Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nike Kobe Venomenon 4

In order to take the product as the center, Nike around the Kobe series brings a wealth of derivative products, in the end of the actual combat as the starting point of Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 is one of them. This time the color evaluation is especially designed for the horse version launched, showing a strong Asian style. In fact, this series was originally designed specifically for Asia, the big shoe is more suitable for the usual Asian foot type, the application of the XDR technology is also conducive to the bottom of the bad venue.
Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 Nike Kobe series has always been a continuation of the appearance of the streamlined shoe body lines, no frills, concise and to the point, the only type Logo tongue represents Kobe's most prominent. The first use of Hyperfuse material to create the overall weight of the shoe uppers, further decline, but also will bring weak permeability problems, the real effect should be said to be mixed.
Compared with the previous, Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 made an important adjustment, the new Hyperfuse uppers more lightweight and durable, in line with the pursuit of the ultimate goal of this series of. The addition of Flywire is to improve the vamp of the support and package, the foot of the new material itself is not enough tension shortcomings. Followed by the addition of TPU stable sheet printed with carbon fiber lines, intuitively improves the whole shoes technology, in the actual test on the heel position and have a strong sense of rapid change to the package, the performance is relatively stable.
In the end the use of common Air and insert forefoot Zoom combined Phylon, common action in the test we use more fast players, a series of corresponding test. The front foot slightly thinner, more texture paste, when starting to accelerate the reaction front fairly quickly, through always quick step. However, the ground space and time as well as the heels of the feeling is also quite obvious, the whole game down a slight knee pain. In general, the configuration of this shoe is more suitable for the defender line players, but also better reflect the properties of the shoe itself.
At the bottom of a small piece of TPU stability has been extended to the bottom of the outer side, in the actual combat effect is obvious, quick bend compromise can give enough support arch. The outsole has been Nike Kobe Venomenon series highlights, the complete design inherited a generation, with Nike Blade Traction for the design ideas, the outer end of the straight lines are very sharp, in a fishbone shape staggered in the running in the grip of remarkable. At the same time, XDR rubber and rough deep lines provide a very strong durability, and even bad cement site can also be handled freely.
This season, although Kobe has been in a truce, but he represents the personality never yield in spite of reverses has long been popular, also into the design of each series of boots, against itself, against the environment is always thinking about the topic. Now you can deal with bad site of the shoes is less and less, can be Nike Kobe Venomenon 4 is born for this site, the worse the more can reflect its advantage, this is the way to get.

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