Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nike HYPERVENOM 3 Football Shoes

New Nike Hypervenom 3 soccer shoes for the player's two core mission to create: tear rival defense and manufacturing Murder. In order to meet the key elements of the two break points, Hypervenom has undergone subversive innovation, in the first introduction of Flyknit uppers also bring new soles design.

"This is a section of the golf course 'Terminator' shoes," Nike football shoes product vice president Max Blau (Max Blau) said, "the shoes of each component is to break the score and tailored."

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The focus of the Hypervenom 3 on the scoring is best reflected in the design of the upper firing area, where the multi-layer composite Poron® foam bumps are fused in the Fkyknit upper. These independent rules of the distribution of the individual can only be in the low-speed touch when the ball to bring a soft soothing touch, but also in high-speed contact with the ball to bring enough hardness to meet the shooting needs.

The protrusion in the firing force area is 2 mm thick, while the other areas of the Flyknit upper are designed with a hollow, variable visible texture designed to enhance the touch. This texture design is also in 2013 to launch the first generation of Hypervenom soccer shoes mesh material tribute to the upper.

"We wanted to bring a softer, more flexible upper for Hypervenom 3, and Flyknit was the best choice to achieve that goal," explains Dylan Van Atta, designer of Hypervenom 3. Through very fine research and design, we can only use the texture in the necessary parts, so as to maintain the upper soft, and thus ensure the comfort of shoes and good touch.

To provide an adjustable fit, Hypervenom 3 in its upper floating channel in the use of a total length of up to 3 meters of Nike Flywire fly line, compared with the previous generation increased by 2 meters. Shoes on both sides of the shoelace system so that Flywire can be automatically adjusted according to different foot, which helps athletes to effectively adjust the fit of the shoes, and provide them with the ball cut into the required precision lock.

Hypervenom 3 new with a sensitive cut the dynamic fit shoes to further enhance the shoes on both sides of the feet of the lock. "The ankle's bones can protrude up to 10mm, which is reflected in the design of the Hypervenom's shoe collar," Van Ata explains. "When an athlete crosses the ball, the ankle tends to bend to the limit, This is also the element of the shoe design process.

Taking into account some of the 'Terminator' to wear low to help shoes preferences, Nike also created a low for the Hypervenom 3 Flyknit version, which is the first launch of Nike football low support Flyknit shoes.

Hypervenom 3 or Nike's first pair of shoes with a new ultra-high response (Hyper-Reactive) soles of the shoes, the soles of the front foot used in the flexible Pebax ® material and more tough, better support for the combination of nylon material. Van Earta said, "ultra-high response soles after 6 years of research and development time, we draw inspiration from the Nike Free technology, to create a more flexible and flexible design of the forefoot.When the heel in the emergency process of being changed When lifted, the new soles with high stress will be in close contact with the ground.

Based on the Nike football has just completed the innovation of the shoe grip, Hypervenom 3 also uses a finite element analysis method designed by the grip system, designed for large-angle horizontal cut into the design. "We use hexagonal spikes to help the players turn and start, so that they dribble when more confident." At the same time, the outside of the humanoid nail for the shoes to bring more grip. "Van Ata said.

In addition, the shoes inside the traction design is also taken into account, Nike Grip socks can effectively prevent the foot sliding in the shoes.

Hypervenom 3 weighs only 196 grams, 17% lighter than the previous version. Blau said, "We have designed more than 200 shoe template, until finally found to be able to integrate the various needs of the best balance of athletes.We all around the 'cut and shot' for the characteristics of the football style R & D design, Eventually brought this 'Terminator' exclusive shoes. "

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