Friday, July 28, 2017


Whether in comics, movies, novels, or television, heroes in the virtual world will show their qualities in different aspects of speed, power, vision and intelligence. When faced with great pressure, they will play these advantages to meet the challenge.

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant are real life shocked the world of basketball heroes. Following the ELITE SERIES TEAM series, Nike Basketball re-launched the ELITE SERIES HERO series this season to represent its more sought-after pursuit: Boot design according to LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant each beyond the ordinary people The characteristics of carefully built.

Rich colors, high-quality materials and advanced structure, and into the athletes their views, announced the elite series of three pairs of signature shoes born, the new color represents the three of their superman performance in the field.


LEBRON 11 ELITE HERO is designed for James's game, solid and shiny, whole body with laser-inspired deep red. This pair of shoes represents another evolution of LEBRON 11, with lower upper and new articulated upper, so that he remained calm in the playoffs. Hyperposite protective layer with a dynamic flying line technology with the upper, and Lunarlon foam with Nike Zoom cushion in the end of the combination, so that the performance of shoes to maximize.


KOBE 9 ELITE released in December last year, Bryant is the most exciting signature shoes - Nike basketball for the first time in basketball shoes using Flyknit technology. KOBE 9 ELITE HERO uses the wolf gray upper and camouflage-inspired pop art for embellishment heel. Eric Avar is uniquely positioned to reach the limit by combining Lunarlon foam, dynamic flywheel technology and carbon plate, while the ultimate design ensures the natural rhythm of the foot.

KD VI ELITE HERO maximizes strength and air permeability to enable the shoes to fit the feet accurately and naturally during exercise. Designer Leo Chang (Leo Chang) for the mechanical watch the precise process and the details of the simulation are glance to show on the KD VI ELITE HERO above. In this new shoes, full palm visible Nike Zoom air cushion throughout the bottom, this is the first time this technology has been used in Durant's signature shoes. The shoes are mainly colored with turbo green and are powered by Kevlar® fiber to provide the best locking support for Durant's comprehensive winds.

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