Friday, June 30, 2017

LeBron 9 Elite

Well - known magazine about two NIKE designers interpretation of James 9 generation elite playoff version, Nick DePaula (reporter) Jason Petrie & Leo Chang (two designers).

With the playoffs coming soon, Sole Collector magazine interviewed Nike's two basketball designer Jason Petrie (designer of James shoes) and Leo Chang (designer of Durant's shoes) About Nike LeBron 9 Elite Elite Version of the design interpretation. To explain to you the price of this pair of close to 2,000 yuan the value of the top boots.

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James series of shoes is about to enter the tenth year, James in addition to the hard work on the pitch, on the sidelines and more know how to and Nike basketball design team to explain to them the elements of their shoes need. Will be their favorite three cities or their favorite three athletes inspiration into the color of their boots, like a bright yellow taxi, although he basically do not have a taxi.

Of course, in the most important playoff stage, in addition to the shoes of the beautiful, to help James play in the playoffs will be the main effect of the shoes. So LeBron 9 Elite was born in this innovative and improved request.

From Zoom Soldier to Post season, James's meaning is clear, upgrade the material to enhance performance, the boots to create a kind of help him won the championship trophy of the perfect boots.

And from the needs of athletes into a commercial basketball boots, such a R & D design process is certainly the best designer, so the SOLE about the Leo Chang and Jason Petrie, Durant and James boots Designer.

Nick DePaula: What is the idea of ​​the escalation of the booty boots?

Leo Chang: From James began to elaborate his regular season, the playoff sprint stage and finally won the championship plan began. And for the designer, it is more focused on thinking about how to make NIKE basketball shoes products more excellent in this regard. To create elites among the elite products, Jason Petrie and my market looking at their shoes, and then re-transformation from the inside to them.

NDP: I heard that you have a kind of and NIKE football part of the same way, you can not consider the cost of manufacturing a lot of concept style boots, or there is no more than a certain price?

LC: This statement is fun, but before long ago, we were told not to consider this matter

Jason Petrie: And that's what you've never heard of.

LC: We designed the idea is: "any resources you need to make the most amazing shoes, unrestrained crazy design will be pushed to the extreme" in this concept, can be born a lot of very high prices Shoes.

NDP: That's where I'm curious, say you have more expensive shoes, such as $ 350 ($ 100 more than LeBron 9 Elite) or just expensive?

LC: Yes, we have such a design.

JP: I can not tell you what the design of LC is, but what I can say is that if we do not have a little "cut" on LeBron 9, the price of the shoe will be more than $ 350.

NDP: is the result of a large area lead to the price of expensive

JP: All the details of the impact of the price, the full palm of the Zoom plus the palm of the air Air cushion design to enhance the comfort and luxury, Kevlar (Kevlar) material more use, and even the bulletproof flexible material woven into the shoes To go with. We have very, very detailed details of the idea, even a simple Swoosh we can make it very special, but I believe that the production plant will be crazy.

LC: JP and I have been to Taiwan to see the production of the series, we spent several hours to imagine how to make shoes Swoosh can go beyond the general TPU or embroidery workmanship.

JP: Elite series of different shoes need to work are different, we boldly to design, so that the best materials used in the shoes.

LC: From the material, if a pair of shoe shoes part of the body into the carbon plate, then we will be the series of all the important parts of the shoe are upgraded to a carbon plate to maintain the unity of the entire series, and glass Texture of the carbon plate material is very light, better than the TPU and nylon material, but the price is still TPU and nylon woven material cost-effective. So that part of the body with carbon plate holding shoes is indeed a great upgrade to the shoes.

JP: James layer said: "how to use Mercedes-Benz to create AMG's philosophy, so that the original great shoes become even better" he has been the pursuit of high-tech integration of shoes, such as all-carbon plate uppers, but finally proved that ordinary People are too stiff and rigid. He is a professional basketball player, and he has his own special sense of strength, so he needs a strong support so that he has a better performance, and he needs something so that we ordinary people will be too hard to legend The We have also designed a has been extended to the forefoot of the carbon plate protection module, but that effect is too hard.

LC: So the carbon plate is a key fitting, we use it to fix the heel and the side, the other to the Kevlar and fiber fly line to fix the upper, and the boots are from the NIKE PRO collision Material Pro Combat built the boots to the dynamic fit on the foot. So that the whole shoe into a comfortable traction system.

More James needs the top performance to create LeBron 9 Elite in the playoffs for his journey to what kind of performance, read the designer's elaboration, let us wait and see the elite series of boots better performance.

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