Friday, July 14, 2017

NBHD x mastermind JAPAN

Following the earlier NEIGHBORHOOD and WESCO, GLOBE TROTTER and LAVENHAM launched a single product, the brand for the first time with another famous Japanese brand mastermind JAPAN work together to create a series of strong joint works, I believe will certainly cause the fashion industry great echo The

The two designers Takizawa Takuya and the chapter is to express the importance of cooperation, personal interpretation of the series in the attention of a single product, in addition, also designed the cooperation logo logo - rabbit skull bone, are In each single product, we can see the two sides on the cooperation of the serious attitude and understanding.

The Thunderbolt Riders Jacket is one of the classic styles of NEIGHBORHOOD, which has been modified on the cut and has been made with oil horseshoe to make feel and visual effects better. Behind the mastermind JAPAN logo skull in the form of 3D polygons appear, coupled with silver and white car line, the designer in the details of the bit is also at ease, zipper all use mastermind JAPAN original style, bring out a low-key luxury sense; A large jacket to NEIGHBORHOOD deck jacket style as a blueprint, into the German Code Jacket elements, in particular, is the front of the buckle bit to the locomotive flavor is very strong in the form of rounds, filling the unique style, the neck position specially used Fluffy material for embellishment, but also improve the warmth of the function; jeans, the use of the NEIGHBORHOOD standard Deep Mid cut, wearing a foot pedal effect is also more suitable for roll up matching boots, using three different degrees of washing Water effect, behind the left and right trousers are on the car mastermind JAPAN logo and NEIGHBORHOOD logo "N" -shaped pattern, great commemorative value; washing and re-washing style pants side with red NEIGHBORHOOD bead decoration and two Big brand of silver round chapter, both fashion and functional, will certainly cause some buying boom!

A pair of lacquers with a high degree of comfort and a wide range of NEIGHBORHOOD products, the Mexican-style Chimayo pattern and mastermind JAPAN's skulls are unique and spectacular. Visual effect.

NEIGHBORHOOD x mastermind JAPAN Coupling series Released from HOODS BEIJING on December 1, 2012.

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