Monday, April 24, 2017

Saucony Triumph ISO

Buffer preferred
Compared to New Balance, Asics, with one of the top four running shoes brand Saucony in the domestic popularity is relatively low, and now Saucony with its latest ISO series running shoes officially entered the Chinese market. As we all know, for a professional running shoes, the end of the cushion is often the focus of the most concerned about the runners, and the main buffer Saucony Triumph ISO ISO series can be described as the highest attention from the shoes, the end of the use of Saucony headed PWRGRID + technology , The use of tennis patting principle of both buffer and stability. This issue will be the author of the full interpretation of the "buffer preferred" Saucony Triumph ISO.
Top craftsmanship
When I get Saucony Triumph ISO, the first appearance gives a sense of great sense, regardless of ISOFIT upper or PWRGRID + in the end represents Saucony's top shoe-making process, people can not wait to wear it run up, And after the trial I immediately immersed in the Saucony Triumph ISO wonderful foot feeling, then you will find this pair of shoes is not just a variety of technology piling up, but the designer will be the same as the various parts of the jigsaw puzzle Put together, which is precisely reflects the Saucony rich background, the more solid in the end but did not seem to overgrowth, which point on the Saucony control is in place.
Compact wraps
The upper system is the most complex part of Saucony Triumph ISO and is the most used part of the technology. ISOFIT uppers are suitable for most foot types and can provide socks-like wear for runners. Shoes on both sides of the support structure can also help the uppers close to the foot, I can also feel the tightening of the shoelace from the upper side of the sense of parcel, while the heel at the same time SUPPORT FRAME this package Sense and enhance a level. In the course of running Saucony Triumph ISO has been tightly wrapped around my feet, there is no case with the foot does not happen. Uppers large area mesh design also makes breathability is satisfactory, after 5 km jogging, my feet are still very dry.
Soft play both
The Saucony Triumph ISO biggest upgrade is in the bottom part. PWRGRID + technology to the principle of tennis racket as the source continue to play a strong ability to absorb the impact of the runners at the same time to provide resilience, and higher than the previous generation POWERGRID 20% cushioning and 15% resilience. I also feel in the actual dress in the middle of the buffer is just right, and because the toe and heel there is 8mm drop, followed by a more soft wearing feelings, and forefoot is more from the bottom of the rebound, so that the author's every A pedal are more crisp and neat. It is worth mentioning that the Saucony Triumph ISO forefoot to the back of the palm is a very smooth transition, the bottom is not raised, this design makes Saucony Triumph ISO more suitable for most people wearing.
Stable and durable
As for the outsole, Saucony Triumph ISO combines Suconi's unique recipes and processes. IBR + new rubber made by liquid casting, so that the outsole is more durable. Large forefoot also makes the outsole has excellent stability, I am running in the process also feel very stable and smooth. The only fly in the ointment is that the outsole lines are more rugged, slightly less grip on the ability to suggest that you choose to use more flat roads or plastic runways.
The choice of the gospel
Saucony Triumph ISO as a cushioning shock type running shoes, it can be said to have the ultimate cushioning performance, suitable for most runners, the general re-run is therefore the Gospel. I believe that after you wear it experience, it will be impressed by its excellent performance.

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