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2005, the birth of the 20th anniversary of the JORDAN BRAND JORDAN is the generation of the 20th series of shoes - JORDAN XX, gorgeous laser design, bold hollow ankle straps, are reminiscent of the new ... ... Of course, JORDAN XX highlights not only from his appearance, because the soles of the special structure and is known as the "Dragon Ball" IPS (Independent Podular Suspension, independent column suspension system) of the new technology, the same eye-catching.
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I believe that the ankle of the band tied a lot of brothers to win it's determination ... ... ankle that place was so Le was really uncomfortable, not tied it, and very hindered ... ... this is also I just wear JORDAN XX actual combat once reason
From JORDAN XX to JORDAN XXIII, the independent suspension support system as the main cushioning technology, in those years, JORDAN is the history of the evolution of shoes, also became the evolution of I.P.S technology
With the JORAND 2X series of the end of life, IPS technology also seems to have no use of the land ..... However, we almost put this technology into the museum, JORDAN BRAND launched copy JORDAN XX outsole Hybrid Shoes - JORDAN ICONS, that is, we today's hero.
JORDAN ICONS, which is a pair of typical Hybrid shoes, outsole JORDAN XX plus uppers JORDAN XXIII, compared to the upper design of the doctrine, the feeling of this pair of shoes all the selling point in the big bottom.
Uppers on the pattern is clearly in the style to follow JORDAN XXIII, but unfortunately a bit like God does not like.
The tongue part also uses the same special shape as JORDAN XXIII.
IPS ..... placed in a specific location of the independent cushioning pillar ... ... so innovative technology can be said that in the year was a great success, excellent foot feeling was everyone's praise ..... This is also Why JORDAN BRAND will take this technology for four years.
I.P.S technology to its special outsole lines also have a certain bottleneck, the pattern only in the columnar part only, resulting in weak grip, not suitable for dust outside the field.
Followed by the location of the trapeze LOGO ..... From this point of view, this is a pair of ordinary JORDAN TEAM shoes.
Another angle ..... so look at the past or a little JORDAN XX Fan children.
JORDAN XX arch inside the two NIKE design staff of the number has been completely retained.
The upper side of the 23 words ..... the same as JORDAN 2010, should be JORDAN BRAND 25 years for the birth of its specially designed.
No JORDAN XX that annoying strap, is indeed a big thing ... ... JORDAN ICONS upper is not low, coupled with a full lined fill, ankle protection or can be guaranteed.
Lining material with JORDAN XXIII the same, at least look the same.
JORDAN ICONS forearm extension of the part is very obvious.
JORDAN ICONS gave me the biggest surprise is that it did not imagine so heavy, cushioning or let me feel some of the more rigid, but with the relative is to allow the wearer to get a better sense of the venue ... .. because there is no use of boots design, so I have to tighten JORDAN ICONS on every shoelace ..... may be I used to wear boots with the reasons for the shoes, JORDAN ICONS parcels and can not Let me be satisfied.
Although we tend to locate this type of shoes in the end, but the 125 knife pricing people feel JORDAN BRAND to JORDAN ICONS positioning is not so ordinary people imagine, at the end of the quarter, JORDAN TEAM members almost full JORDAN ICONS

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