Friday, July 7, 2017

CTR360 Maestri III New Shoes

With the new generation of CTR360 Maestri III shoes listed, Nike shot a famous star Andreus Iniesta as the protagonist of the new promotional film. He played a puppet master in the film, saw the Barcelona star skillfully playing with the line, control the puppet in the mini-stadium ruler midfield, control the overall situation.

In the promo, Iniesta was wearing Nike's redesigned CTR 360 Maestri III: a tailor-made tailor-made shoes. Maestri in Italian means "master". This shoe is popular in the midfielder of Iniesta's favor. This type of player through its creative football skills, improve the ability to control the ball, and then control the game.

Iniesta has an impeccable ball control technology. After catching the ball, he can jump out of space in a very short time, through a wide field of vision and passing range, to create enough to change the whole game scoring opportunity.

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When shooting this promo, Iniesta said: "It 's very interesting to shoot this video, and it' s always nice to do something different.

He added: "CTR 360 III Maestri is the midfield player's push, wearing this shoe so that my feet on the pitch feel extremely comfortable, and to ensure that I can make a smooth ball, The comfort of the shoes is always very important for the players, and the CTR 360 III Maestri does this. "

The new CTR360Maestri III shoes by redesign to strengthen the control of the feet, traction and support force, and brought a light and comfortable wearing feelings. The new pair of shoes uses a new generation of "Kanga-Lite" synthetic materials to ensure good touch and durability, while also using the new "All Conditions Control (ACC)" technology, in dry and humid weather conditions can maintain the same control force.

The innovative features of the shoe include a further upgrade of the 3D control pad. The technology uses a few separate arrangement, the size of the ball is tightly wrapped around the arch area, to achieve maximum contact with the football area, to optimize the catch and pass the accuracy.

Asymmetric lace system, increased the ball area; new streamlined design to improve the touch ball sensitivity. In the end of the concave texture to increase the friction, once again strengthened the player's control of the ball and touch the ball.

The new design of the soles react more quickly, and the use of 360-degree all-round spike configuration, the inside of the use of round spikes, and the outside of the blade-like spikes, this design is designed to provide the most comfortable wearing a sense of midfielder on the pitch Need to change frequently, emergency stop, which shoes fully meet their needs.

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