Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Salomon S-LAB SONIC 2

Salomon will be launched on January 1, 2017, the flagship series S-LAB in the only one running shoes: S-LAB SONIC 2, as S-LAB SONIC upgrade models, that is, we often say "little red shoes "The third generation. Love burning is also the first time for everyone to bring the shoes out of the box introduced.

Salomon's S-LAB series has always been aimed at elite and quasi-elite athletes, S-LAB SONIC 2 is also true: the strength of less than 330 within 300 or less. Although known as "born for the marathon", but different from the traditional "marathon shoes". In the pursuit of speed at the same time also joined the basic protection, making the scope of the application of the shoe more widely.

S-LAB SONIC 2 in the upper most of the inheritance of the previous generation of SONIC, and in the soles (bottom + outsole) added a lot of technology and upgrades, the weight is lighter than the previous generation, it is worth looking forward to.
Positioning: racing road running shoes

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Weight: 215g (US 9)

Midsole height: 23mm (after palm), 15mm (forefoot)

Midsole height difference: 8mm

For the crowd: the whole house within 330 players

Suitable for foot rotation: normal

Suitable distance: 5-42km

Price: 1898 yuan


Get the shoes at first glance is a small red shoes is really more and more red, from the first generation of white heels, to the second generation of white "SALOMON" words, the shoes of the body SALOMON changed to dark black design, the main The color is also around the red, while the use of a long time on the toe of the LAB font also made an update.
As mentioned above, S-LAB SONIC 2 on the upper basically continued SONIC design, but in the upper of the degree of fit and permeability to do some minor upgrades. In order to control the weight of the shoes and increase the adjustable, shoelaces do not use SALOMON commonly used fast lace system, tongue also canceled most of the SALOMON some lace storage system.
S-LAB SONIC 2 heel changed the first two generations of fixed design, switch to the merger around the fixed way, this may also be a new design SALOMON laboratory.
SALOMON in 2017 the new launch of the new VIBE technology, may change people in the past SALOMON in the end of the hard view.
The so-called vibe technology is actually a combination: the last generation of midsole Energy Cell + (synthetic EVA) + new Opal technology. Opal is a compound called TPP (Thermoplastic Polypropylene) material that is softer and lighter than the adidas boost and Saucony's Everun TPU material. Opal is known to have less vibrations during running and increased midsole life, but has a better cushioning performance than the previous EVA center. This is also the reason why SONIC 2 is more protective than traditional horse shoes.
S-LAB SONIC 2 outsole compared to the previous generation in the lines have a great upgrade, the previous generation of lines is more complex, this upgrade directly into a box-like arrangement. The official presentation is: Geometric decoupling. The material is still Contagrip Outsole material.
If you look at the picture above, you may find that the outsole Contagrip material (but from the toe is divided into five) fit in the midsole material, this process is definitely more costly than other conventional running shoes The This should also be the S-LAB series of high prices for a reason it
to sum up
SALOMON SLAB X Series in the year before the launch of the "little red shoes" in the road running the market a great success, put aside its color is much like the Chinese runners do not say their performance is obvious to all. S-LAB SONIC 2 in the end of the upgrade is a major upgrade of small red shoes series, after all, the new small red shoes in the speed and protection on what excellent performance, please also look forward to later evaluation.

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