Sunday, July 9, 2017

Adidas Champions League theme color shocking listed shiny winter stadium

12-13 season Champions League is hot, from the major European giants club players in the field struggling to fight, for the fans presented a visual feast. Whether you are eager, want to dominate in the green field? As the official partner of the Champions League, but also the field of football equipment leader, adidas again heavy attack, launched three to the Champions League theme of the top shoes, so that football enthusiasts can be in the pitch on a heroic!
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As Adidas football product line in the absolute trump card, Predator falcon football shoes is definitely the most recommended products per season. This new color matching Predator LZ TRX HG boots, the use of the revolutionary Sprint Frame lightweight shoe last, in weight (225 grams) and stability to achieve a perfect balance, while integrated Traxion 2.0 triangular spike technology to ensure optimal grasp Force and acceleration. In addition, the Falcon boots use Hybridtouch features ultra-soft leather upper, which combines the advantages of leather and synthetic materials, bringing comfort, stability, dryness and all-weather optimum touch. As well as the falcon unique five wins touch the ball area, as the foot of the most sharp weapons.
F50 series of the season's main products - the new color of the F50 adizero TRX HGSYN boots also grand debut this month. Sprintweb provides excellent stability for high speed movement. Sprintskin single layer of upper as your second layer of skin, bring a good sense of the package foot and touch the ball, Sprintframe shoe last use of geometric design and unique triangle spike structure, to create a perfect balance between light and stability. Adizero f50 only 165g heavy. In addition, the comfort of the shoes than the previous generation has made significant progress, followed by the height and filling made improvements, toe to enhance the flexibility, the upper performance in the wetlands control ball also increased.
In November, Adidas launched a new red and black color adipure 11Pro FG soccer shoes, the new shoes with super soft top layer of leather, enjoy the extraordinary sense of touch, spikes are TRAXION 2.0, triangular spikes to provide a strong grip performance. Lightweight SPRINTFRAME shoe last and FlexZone material also greatly enhances the flexibility and flexibility of the shoe. New color matching shoes also support miCoach smart core technology.

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