the shoe uppers, further decline, but also will bring weak permeability problems, the real effect should be said to be mixed.
Compared with the previous, Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 made an important adjustment, the new Hyperfuse uppers more lightweight and durable, in line with the pursuit of the ultimate goal of this series of. The addition of Flywire is to improve the vamp of the support and package, the foot of the new material itself is not enough tension shortcomings. Followed by the addition of TPU stable sheet printed with carbon fiber lines, intuitively improves the whole shoes technology, in the actual test on the heel position and have a strong sense of rapid change to the package, the performance is relatively stable.
In the end the use of common Air and insert forefoot Zoom combined Phylon, common action in the test we use more fast players, a series of corresponding test. The front foot slightly thinner, more texture paste, when starting to accelerate the reaction front fairly quickly, through always quick step. However, the ground space and time as well as the heels of the feeling is also quite obvious, the whole game down a slight knee pain. In general, the configuration of this shoe is more suitable for the defender line players, but also better reflect the properties of the shoe itself.
At the bottom of a small piece of TPU stability has been extended to the bottom of the outer side, in the actual combat effect is obvious, quick bend compromise can give enough support arch. The outsole has been Nike Kobe Venomenon series highlights, the complete design inherited a generation, with Nike Blade Traction for the design ideas, the outer end of the straight lines are very sharp, in a fishbone shape staggered in the running in the grip of remarkable. At the same time, XDR rubber and rough deep lines provide a very strong durability, and even bad cement site can also be handled freely.
This season, although Kobe has been in a truce, but he represents the personality never yield in spite of reverses has long been popular, also into the design of each series of boots, against itself, against the environment is always thinking about the topic. Now you can deal with bad site of the shoes is less and less, can be Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 is born for this site, the worse the more can reflect its advantage, this is the way to get.