Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nike Kobe 8 System

The Way to Honor - Kobe 8 System
And the size of the previous operation of any of the shoes of different evaluation, this time we did not choose to enter any one of 25 yuan an ordinary time field or a little luxury to choose 400 yuan an hour of basketball venues for this is the history of the most But also directly with the Nike Kobe 8 System with the ocean, came to the other side of the Atlantic Los Angeles, at the center of Staples to experience this is the most lightweight top basketball shoes - yes, is the history of the center, Los Angeles The Lakers and the Clippers at home with the legendary American Basketball Sanctuary, we will be here with Kobe 8 System this Bryant new favorite staged its home show. It is particularly worth mentioning that the trainer who has guided us to participate in training and grouping is Tim Grover who has provided private training for Jordan and Kobe Bryant, and it is hard to imagine the Kobe 8 System test.
"Bryant will always give yourself a lot of training in the body.He every year to do the strength of training, and may even be excessive, and always on the power of strength, so the body will always be some fatigue." Crazy strength training to Kobe Bryant Over the years, we still had a strong ability to fight, and in Tim Grover, like Kobe Bryant's strict requirements, our training volume is beyond the previous imagination, but this is faster to understand the Kobe 8 System point of view is clear Not a bad thing.
In the beginning of the training, Mr. Tim Grover did not seem to have imagined as we began to imagine the team as the media mercy, on the contrary, we experienced the most likely to consume a product experience activities, and for the shoes evaluation, the dramatic Warm-up training also gave us a more comprehensive subjective impression of the Kobe 8 System.
From the Lakers home locker room to wear Kobe 8 System began, we can feel this is a pair of very light shoes, of course, put aside the data, we can not assert that it is the light of the most, but at least be the lightest one. But to make everyone sweat training, Kobe 8 System is no longer a simple and straightforward light, but a light body with a reasonable cut, and then with the comfortable material to create a sense of flexibility. So excellent foot thanks to its unique Umbrella Engineered Mesh mesh, although it does not have a domineering and mysterious technology name, but more than the combination of flywire and breathable, while not Hyperfuse as blunt. Of course, you can continue to condemn the lack of Engineered Mesh's performance, but it's like you're entangled in its low-help design lacking an ankle protection - are you not used to it from Zoom Kobe 4 Extreme style? Moreover, Kobe 8 System that blunt toe at least you can protect your feet are not easy to trample injury.
As for the other aspects, due to the previous stage of training to footsteps, running and strength-based, so we can not Lunarlon in the end of the shock absorption performance assessment, but it's paste compared to Kobe 7 System's Zoom Air and Cushlon Obviously much more, especially the forefoot part, and even can feel the rapids of the big bottom and the floor friction moment when the big texture of the distortion. Some exaggerated But that's the way it is.
"Bryant played so many years, from the age of 17 began, and almost every year into the five or six months of the playoffs, the last summer also played the Olympic Games for him, he hoped that the feeling of the first game of the playoffs Is the first game of the season, not the first 83. "With the help of Tim Grover, Kobe Bryant has a veteran players in the miracle of the physical reserves, but in a series of cruel training, we are in the group confrontation inevitably feel some fatigue, Fortunately, at this time the foot of the shoes is Kobe 8 System.
After a variety of reentry and slippery practice, the majority of media colleagues finally under the command of Mr. Tim Grover began a half-court confrontation. One-of-a-game win and four-player rules make the game full of surprises, but also at the same time make the game rhythm faster. Fast paced, high confrontation, coupled with the consumption of pre-physical, making the Kobe 8 System in the weight and comfort advantages have been more clearly reflected.
First of all, Engineered Mesh upper for the feet that soft but hidden tough package in the confrontation is very obvious. And compared to the previous several Kobe signature shoes, Kobe 8 System inside the cage seems to be large, which will undoubtedly meet the more wearer, especially the needs of Asian foot type. At the same time, although the functional mesh in the support of the texture is certainly not as hard as the Hyperfuse, but in the toe and heel, especially followed by such a critical force position, the designer or carried out a targeted thick design.
Finished the distinctive vamp, and then look at the end of the performance. Compared with our earlier Lunar Hyperdunk, although the same use of Lunarlon technology, but due to shock absorption technology completely into the insole, and the shoes themselves are not filling the end of the foam material, so we Kobe 8 System can be more clearly Feel the Lunarlon in the moment of landing that kind of very soft flexibility. But with the game, more running told us that this soft is only limited to the heel, because the forefoot of the Lunarlon than the heel a lot of thin, so in a good sense of paste at the same time, Kobe 8 System before the Palm can be described as moderate hard. Perhaps this kind of sacrifice softness brought about by the start speed is Bryant expected, of course, if this is not what you expect, it can also wait for another time, Zoom Air will be embedded in another Lunarlon System will be in the near future Meet with us.
Finally, say more, in the above content, Kobe 8 System in the center of Staples show a very high profile and high performance. But after the end of the confrontation, we habitually observe the outsole of the shoes - although there is no direct wear, but its very delicate material is clearly not suitable for the domestic common cement site, even if you can not visit the Staples Center, Kobe 8 System to reduce the cost of each emergency stop and break the sunk, you should also bring it to find a decent inside.

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