Saturday, July 1, 2017

New Balance MINIMUS

Have a pair of extreme light running shoes is the ultimate dream of all runners. Runners in the long run, often feel the foot of the running shoes more and more heavy, become the biggest burden to prevent you from moving forward, many runners are unable to find a pair of suitable running shoes and worry. Whether there is a pair of running shoes, allowing runners to wear, there are bare feet running the feeling of light, let the feet get professional protection? New Balance New Balance New Balance brand is created for this.

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New Balance The new MINIMUS series introduces the MINIMUS series, whose innovative concept is to bring the weight loss to the extreme, to be perfect for the experience and breathable feel, which makes this pair of new concept shoes unique, select. This is named MINIMUS running shoes designed to highlight the "Less is more", "less is more" concept of the essence. New Balance New Balance will be applied to the production of running shoes, minus those complex scientific and technological names, so that running back to the initial state, so that runners in the running of continuous progress.

MINIMUS this season is divided into Running running, Trail outdoor and Walking Jianbu series of three, the use of the upper is a unique ultrasonic lightweight upper, large breathable mesh is a major feature of its breathable Light mesh is the first step in reducing the burden on runners. In contrast, MINIMUS soles technology is also a new upgrade, in the end of the new ultra-lightweight REV-LITE in the end, known as "Yue light" in the end of science and technology materials, is the new hundred years ever the lightest shock absorbers, With its help, so that running shoes in the ultra-light weight can also guarantee the durability of the shock effect; outsole part is the use of Vibram's professional anti-skid technology, good to achieve the balance of non-slip and wear , In the anti-skid at the same time to minimize soles wear; 0mm soles drop is MINIMUS biggest secret weapon, allowing runners feel and the ground and the surrounding environment closely linked, this is a runner Feeling easy to design, can improve the agility, balance of power, but also provide sensory feedback, so that runners in time to correct the posture, greatly improving the efficiency of running.

The new listing of MINIMUS also joined the new color, in the running series, female models rose red and gray inlaid in the white upper, elegant and elegant yet in the beautiful and lively, bright yellow with a prominent spring atmosphere, people for Outdoor sports more eager; men's navy blue with bright orange, it is the trend with the classic; another with a green mesh with a very eye-catching shoes. In the outdoor series designed to meet the more rugged pavement environment, the orange and green models of the men, the redness of the women's models, highlighting the positive minds of New Balance advocated by New Balance in their bright colors.

May is the season of movement, New Balance New Balance MINIMUS shoes selected in May, is to runners to provide a lightweight yet functional best of the shoes, to play the greatest speed advantage, and the greatest degree The release potential. Let us wear the MINIMUS together, release the feet to run it!

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