Thursday, June 22, 2017

Brass Monkey Defend College

In line with Li Ning in the first quarter of 2011 in the US market sales, well-known shoes website Counter Kicks first exposed Li Ning for the Philadelphia 76 player Avon - Turner to create a new boots - Li Ning Brass Monkey.

In fact, because Li Ning Brass Monkey in the Chinese market time to market in the second quarter of 2011, slightly later than the US market, so we have not exposed the shoes in advance. Now, since Brass Monkey's true colors have been exposed in the United States, then there is no need to continue to hide the tuck,

Li Ning Brass Monkey the name, inspired by the Beastie Boys band released in 1987 album "Licensed to Ill" in the same name song "Brass Monkey".

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Li Ning Brass Monkey's appearance is mainly to solve the players in the high-speed cut, the ankle is facing a huge risk, especially in order to achieve the purpose of light, all brands are getting the upper and lower today, Li Ning hope to Do not sacrifice the premise of protection, to create the same enough light shoes, and Li Ning Brass Monkey is precisely one such shoes.

In terms of design, Li Ning Brass Monkey is from the motorcycle movement which absorb nutrition, from the racing driver to conquer the skills and protection measures to obtain inspiration.

Not much to say, now take you to take a closer look at Li Ning Brass Monkey it!
First listed Defend I series has appeared in the NBA game at the foot of the Avon - Turner and Baron - Davis, followed by one of the main basketball shoes in 2011 Defend College war debut Yao debut.

To "attack, keep" the concept of inheritance of the new series with a clear real color, get rid of the high price of signature shoes, Defend College to more people's attitude to the basketball enthusiasts side. As a derivative version of Defend I, Defend College not only embodies the 'Defend' series of flexibility-based features, and seize the practicality of the boots, the functionality of the first place.

Defend College uude inherited Defend I design features, in a concise way to express the design of actual combat basketball shoes essentials. In the ankle protection, Defend College used Defend I on the special material, soft and protective, especially the shoelace perforation, adjustable long and short design can not only meet the needs of different people, but also the heritage of the series pen.
Defend College shoes inside and outside the use of multi-stomatal design, covered with two sides of the ventilation holes to enhance the upper breathing capacity. And write the Defend series Logo like a warrior totem in general, marking the basketball faith. Defend College vamp design is simple, and the shoe body lines are smooth, are to highlight the practicality of this boots, and its focus is BD Doom outsole.

The end of this shoe is a combination of Defend I and BD Doom design, forming a unique 'cross-border' style. The classic end of the practice is not the first Defend College, but it is a good control of the price of boots, and to ensure its performance. Li Nien last year as a representative of the top basketball shoes, BD Doom outsole, not only to ensure the excellent performance of the boots, and its iconic curved groove design, so that the wearer's footsteps more flexible.
Cushion and Bounce technology as a pillar of the end of the cushion, can bring comfort to the wearer's foot feeling, for the top defender exclusive design of the ultra-thin forefoot, with a strong sense of the venue, designed for breakthrough players. With the curved groove design, so that the first step to break faster than lightning. Connecting the heel to the palm of the TPU, with the heel of the TPU tray, so that the stability of the boots stronger, to prevent excessive overturned outside the chord support is Defend College stable another guarantee. Through the palm of the word design is so far the most widely used is the most effective large shading lines.

Defend College is one of the main basketball boots launched by Li Ning at the beginning of this year. It has invested a lot of energy from design or technology to build a basketball player and a lovers to overcome himself and surpass the opponent. This spirit is whether the basketball court or off-site life are very aggressive attitude. Continue to break through their own technology, but also to encourage basketball enthusiasts and players to continue efforts and the pursuit of stronger, improve themselves and beyond each other to strong strong - this is Li Ning's offensive and defensive way.

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