Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pro Smooth

With the beginning of the NBA season preseason, the major brands have begun a new round of shoes war, in addition to the star of the signature shoes, some combat models also entered our field of vision, they may be in appearance and sense can not Compared with the signature shoes, but the real combat performance can be easily on the pitch to get your favor, this pair of Pro Smooth is one of the representatives.
Pro Smooth's vamps used in recent years adidas very common design, artificial materials and mesh material combination so that Pro Smooth's upper support and breathability both, early feet, Xiao Bian feel Pro Smooth package is not "Gentle", harder artificial materials, although the feet can be tightly stuck in the shoes inside, but the comfort also need some time to run, and the upper area of ​​the large breathable mesh allows Xiaobian in the warm-up when it felt The feet of the cool, in general, although the package and comfort in some lack, but the strong support performance and breathable performance, or let Pro Smooth's upper performance has become a weapon in combat.
Careful friends must have found that this pair of Pro Smooth in the end of almost the same hot adizero Crazy Light series, in addition to some minor changes, the overall structure of the bottom is no difference, which also ensures Pro Smooth in the end Performance, powerful, after all, adizero Crazy Light series is a well-deserved high-end shoes. In actual combat, Pro Smooth show a pair of real combat shoes should be the level of SprintFrame technology has been extended to the heel, the front palm of the start without dripping with water, and the venue full of feeling, so wearing a lot of feel is the guard And the heel of the cushion is just right, but because of the characteristics of the end of the material, so Xiao Bian here or this pair of Pro Smooth recommended to the guard or small forward wearing.
Before we said, Pro Smooth's upper use of a hard artificial material, this artificial material can be in place to support the feet, the feet you will find, Pro Smooth's upper height just right, tighten shoelaces, shoes The face will firmly fit the ankle, which is Pro Smooth's upper even though a large area of ​​breathable material, but also to maintain a very high level of reason, coupled with the texture of hard material, Pro Smooth's Support is done in place.
Pro Smooth outsole with a wavy pattern, this pattern in the grip with the traditional herringbone pattern comparable, but because it is more rounded, so have a high durability, in the course of actual combat, Xiao Bian Feel a strong driving force, especially in the start when the breakthrough Pro Smooth grip so you do not have to worry about the situation of slippery. Durability, due to the outer rubber texture is softer, so Xiaobian here advise you or choose indoor or plastic floor, so Pro Smooth will have a long service period.
Throughout this pair of Pro Smooth, although the appearance is not outstanding, but as a pair of shoes for the actual combat, the slightest loss of high-end shoes is the actual performance of the key, if you recently want to pick a pair of actual combat Shoes, then this pair of Pro Smooth must be your good choice.

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