Wednesday, May 24, 2017

LI-NING BB Lite Sonic

Li Ning brand for everyone to bring the speed of war boots Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic), unconventional overall design on the appearance of people will never forget. LI-NING BB Lite Sonic is the first choice for speed players to prove himself with a very sophisticated design concept. Adhering to the overall concept of the current shoe lightweight, with the creation of Li Ning brand history, the ultimate weight of the weight of the body weight, get rid of all the unnecessary weight on the shoes above the face of the heat of the ball hit the ball, Shoes and unparalleled breathable performance, the achievements of this summer's basketball court, with speed to dominate everything.
Rapid attack, to stimulate the infinite energy, small face will be the foot of this pair of dazzling enough Li Ning sonic speed, to bring the summer stadium in the summer, feel the passion from the speed. In the hands of Li Ning brand to create the history of the light weight of the body really amazing, only a single US $ 9 shoes weight only 345g, in reducing the weight to do a lot of homework, so that all aspects of the shoes need to take into account the various elements. The first obvious feeling on the feet is refreshing, in the sun shrouded on the pitch above the feet victory to escape the burden of high temperature, to bring the infinite vitality of the wearer. Set foot on the pitch, everything starts from the refreshing.
First of all, we will look at the Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) of the upper technology, a large area of ​​the cloth breathable structure with Li Ning brand advanced three-dimensional printing technology and seamless hot one integrated technology. Under the combination of a large area of ​​breathable mesh structure in the actual combat will bring excellent ventilation effect, to deal with the summer of the hard battle, it is competent. Toe parts of the selection of patent leather material package, to strengthen the protection of the toes in combat. Tighten the shoelace with a simple adaptive movement, the overall package feel is in place, breathable performance is extremely prominent, which is the highlight of the upper technology, put aside breathable, fly in the ointment is the toe parts of the patent leather material in the protection I seem to be more than a trace of blunt.
Now we come to talk about Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) used by the cushioning technology, in the version and the low version of the same version of the use of Li Ning brand new Bounse + cushioning technology, the end of the use of full palm Bounse + slow Earthquake technology, on the basis of the original to provide an additional 27% of the energy rebound. As a pair of speed for the players to build it, frequent pedal force, to seize the subtle return between the feedback, with the speed to dominate everything. Xiao Bian in the actual two hours, Bounse + cushioning technology moderate foot feeling is unique, for the speed of the players Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) is a perfect alternative.
Different from the low version of the version of Li Ning sonic, in the upper design on the version of it to make a very different build, vary from person to wear choice, moderate as a guarantee of strength. With the actual combat test carried out, the shoe space can always keep fresh, the principle of hot caused by the troubled. Masters in the end of the buffer technology, on the basis of the original re-improvement, enough to meet the actual needs in combat, to the speed of the players, active in the venue above, with the speed of speech, in the cushioning capacity will not be too demanding, (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) is just right to help you in the active venue above, to meet your speed needs, active in the venue above.
Throughout the front of the Li Ning sonic speed (LI-NING BB Lite Sonic) as the leader in the domestic basketball brand, Li Ning brand constantly with the strength of the product proved their own, carefully designed in the product fully reflected in the product. Brought more expectations for the future, with the current affirmation. This summer, this touch of beautiful blue storm will sweep the pitch, with speed to speak, dominate the summer of the stadium.

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