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SKECHERS (SKECHERS) from the Southern California slang, meaning "sit still young people", representing the pursuit of fashion, personality publicity of the young people. It was born in California in 1992, a small coastal city, has now developed into a set of sports function, leisure shoes as the core of the leading brand, has become the world's most popular footwear brand, last year, Skye beyond Adidas , The US market after Nike's second largest shoe brand.

Whether in foreign or domestic, SKECHERS casual shoes already swept the streets, in recent years, it began in the field of running "big fuss", big moves constantly! The first is the signing of the first master of the United States Marathon Meibu, he had the second year after the bombing of the case won the Ponya champion. Second, SKECHERS from the hands of Arthur in 1985 to win the title of the Los Angeles Marathon, this year also organized a large number of Chinese runners to go to the competition, including running friends Zhou Qixiang dressed in Skye equipment to obtain the third group of amateur , Let people recognize its value lies.

SKECHERS in 2011 for the first time launched the GO Run series of running shoes, to this year has been iterated to the 5th generation, and today we come together to see the performance of SKECHERS Go Run 5!


GO Run series has been the main lightweight concept, which has a high design requirements of the vamp, GO Run 5 using a one-piece molding Go Knit preparation of mesh technology, the entire upper with a knitted material synthesis, feel very soft, and Fit the feet.
In the breathability, the design of the upper use of different knitting lines so that the cells are large and small, large holes are distributed in the foot easy to sweat areas, such as near the toe and the side of the mesh Large, so that the permeability of the shoes more optimized.

I got this is the red and white color of the running shoes, in the design of the upper, the designer with a rose red with wine red mix and match, so that running shoes look more attractive to the eye.
There is a big round hole in the heel of the running shoes, which is the unique Quick-Fit system, which has not been seen on other running shoes. This design is mainly easy to wear, imagine that many people do not like the frequent Lift shoelaces, Quick-Fit can let you put your feet in the shoes, with a finger gently can let the shoes on the feet.


Compared to the previous generation, GO Run 5 soles used a completely different design. First of all, the soles used more rubber, mesh design distributed in the high wear area, greatly enhance the wear resistance of running shoes. Secondly, M-STRIKE foot technology to design a little low-key, only distributed in the outer side of each shoe. But this is still the core technology of Skye running shoes, M-STRIKE foot technology together with the ergonomics will be running in the feet of the pressure into the forward momentum, the effective ease of running on the face of the knee impact.
In the bottom part, SKECHERS follows the 5GEN technology, in the long-distance running process for the feet to provide support and floor feedback performance.
Scotch has been used in all the silver green insole, and increased the agion anti-mildew antibacterial ingredients to prevent long-term wear caused by the breeding of bacteria, to our feet to provide fresh, clean and comfortable experience, which for sweaty feet Runners, the daily wear do not have to worry about foot problems.
SKECHERS has been doing the article on lightweight, whether it is Go Knit one of the upper, or lightweight wear-resistant mesh structure of the end of the network, so that these pairs of running shoes in the light to reach the extreme. According to official data, this section of 42 yards running shoes only 213g, is quite good running shoes.


After getting the running shoes, I tried a total of three times, each time about 10 km distance, the location of choice in the district and the streets of the road.
1, comfort: the first feeling after the foot is really good running shoes, even for the first time wearing a running without any discomfort, it can be said that almost no run will be able to enter the normal running state, easy to mention the shoes The face has good ductility, but the two elastic bands near the tongue are able to keep the feet fixed, so as to ensure a flexible transition when turning.

2, cushioning: Go Run 5 uses a variety of rebound and buffer technology, running process, M-STRIKE structure using the principles of ergonomics will be the impact of each fall into the forward power, every step down After there will be a Q bomb feeling, and the bottom of the tread is also very soft, feet after landing a significant support for the power, the faster the run this feeling the more obvious.

3, support: the use of one weave, the upper only LOGO and reflective stickers support, it may seem Go Run 5 support performance is not very satisfactory, but the shoes inside the two sides to increase the support zone, run up, especially Is an emergency stop or turn when the running shoes will not easily shaking. Support performance is more excellent.
4, wear resistance: in the uneven cement before and after running 32 km distance, the soles of the wear is almost negligible. Go Run 5 soles by the re-design, an increase of the use of large rubber floor area, for a pair of running shoes, the wear resistance is already good enough.

5, breathability: Nowadays, throughout the country has entered the summer mode, running also experienced the test of high temperature and heat. I run three times the time are selected in the evening, the temperature is almost between 24-27 degrees, the author wearing a pair of thin compress socks, several times after the socks did not appear wet phenomenon, in the running process did not appear any Of discomfort.
GO Run 5 integrated system of the upper, soft soles to the runners are very comfortable feeling, and it is also a very fashionable sense of each color. To force the end of the design so that runners can focus more on the fast running, previously criticized the end of the situation is not wearable, in this running shoes is also greatly improved, even if the increase in the coverage of non-slip rubber, does not affect GO Run 5 overall super light feeling. This is a pair of running shoes for the speed, but also runners in the summer preferred.

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