Friday, April 7, 2017

Nike Free Flyknit Red Yellow

Today's running shoes is no longer simply for the runners service tool, and more and more new technology, the new color is full of our eyes, and in these running shoes, Nike Free Flyknit is definitely the most attractive to our eye, Not only because of the dazzling color, its superior performance is to make it stand out of the protection, and now, let us ready to start to see Nike Free Flyknit addition to shape, but also bring us how surprises.
Yes, you are not wrong, is the second layer of skin, not the second layer of socks, which also validated the Nike Free Flyknit strong sense of fit, uppers new, more compressed Nike Flyknit structure to ensure the Nike Free Flyknit that is like a skin-like sense of fit, Flyknit unique pattern appearance is the pressure on the instep of the size of the distribution from the deduction. According to Nike sports research laboratory scientists have come to the upper, the use of pressure mapping technology to locate the stress area. As the top of the foot area of ​​the upper weaving more tight, so the appearance point of view, Nike Free Flyknit the front is more upturned, which also helps to keep the forefoot and heel stability. In addition, the elastic design can ensure the comfort and safety of the ankle, making the shoes is not easy to slip off. After the foot, Xiaobian almost feel the foot of the shoes, this feeling is not the kind of general lightweight shoes to Xiaobian, the upper and the foot without a trace of the gap, a sense of fit unparalleled, this with the feet for One of the feelings is unprecedented.
Finished the upper, we talk about Nike Free Flyknit in the end of the performance, the use of Nike Free + 5.0 in the end, you can provide a relatively balanced cushioning experience (in the 1-10 range, 1 similar to barefoot running, and 10 It runs like a traditional running shoes. In the first to get this pair of shoes, Xiao Bian for the cushioning or quite worried, after all, is not a good sense of shock and well known technology, but after the foot, Xiao Bian for its cushioning fear of vanished, Although not as good as Lunar, but the balance was shock for the general runners enough, especially after five kilometers of running, Xiao Bian did not feel any pain in the foot, but more and more relaxed, light Quality, balance, is Xiao Bian for this pair of Free Flyknit in the end of the biggest impression.
Free Flyknit because of the end of the use of the Nike Free + 5.0 technology platform, so in terms of flexibility has a superb first-class wearing experience, articulated soles structure can be deformed with the foot of the natural movement, through the arch of the oblique cross-cutting help In the runners to change the pace, to ensure that the natural rhythm, in the course of running, you will feel an unprecedented barefoot experience, the upper Nike Flyknit and Nike Free + 5.0 in the end with each other, so you enjoy Barefoot flexibility at the same time, to ensure that the foot will not be injured, so as to maximize the exercise of the foot muscles.
Free Flyknit the upper with a Nike Flyknit structure, in terms of permeability has a unique advantage, before we said, Free Flyknit fit is very strong, as the second layer of skin, and breathability to Xiaobian once again remembered The skin of the word, in the running process, the foot produced by the heat almost no obstacles to be excreted, Nike Flyknit the upper as skin, thin lines between the holes as your pores, like, quickly away Moist hot air, so that the feet always feel refreshing.
Throughout this pair of Free Flyknit, it brought Xiaobian never had a dress experience, this is a revolution, perhaps the future running shoes are not limited to the "second pair of socks" this decision above, but with the skin tightly Together, imitating the initial form of human race - barefoot plus midsole, Free Flyknit is currently the closest running shoes shape.

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