Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Li Ning professional running shoes evaluation series 3: cloud horse flying

Marathon on the track master of the pursuit of excellence in technology, running posture is also different from the general jogging, many marathon players use the forefoot to run, such as the world marathon record holder Gabriel Gracie in the whole, is the heel does not touch, before Fingers are leaning forward.
This summer, Li Ning running shoes after the introduction of ultra-light 11-generation running shoes, the attack again, the introduction of double crossing, fierce Chun, cloud horse three running shoes. Like a troika and driving, and strive to meet the real needs of different runners. The current Sina running test room is Li Ning racing class running shoes cloud horse, to see whether it can help marathon runners in the long-distance running experience clouds.
Yunma introduction
Clouds in the "cloud" meaning light, "horse" on behalf of the marathon. Yunma is designed for the marathon runners designed lightweight running shoes, and strive to meet the professional demands of competition. In the real marathon runners, naturally there are many master, with most runners followed by the gait with different, they will use the middle of the palm of the gait. In order to meet the running master in the training and competition when the functional requirements, Yunma is Li Ning launched this for the marathon running shoes.
Shoe box as a whole: Li Ning's usual packaging style, shoe box surface processing simple and environmentally friendly, printed with red Li Ning logo. Yunma shoe box than double crossing, strong spring shoe box to be small, light, its light running shoes positioning, in the weight to be directly reflected.
Shoe box label: This evaluation is the cloud horse racing running shoes ARBJ083-1, priced at 599RMB. Yunma time to market for May 1.
Out of the box: the upper color for the bright green, full of dynamic, heel colorful. Soles of the sandwich gives a full sense of science and technology.
Yunma running shoes positive: fluorescent bright green upper, shoes to bring a strong sensory impact, provoke sports desire. Shoe uplift angle than the average running shoes larger, sole wear rubber rough cross, grip should be good.
Yunma running shoes side: cloud horse overall gives a feeling of light feeling.
Yunma running shoes side: luminous Li Ning logo, the use of 3M reflective technology materials, both to increase the sense of beauty shoes, but also to enhance the night visibility, thereby enhancing the night and the light of the outdoor sports safety.
Yunma running shoes on the back: heel written with Chinese characters "cloud", gray sandwich material is Li Ning unique "Li Ningyun" technology materials.
Cloud horse running shoes overlooking: the overall shape of the running shoes before the width of the width of the front palm of the widening treatment to increase the stability of the front palm when landing, and narrow heel so that the upper tightly wrapped feet, reduce the shaking and friction, to ensure fast Travel.
Yunma running shoes bottom: the end of the core technology is the forefoot used professional ultra-light anti-skid wear-resistant particles, Yunma running shoes supporting the core components of performance.
2, local details
Upper detail
Upper: Fluorescent material is dynamic and adds safety. Ultra-light sandwich mesh with flocking without truck support frame, while ensuring comfort while providing support protection.
Tongue: one of the upper, tongue design, so that the curved area is more soft, enhance the comfort performance. Yunma uppers most of the light and breathable, but the tongue is thicker parts, running, the tongue parts of the footsteps to bear the running time on the running shoes, increase the soft fabric can fully ease the instep wear and fatigue.
Heel: the overall thin, along the thickening of the fabric along the tongue with the same function to reduce the friction and fatigue at the ankle.

Shoelaces: the use of flat, the choice of fluorescent green color, and mesh, fabric echoes.

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