Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nike ShoxBB4

Imagination is sometimes bound by the lack of productivity. When Nike Shox BB4 came out, NIKE Shox concept has been around for 20 years. NIKE Shox concept is too advanced, as well as at that time the production of its indispensable foam material has not yet been developed. Until the late 1990s, NIKE Shox technology again surfaced, and because of its highly expressive appearance and superior performance and inspired Eric Eve and his design team's interest. NIKE Shox BB4 design inspired by the space age, like the rocket booster general shape ready to go, but also stressed the potential of the air column design potential. Thanks to the design team in the command center for the study of space suits, the upper also adds a sense of design to explore the galaxy. In the summer of 2000, Vince Carter in Sydney, wearing Nike Shox BB4 flying seven feet high center, which has a symbolic significance of the "death of the deduction", to prove his legendary status and NIKE Shox system magic power The When he walked into the course of the moment, the audience are boiling. That time can not be copied, perhaps, just maybe, it is the rocket booster version of the gas column to bring him to complete the "century deduction" of self-confidence.

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Nike Sportswear and the British Liberty department store to further in-depth cooperation, for the first time brought a fusion of classic design of the new series - two women's high-performance track shoes. This cooperation illustrates the perfect combination of top sports equipment and fashion trends.

Nike Zoom Victory Elite as a pair of spear shoes, for the first time was given a distinctive personality Liberty trend gene, only in London, England, the most representative department store Liberty available. Designed specifically for the 1500-meter race, the Nike Zoom Victory Elite combines ultra-stressable carbon plates with the Flywire upper, with innovative Nike Zoom VictoryElite to help athletes maximize their track potential.

This pair of extremely vibrant lightning-colored green spikes was incorporated into the Liberty exquisite prints - 'Mirabelle' specially designed. This design was first introduced in the 1960s, but the combination of Nike's technology fabrics was only applied to these limited edition spikes. Extremely strong Nike Flywire cable for the foot to provide support and stability, in the foot of the light foam and innovative combination of carbon fiber board, so that shoes more fit, comfortable and with grip.

The second pair of 'Mirabelle' prints is the Nike Zoom JA Fly, which is designed for sprinters, and these athletes often need a pair of more flexible footwear and super light running shoes. The high-strength Nike Flywire cable provides the necessary support to help secure the foot while the sturdy floor and 8 spike slots bring grip and pedal strength.

Nike Zoom JA Fly and Liberty co-shoes only Nike-sponsored elite women's track athletes design, not foreign sales. Nike ZoomVictory Elite spikes are sold in the UK Liberty department store.

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