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Nike+ Run Club

August 19, 2015, Nike + Run Club in the Greater China region new upgrade, membership system running ecosystem incentive and service more runners.

Forty years has always been committed to serving the runners

As a start-up brand, Nike was founded 40 years ago, co-founder, University of Oregon track and field coach Bill Bowerman (Bill Bowerman) once said: "As long as you have the body, you are an athlete. "This famous quote constantly inspires Nike to introduce more advanced technology and more professional services to help the world runners run faster and better.

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Well known Nike + Nike is the development of these years to run the best witness. From the initial small soles of the chip for the runners to record personal results, to Nike + Running as the representative of the Nike + application brought about by the intelligent sports experience, and now now millions of users in the Nike + sports community together to forge ahead, the whole Any level of sports lovers in the world can find like-minded friends here, to experience the most suitable with local characteristics of the training, challenge their own limits.

In order to meet the needs of the world runners more refined, and help runners to improve sports performance, Nike + Run Club (referred to as NRC) on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of China to usher in a comprehensive upgrade. It was extended by the Nike + community, organic integration into the beginning of the founding of the store as the base of the line running group and service experience, and 2013 in Greater China launched Nike + Run Club WeChat service number, to create a for all Runner membership system running ecology system.

Upgrade NRC

The new Nike + Run Club membership system will include: offline running course, Nike + Running, Nike + Training application, NRC coach and matchmaker, NRC store service, NRC designated partner and attached to and Nike + Run Club's online service and related racing events. For more information, please click on the link

"Nike + Run Club is Nike's open invitation to all athletes," said Adam Roth, vice president of Nike's global running market. "Come Run With US - it runs for a wide range of runners and NRC coaches , The Sprintman, the training program, and all members of the NRC sports community. The new Nike + Run Club in China will inspire more runners through both interesting and inspiring training The course joins the global running community, whether you are running beginners, frequent runners, or those who pursue fast races, who can find courses tailored for you at NRC.

Every running enthusiast can join Nike + Run Club by registering as a Nike + member. And the line running course will give Nike + Run Club members bring the most personalized exquisite running experience. Runners can book their own running courses according to their own actual situation, participate in training courses led by NRC coaches and matchmakers. These courses are designed by NRC global coaches to meet the overall needs of different levels of runners, including:

• Ready Set Go Run, designed for the junior runner, to help them take the first step;

• Run with Home Run, find more fun with your friends in running;

• Explore running (Local Run), according to the characteristics of urban design lines, to encourage runners to explore the city with the pace;

• Long Run, designed to train the runner's endurance, and runners together to fully impact the long distance limit;

• Speed ​​Run, find the right speed, improve the runner speed limit;

• Exercise (H.I.T & RUN), high strength muscle and running training to improve endurance, speed, balance and body flexibility;

Nike + Training Club, more focused on the balance of the whole body muscle training, to help run a solid body basic quality

NRC line running course will take the lead in Nike + members of the numerous Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Taipei 5 cities, and gradually expand to other areas. After a period of offline training, runners can choose according to their own situation to follow the online course to complete the set goals.

If the city where the runner is located has not yet started the NRC line running course, you can still log in to or follow the Nike + Run Club WeChat, get the NRC professional coach team to bring customized training programs and equipment tips, more scientific and efficient training Own, feel the fun of running, and the global Nike + Run Club members run faster and better!

Nike + milestone

Nike has launched since 2006, after several upgrades, has grown from a simple record running mileage tool for a global sports enthusiast to share experiences, challenge, and encourage each other's digital community.

• In 2006, Nike launched the Nike + iPod Sports Kit for the first time to enable athletes to synchronize motion recordings to Nike + Sportband or compatible iPod products with Nike + sensors. Nike + sports community was initially established.

In 2010, Nike + Running application predecessor, Nike + GPS officially on the App Store on the line, the application through the phone or iPod built-in accelerometer or GPS positioning record running, in the running will be from the world-class athletes and coaches cheer.

• In 2012, the Nike + community has grown into a full range of digital communities with Nike + Running, Nike + Training and Nike + Basketball, allowing more sports enthusiasts to interact with global Nike + members; the same year, Nike + Running is a platform for more extensive Runners offer a new way to enjoy running.

• In 2012, the Nike + Training Club application launched for women's sports enthusiasts has nearly 20 million female users so that users can enjoy their own workout and training. It fully embodies Nike is committed to its products, services and experience to encourage women to continue their efforts to train, beyond the self.

In 2013, the Nike + Running application launched the Nike + Coach coach, the Nike + Challenge challenge, and the photo sharing feature. The runner can set up a marathon course based on his running level and challenge with a friend in the Nike + community at a given distance and by sharing the picture Mutual encouragement. At the same time, Nike + Run Club WeChat platform is also officially in the Greater China region.

In 2014, Nike + Run Club official WeChat in China to upgrade, for WeChat users to provide a convenient runners guide and runner assembly function.

• 2015, Nike and Garmin, TomTom, Wahoo Fitness and Netpulse and other industry leaders in the business relationship, so that more runners will be their favorite equipment and fitness equipment and Nike + platform connected.

• 2015, Nike + Run Club services in the global upgrade, to provide members with a more comprehensive running service system.

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