Sunday, August 31, 2014

Nike launched hand in hand printing brand new basketball shoes Liberty

Now sports fashion occupied the market, sneakers provide us with a comfortable foot feeling, feet fully relax. And now very fashionable sneakers, wild. It is reported that the world's leading sports brand Nike (Nike) in collaboration with the British a century printing brand Liberty, Tall jointly launched the latest basketball shoes. We join hands together to enjoy the next printing brand Nike basketball shoes w Liberty introduced a new Cheap basketball shoes
The continuation of the Tall basketball shoes Nike sneakers previous design style, with dark lines Tibet blue color. Middle heel shoes and white floral position, which is Liberty since 1930 onwards unique stamp on the world famous design, but also the brand's classic marked. Floral and the shoes themselves in tough, making basketball shoes is not dull, on this basis, but also adds a touch of sweet and soft. Nike Classic LOGO shoes with white cross in the middle, perfect presents new style.
It is reported that this is not the first time the two sides cooperate. Previously, Nike worked with Liberty Spring sports series, popular. I believe this time it will not attempt to make the majority of fashion lovers disappointed. Let us look forward to new products to market it.
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