Wednesday, May 3, 2017

adidas D Rose 4

Waiting for the process, the mood is always complicated. I believe that most of my friends are optimistic and positive attitude, after looking for a long time we all hope that this proud roses after the silence, such as about bloom. The new season's curtain has been opened, the wind of the rose strong return, let us on the new season of the new journey to add more of a look. Rose re-bloom naturally need to escort the new weapon, adidas for Ross in the new season launched adidas D Rose 4 also with a strong momentum in the range of sight within you, the two swords together like the tough shape of people bright, As if declared in the world this rose is still strong can not be underestimated.
Remember that adidas D Rose 4 first appeared in the small series, perhaps Ross silence for too long time for his boots had a little strange, an instant Xiaobian was Ross's new boots deep to attract appreciation Called the location fascinated. Rose's shoes have been a long time did not give people a strong impact, and the unique shape design is like Rose's own infinite charm of the general. Tough shape under the inevitable, including the powerful performance, including the comfort of the upper hand after the D Rose 4 gives the impression that the outside is just inside the soft compared to the overall shoe type did not appear too much change, Ankle parts of the "material" is enough, a strong package called high quality. Equipped with a Quick outsole in each area can be a clear division of labor, for Ross escort, the achievements of this pair of powerful boots.
Fixed on the adidas D Rose 4 vamp system, adidas used in recent years, the common Sprintweb material. As this year's more high-quality upper material, Sprintweb has a light and breathable double advantage. As a pair of basketball products using the Sprintweb material, effective on the overall weight of the shoes to form a good control. Making the front of the adidas D Rose 4 in the weight does not produce excess. All over the upper breathable mesh, in the protection of the heavily guarded under the feet to provide hearty breathable performance, showing to the wearer a comfortable shoe environment.
Cushioning performance we can use the regression to describe, adidas D Rose 4 cushioning system officially returned to adidas adiprene old technology, compared to the Ross series before the works can be described as qualitative return. Making the overall cushioning capacity of adidas D Rose 4 has been effectively improved, for the return of Rose, this is undoubtedly a tonic. Feel the sense of solid and practical feel unparalleled, the old cushioning technology adiprene this time the emergence of armed with this pair of new adidas D Rose 4 get positive at the same time we are more full of expectations.
Followed by familiar with the "three bars" This is the Rose series of shoes standard configuration, Sprintframe stability system in the body of adidas D Rose 4 has been a complete reservation. While firmly locking the feet at the same time, the external use of diamond cutting process will be the overall texture of the most true reflected. In addition with the application of the Sprintframe stabilization system, the dynamic Geofit ankle support at the upper, tightens the feet while forming a rigorous package of the ankles. Protection performance has been greatly improved, full of security.
The new season, Rose step by step with the confidence of a long time before the trip, as in front of this pair of adidas D Rose 4 tough outside the very sharp, inherent strength to escort. Full of wearing a sense of foot, beyond the predecessor of the cushion to enhance the flexibility of the outsole, competent and difficult task of the basketball court, adidas D Rose 4 enough to do the best.

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