Monday, July 17, 2017

Jordan team Suzuki GSX-R100 new car AJ28 drift color distribution

Jordan in addition to have a team of shoes, but also have their own motorcycle racing team to blue-based, from Michael Jordan Motorsports latest release inspired by Jordan28 inspiration, the beautiful upper stripes and Symphony blessing to the Suzuki GSX-R100 Racing, smooth stripes vamps on the visual sense of speed has improved?

Jordan in addition to basketball, golf and other soft spot, in fact, his excitement of the motorcycle race is also very fascinating. So, in addition to Jordan is the Bobcats boss, in fact, he also has a motorcycle company founded in 2004. Since the Jordan team in 2005 and Suzuki Motor Company cooperation, Jordan will be the team's name to Jordan Suzuki team, and in 2008 to get the US Superstock bike championship championship. The team will be the latest or classic shoes and Jordan and the elements of the elements inspired to create the latest Suzuki boots color, in the racing field to write the legend of Jordan.

Jack & Jones, a Danish-based men's brand, has launched a new spring and summer 2012 season, with two major series of Black Label and Intelligence, which are "tide" thanks to the Holy Land - Miami as a theme. With a unique fashion insight, Jack & Jones brings the team to the tropical fashion city coordinates Miami Miami, digging the modern inspiration hidden in this paradise. Whether it is a very contemporary city or rough and uninhibited beach, Miami unique style mark into the season's latest advertising blockbuster, let the city elite Get Wet and Wild in Miami!

Miami is a bustling city full of exotic customs, where different cultures are derived from harmony. It is regarded as the seaside paradise of Europeans, but also the way Americans travel to Latin America. Miami style is unique but also exquisite multi-faceted, each side is crazy crazy. It is full of international metropolis of fashion, but also no lack of sunshine and sunshine of the youthful vitality, the perfect interpretation of Jack & Jones this season spring and summer two series. The most exciting is that this brings together the most beautiful fashion of the United States, more and more designers and models are becoming more and more modern paradise, and this is Jack & Jones site selection of Miami one of the reasons. This season's spring and summer series to "tide" worship the Holy Land - Miami as the theme, the phrase pun, not only convey the unique tropical climate in Miami, but also hinted Jack & Jones men on the trend of keen touch. Gentleman windbreaker, classic suits, basic leather and clean suit, from the overall highlight of the grade at the same time, but also reflects the relaxed and comfortable way of life; low-key design and refreshing color, then express the natural, romantic, minimalist attitude. Two series of Black Label and Intelligence simultaneously launched to meet the urban men on the full range of clothing demands, to create their dress in different occasions style. Black Label series to sexy simple lines out of the workplace men confidently temperament and the extraordinary taste of wearing, free to walk in private parties and social occasions to become the focus of attention; Intelligence series with warm Bohemian elements and tough cowboy Show the other side of free and unruly.

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