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Nike Air Max Zero

What is zero? In mathematics, it is nothing; it is only one that is used to indicate "no" numbers.

In Nike, zero is meaningful. It means that the beginning, means the original idea, means the genius of the great things of gestures.

In this regard, zero achievements of the Nike Air Max Zero, the idea of ​​painting in 29 years ago, affecting nearly 30 years of innovation. It did not become the first Nike Air Max products. But without it, there is no Nike Air Max 1.

Nike Air Max Zero's first step before Air Max 1.

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An unprecedented revolution

"I do not have any instructions or research, it's a simple discovery." Why do not we design an exciting new running shoes to show the world what is the real Nike Air? "" Tinker Hartfield (Tinker Hatfield) said.

At that time Nike has launched the Nike Air, running enthusiasts in the popular. But Huckfield knew it was not enough. The feeling of the foot of the air cushion needs to be strengthened.

"I remember when we were thinking about how the Air-Sole unit was getting bigger and bigger, and people needed to see and understand what was going on," Huckfield recalls.

Nike has technology. It needs to be able to show the world the perfect Nike. So, Huckfield picked up the pen and paper and began to design.

The next thing that happened was history: As we all know, Huckfield traveled to Paris and visited the Pompidou Center for the Arts, inspired by the unique anti-traditional design of the building. Back to Oregon, he sat down, in a revolutionary running shoes, giving the concept of visual air cushion.

This is the story most people know, but it's just half the story. Nike Air Max 1 design is not a molding. On the contrary, it is the result of repeated design. The first show air cushion insoles concept is Air Max Zero. Hucklefield did not know how many years before this design became a reality, he just wanted to design a with the best comfort and performance of the necessary shoes.

"I want to make the middle of the smaller, in the most need to support the place of the sudden, in the unwanted place to fall," Hucklefield remember.

He will be designed to comfortably fit the upper, no toe edge of the upper, drawing on the launch of the Nike Sock Racer in 1985 the design. The design sketch also includes an external heel ring guard without a heel stabilizer. Until 1991 launched Nike Air Huarache, this design concept was seen.

"This design appeared before Huarach, a bit like a sandals around the heel and heel," said Huckfield, recalling his original design.

In short, Huckfield designed a very advanced shoes, but can not produce.

"In many ways, it goes beyond the time of the time," said Huckfield, "not just the appearance, but also its structure. At that time can provide us with the technology and materials are not advanced enough to achieve the initial idea."

In the face of reality, Huckfield was forced to reinterpret his design, which had the Nike Air Max 1. Only Nike Air Max 1 this pair of shoes, it triggered the footwear industry changes. Visible air cushion quickly applied from the running shoes to the basketball shoes. With the passage of time, Nike Air Max from the initial running shoes sublimation for the world widely recognized a way of life.

The return of the forgotten manuscript

People in the frenzy to forget the Air Max Zero, it is only a footnote to the Air Max phenomenon. However, in a visit to the Nike Archives, all this has been unexpectedly changed. Air Max Zero's manuscript has been forgotten in the archives room for 29 years. Until one day Nike Sportswear design team in order to celebrate the upcoming second Air Max Day to find inspiration, inadvertently found this interesting manuscript.

"We will host the Air Max Retrospective, which includes some of the early prototypes and samples that have never been seen," says Graeme McMillan, a Nike designer who is responsible for bringing Air Max Zero into reality. The "It 's like an archaeological excavation, because unless you can dig it, there' s something you can never see.

Once the origin of the manuscript was found, the team knew how to do it.

"This manuscript has never been fully realized," McMillan recalls. "We think that if you can share with the world, and let people understand the development of Nike is great."

Surprisingly, McMillan's first impression of the manuscript drawn by Halfield was very precise in it.

"I think it's more like the modern version of Air Max 1," McMillan said.

He immediately noticed the traces of Huarache and Sock Racer on the inner tube of the shoe and the non-traditional toe. At the same time he felt the pressure on his shoulders, and he realized the need to reinterpret Huckfield's manuscript and make it a reality.

"It was time to create this shoe with the original design intent, but at the same time we had to add other innovative elements that could not be used when Air Max 1 was introduced in 1987," McMillan said.

From drawings to finished products

At the beginning of the design, the two designers met, Huckfield to Macmillan conducted a comprehensive explanation, stressed that his initial design intention is to achieve the best comfort.

In order to ensure that the sketch becomes a reality, to achieve the goal of Hackfield, Macmillan raised the demand to join the latest Nike innovation. These innovative technologies include the Air Max 1 Ultra Outsole used on the latest Air Max 1 Ultra Moire, which drills Phylon midsole and hot-melt vamps that reduce size and support, as well as to help create special Of the soles of breathless monofilament yarn. The use of these technologies to achieve the original idea of ​​Lake Harders, the first generation took the first step.

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