Monday, July 24, 2017

Civilist Dunk High SB

Following the last release of Nike SB x Fragment Design triggered a hot, this Nike SB and the German skateboarding supplies retailer Civilist cooperation, the introduction of new cooperation products CivilistDunk High SB. Civilist is located in Berlin, owner Alen Flach is a well-known local magazine editor, the store attracted a number of well-known skateboard brand, store space layout and display is also full of art.

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Civilist Dunk High SB design inspiration from the new German national art gallery, this is located in the center of Berlin, the building is not only a modern art hall, is highly respected by the local skateboarding skateboarding. The shoes are made of black, black leather and suede material made of the upper, a symbol of the art gallery from the architect Mies van der Rohe hand frame structure and dark windows design. According to the gallery design of the chair made of cotton pattern shoes collar, full of texture. Tongue stripes on the tongue can not help but think of the decoration of the museum. Wax-treated cotton lace is intended to pay tribute to the galleries on the square around the gallery.

In the trend of the shoe altar chess important CATALOG this exclusive and bring the trend of the fashion belt of the attention of the shoe suit -NIKE WMNS Air Revolution Sky Hi "City Pack"! The

    NIKE's City Pack series every time they are caused by a sensation and snapped up, this is no exception! City Pack is designed for the trendy girls to create a series, designed to continue with the city as the inspiration of the origin - fashion assembled in New York, the literary atmosphere of London, classical and modern intertwined Milan, romantic fascinating Paris and the Asian trend of cultural pioneer Tokyo A place is the world trend of fashion indispensable gathering place; designers with different colors to interpret the city's style, while the NIKE brand unique sports fashion atmosphere which blend.

    The series, the most striking than the matching of each shoe Legging, with a series of high-help shoes is perfect, while the big city LOGO clearly printed on it, high-profile that position, is not the tide Do you have a maverick slogan!

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