Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nike LEBRON 13 Low

Upper veins bear the same highs
Whether it is on behalf of the elite, or Nike LEBRON 13 Low, it is clear to see these three shoes in the same strain, especially in the middle of the line and the outsole contour. In addition, they use the same integrated tongue design, reflecting the close relatives of the blood relationship, but LEBRON 13 Low upper than the previous two lower, more tightening and oppression, perhaps in order to "Low Cut" Circumstances are not easy to loose and make special changes.
Nike LEBRON 13 Low continues the high version of the upper version of the material, the outer fabric to the main, only in the toe and other key parts to hot posts and technical reinforcement, and the lining of the thick fill, increase the package and comfort The More important is the upper of the five "sturdy version" fly line, tighten the effect after the group, practical experience first class.
Stability is to ensure that LEBRON 13 Low to combat the necessary factors, in the middle of the thick and very low upper case, followed by the ring TPU with the upside down firmly in the heel, and abundance Q bomb filled with lined The safety factor is doubled. Can be said as a low to help basketball shoes, it's wrapped and support is almost perfect.
Forefoot continuation of the hexagonal Zoom Air cushioning unit, the number of protrusions from the inside into two, the other side of the contrary, this design may be for the different forces to consider, there is a clear experience in combat. Outer grain selection and the same generation of diamond-based, in the field of grip performance outstanding.
After the palm with a Max Air cushioning unit, which is in recent years Nike LEBRON Low series of standard configuration, so that this boots can adapt to the needs of the swingman swing, evaluation of the front and back of the classic cushioning group still play it Should have the effect. But the air cushion to create a very large area, in actual combat to be careful with the ground scratch.
Stability is king to break "Wei foot theory"
Inherent in the concept, such as Nike LEBRON 13 Low this low-cost shoes is not suitable for combat, "Wei foot theory" is still the mainstream. But the upper and the height of the relationship between the safety factor is not absolute, the whole evaluation down Xiaobian not aware of the slightest instability, because it is the package and support really do in place, no wonder J.R Smith dare to wear him to play. At the same time, the flexibility of the low help is the advantage that can not make up for the high help, which makes it have its own distinctive characteristics, if you are a swingman, if you also attach importance to flexibility and cushioning, LEBRON 13 Low is this Summer is a great worth trying a boots.

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