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Overlord In Low Altitude War
Low and open the imperial power is not reduced
Uppers lower? See also Max Air 360? LeBron 9 Low for summer basketball to change more than a little bit
If the current market shoes to do some comparison, LeBron 9 is definitely the most comprehensive performance of a pair of shoes, almost all of Nike's high-end technology integration, piling out a pair of excellent performance shoes. At the same time in order to occupy the summer market, LeBron generation series will be corresponding to the introduction of Low Cut version, coupled with bright color, sought after a great degree of catch up with the trend, especially the previous generation LeBron 9 Low's great success, let us LeBron 9 Low has a very high expectations.
LeBron 9 Low Although it is based on the generation of the Low Cut version, but with those in the past by the original cut directly to the hooded design, LeBron 9Low is a pair of redesigned shoes, compared to the Mid version, in addition to sharing the same big At the end of the design, we almost find it difficult to trace the mark.
LeBron 9 uppers with the latest Flywire technology and carbon fiber pattern weaving upper, can provide enough tough support performance, but it is very airtight, LeBron 9 Low first thing to do is to let the shoes breathe. Of course, "subversion" is the design of the generation is not arbitrary, in fact, in the initial stage of the sample and the earliest exposure of the form of view, LeBron 9 Low the first half or copy the design of the generation, using the Flywire technology, As well as the heel on both sides of the use of Hyperfuse design to improve ventilation performance. But the final version of the market is a face-lift: a large area using the Hyperfuse design, inside and outside the 11 different sizes of Hyperfuse triangle "skylight" design, you can see the shadow of Hyperfuse 2011, a little perfunctory, which makes LeBron 9 Low in the appearance of mixed, but from the functional side, LeBron 9 Low upgrade to become a pair of shoes suitable for summer. And the tongue on the scribbled sign of James and the heel of the exclusive Logo still prove that this shoe origin extraordinary.
"Cut off" the towering upper, LeBron 9Low shoes look more slender, more in line with the public aesthetic standards, Low Cut design is definitely a summer wearing a big "weapon." Low Cut to maximize the release of the ankle part of the space, but also because of the Low Cut design, LeBron 9 ankle parts of the anti-collision foam has also been canceled accordingly, replaced by a common smooth material lining, but the shoes Comfort is commendable, a lot of friends wearing LeBron 9 have complained that the forefoot upper slightly stiff, a little bit of the problem, and the use of Hyperfuse uB LeBron 9 Low compared to this will not have this Stiff feeling.
LeBron 9 Low and the original version of the biggest wear is the difference between the shoes of the package, it is well known LeBron 9 three-dimensional upper cut, coupled with a powerful technology uppers, shoes wrapped called the ultimate. This version of Low version of the less inferior, Hyperfuse hot melt uppers although it is also a certain strength to play a supporting role, but LeBron 9 Low overall shoe rounded, from the actual feeling of wearing, the upper can not be tightly fit Foot, ankle part of the elimination of the Pro combat movement anti-foam foam at the same time did not increase the thickness of ordinary sponge, it is recommended that you wear this shoes when the attention to protection, after all, LeBron 9 Low is not like today's Zoom Kobe series flagship Low Cut , The protection of professional lack of some.
Despite the satisfaction of LeBron 9 Low, the responsiveness of the front palm is also very good, but we still have to give a very serious objective advice, try not to wear to fight against the fierce competition, the whole palm of the Air Max 360 The focus of the shoes, Low Cut design LeBron 9 to protect the decline of a lot, obviously this is a pair more suitable for field shoes.
LeBron 9 Low's subversion of our version of the improvement from the Mid version of the low version of the concept of reduction, retained a certain LeBron 9 elements under the premise that this is the first pair of newly designed Low Cut shoes, Hyperfuse and full palm Air Max 360 absolute high-end shoes configuration, which also makes LeBron 9 Low price more than a lot of behalf of the signature shoes. However, due to the high center of gravity shoes, LeBron 9 Low is not suitable for fierce confrontation, but it is a pair of Air Max 2012 such as the top of the slow running shoes shoes, the wearer can experience the excellent comfort, A topic of color launch, in this summer Max Lebron 9 Low will set off a wave of upsurge.

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