Sunday, August 13, 2017

Nike Air Max 2016 Running Shoes

The highly anticipated Nike Air Max 2016 running shoes are equipped with excellent flexible cushioning system and lightweight mesh cloth design, giving the feet a comfortable and cool experience, has been released on a global scale.

Overall highlights:

The new Nike Air Max 2016 with full palm type Max Air cushion with cylinder structure, effectively enhance the flexibility, while increasing the supply of foot gas, plastic on the smooth experience. Engineering mesh design for the forefoot to provide excellent ventilation, while giving adequate support in the foot. Local mesh boots to enhance the permeability, plastic on the socks like a comfortable fit. Flywire fly line and lace system integration, cleverly covered arch, and can be adjusted according to foot, to provide fit support.

Very fine workmanship. Very fine workmanship.

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Fully benefit from Nike Flyknit structure, this running shoes perfect combination of high permeability, ductility and support force. Nike to create a distinctive weaving technology to create high performance, highlight the essence of sports running shoes.

vamp. vamp.
Uppers with Nike Flyknit technology, flying needle lead, carefully for the feet to create light as a wings, close with the shape and natural sky. Nike Flywire used for weaving Nike Flywit shoes and shoelaces perfect integration, and the number of fly lines from 2015 to increase from 5 pairs to 6 pairs. To create a dynamic, support of the fit experience, printed on the collar with Nike Air Max 2016 words, pull design easy to wear off, bring comfort fit experience.

Tongue on the logo is very beautiful. Tongue on the logo is very beautiful.

Transparent environmentally friendly rubber made of waffle outsole provides durability and multi-directional traction. In the end with a curved groove, to enhance the flexibility of the front foot, tubular geometry of the whole body, while enhancing the flexibility for the foot at the same time into more air, to achieve extraordinary extraordinary cushioning effect, so smooth running natural.

Real shot. Real shot.
Sculpted Cushlon in the end of the integration of a good cushioning and resilience, for the wearer to provide comfort and protection. A curved groove that fits with the Nike Air Max air cushion device gives you a smooth and efficient pace. The outside of the Swoosh logo also moved from the heel to the foot, more conspicuous.

Soles. Soles.

2016 models of the insoles with exactly the same 2015, anatomical shape of the formation of a few millimeters of foam placed in the suture and the bottom of the above.

Put on the time there will be a soft but yet stable feeling, sometimes mistaken for the whole palm cushion to bring the buffer, in fact, the insole at work.

insole. insole.
Air cushion

The whole body in the running process of tight pressure, and can give the feet to provide a stable support, which is due to the geometric shape of the air cushion itself is very hard, when you run in the soles of the feet, the air inside the air will be replaced However, the built-in tight spring balloon limits the free jet of air, the pillars inside the air cushion can prevent the heel from sinking too much.

The air cushion is great. The air cushion is great.
Measured feelings

As the weather is cold, ran not a long time, wearing a feeling of running shoes is very light wrapped performance is good, shock effect is indeed improved, and breathable cool. Because the running distance is not long, hope to have the opportunity to test a longer distance, but in the short distance effect is still very praise, non-slip performance is very strong, ran through the snow without any slippery phenomenon; parcel performance stable and comfortable Slippery phenomenon, running the foot of the foot is very comfortable, the flexibility of the air also let the running experience better.


Another classic. Another classic.

The late seventies of the last century, the revolutionary Nike Air-Sole air cushion began in the Nike footwear products cut a striking figure. In 1987, Nike Air Max 1 to a transparent air cushion in the heel parts, so that this shoe enthusiasts can not only feel the Air-Sole's comfort, and to see its true capacity. Since then, the new generation of Nike Air Max shoes with its eye-catching color combinations, reliable performance and lightweight cushioning effect, between the athletes and collectors quickly became popular.

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