Friday, June 2, 2017

UA Spine Bionic

Tough stadium soldiers, tough temperament into the stadium, in order to work out a piece of your exclusive position. Under Armor brand products have always conveyed to everyone is tough and powerful atmosphere. Like standing on the pitch above the soldiers generally have an extraordinary combat effectiveness. As in front of this pair of Under Armor Spine Bionic convey the same confidence, like a tough stadium warrior, through its more exaggerated appearance presented to everyone.
Unusual design concept
As a great potential, and increasingly ahead of the brand, Xiaobian Under Armor products have a very high sense of curiosity, usually more subversive design style, Under Armor brand is one of the attractive features. Focus on this pair of Under Armor Spine Bionic appearance, soles bionic bones designed to be amazing, from the bottom of the shoe to the upper with a seamless atmosphere, including today, Xiao Bian on the feet of this pair of Under Armor Spine Bionic took to the stadium, feel this pair of tough temperament under the new boots exactly what kind of energy.
Bionic shock
Under Armor Spine Bionic in the end of the use of bionic design concept will Spine cushioning technology to everyone, showing a very solid sense of strength. Xiao Bian foot after the natural and the same brand of Micro G cushioning technology to form a contrast, because this is a solid rubber cushioning technology, so Spine's first foot feeling is not soft, and Micro G feet feel a certain similar Sex. Fasten the shoelace to carry out full activities, so that the feet of the Spine to fully adapt to a period of time the movement can be found, Spine cushioning technology hardness depends only shy not open the mysterious veil, with the gradual adaptation of the movement process After that, found Spine is not very hard, in the hardness or on the field of exercise can be competent. This seems to be based on the form of the human spine designed Spine cushioning technology or can give affirmative.
Vary from person to face
Now look at the pair of Under Armor Spine Bionic the whole design of the upper, Xiaobian on the foot Under Armor Spine Bionic tied shoelaces, wrapped feeling is good, from the upper comfort is still certain, All over the mesh of the upper breathable good, after a small series on the stadium on the simple movement, extending from the toes to the heel of the entire vamp system is too soft, in the heel seems more fragile, relative to the heel to protect in combat The sense of security is somewhat low.
Sturdy outsole design
Fixed and Under Armor Spine Bionic outsole, with Spine cushioning technology implantation, the overall outsole gives a strong sense of support, outsole is like a good protective shell, revealing the abstract form of the vertebrae. And accompanied by a full palm of the word pattern can provide good grip. The overall Under Armor Spine Bionic cushioning system in the actual performance or can be considered excellent.
Products from the Under Armor brand often show surprises in the form of surprises among the many innovative points, including innovation and show to everyone's rugged and wild design style. In front of this pair of Under Armor Spine Bionic for a period of real combat, there is reason to give it to trust, and the Under Armor brand to give good expectations, hoping to create more surprises at the same time in the stroke of their own a heaven and earth.

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