Thursday, June 8, 2017

New Balance 1090 v2

Running has now become a very special charm of the movement, with the people's health awareness and ideas gradually increased, more and more running enthusiasts began to participate in the nature of the zero-distance contact with the movement. Free to run, let the body get the most comfortable release. Whether in the road or plastic track, running to bring people's fun has not only stay in the movement level, and more with a culture. Running enthusiasts are pursuing a variety of running through the body to bring the fun of the feelings, so that the body and mind and nature do the most intimate interaction.
Light Pioneer Run Run
Smooth running feet do not need too much burden, New Balance 1090 v2 do this. Innovative technology REV-Lite ultra-lightweight midsole use of this pair of New Balance 1090 v2 weight is very low, the use of new materials to reduce the excess weight on the burden caused by running. Ultra-lightweight running shoes in running will not let go with too much at the foot of the burden, allowing you to ignore the presence of running shoes at the foot of the sense of fun running wantonly to the most vividly. Excellent breathability in the light at the same time can be described as icing on the cake, thin breathable mesh covering the entire shoe body, will not let the feet feel feet locked in running shoes, and more is fresh and comfortable, has always been excellent breathability Continuing the traditional features of the New Balance brand running shoes. Will be ultra-lightweight REV-Lite technology and excellent permeability of the integration of running feet will be completely liberated, so happy to enjoy running in the run.
Excellent snatching to enjoy
Using the New Balance strongest cushioning system N-ERGY technology. As the core performance of running shoes, cushioning performance can be strong to run the ankle and knee to bring more comprehensive and better protection. The N-ERGY cushioning system is made of lightweight, man-made rubber material with high recovery and high softness. It can adapt to the higher frequency of the impact in the run, and play the powerful cushioning and recovery. So that the runners in the movement to minimize the ankle and knee wear. The new balance 1090 v2 in the wearing of the foot feel very comfortable, N-ERGY system focused on the back palm, and the former chapter is not alone, New Balance 1090 v2 in the front palm into the New Balance core cushioning Technology ABZORB, as a pair of running shoes in the process of design will take into account the transition after the palm of the palm in the end of the palm of your hand will have a certain height of the decline, so that running can be running to focus on the premise to achieve the most standard running posture. ABZORB technology can effectively absorb the impact from the ground, to improve the protection of running shoes forefoot. The two major shocking technology into the New Balance 1090 v2 cushioning powerful can be described as excellent, no matter what kind of road can let people wear it enjoy the run.
Strong support for the stability of the guarantee
New Balance 1090 v2 powered by Stability Web Shock Bridge technology, as one of New Balance's core stability technology, effective Web to ensure the running of the shoe body support and stability, in the smooth running escort. Stability Web is located at the foot of the running shoes using high-quality TPU, with a lighter quality, more solid performance. Has a good stability Web New Balance 1090 v2 forefoot palm together as one, has been the most solid support, to ensure the excellent play before and after the cushioning play.
Sturdy wear long accompany
Running is a durable exercise, long-distance running need to have a more powerful and more wear-resistant outsole. N-durance is New Balance running shoes used in a wide range of outsole technology. N-durance uses a track-level super wear-resistant rubber blend material to make the most vulnerable outsole become very powerful. Having an excellent outsole with durability, there is no need to worry about excessive wear in running. So that running can be carefree to revel in the fun of running.

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