Monday, July 31, 2017

Nike Zoom KD 7

Legend has it that lightning will not hit the same place twice. In fact, Kevin Durant is also, every place on the court will be his place to attack.

This time, Nike launched the Durant seventh generation signature shoes, it is for the new (regular season) MVP and basketball the most dynamic star tailored design. KD7 combines leading performance innovations and incorporates a rich and colorful story about Durant's meteorology that has been fascinated by childhood.

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Durant's request

18 months ago, Durant began with Nike designer Zhang Chuanxi (Leo Chang) cooperation, co-creation KD7. The challenge is how to do better than KD6, and KD6 is the previous Durant's favorite basketball shoes, and wearing it to 32 points per game, the fourth coronation scoring, and gains MVP title.

"I have been working with Nike has been very good, I have the confidence to Leo proposed my shoes on the specific requirements." Durant said, "In the KD7 design, I am eager to need a fast move , And both strong support and stability of the basketball shoes.In addition, I also hope that you can re - join the strap design.

Design innovation: the integration of performance

Leo's performance goal for KD7 is to provide Durant with the speed and forefoot flexibility required for point guard, while providing the stability and support required for power forward.

Leo with seamless front foot mesh, dynamic fly line technology, and Nike Zoom, completed the "best of both worlds" design challenges. In the foot of the strap design in the forefoot and heel between the convergence transition. The designer will also be at the heel of the Hyperposite support and the newly developed visual Nike Zoom Air air cushion together for the shoes to provide responsive cushioning.

Hyperposite technology was first used in Durant's signature shoes, for the MVP constantly sophisticated inside shooting and rebounding provides a good support. Hyperposite's unique appearance comes from the improvement of the original Foamposite, also tribute to Durant's hometown of Maryland. Durant's hometown is affectionately called DMV-DC-Maryland - Virginia. Since 1997, Foamposite has been unveiled by the Nike Air Foamposite One, and Maryland's people have been making a fortune for Foamposite for twenty years.

Design Inspiration: Lightning Attack

Durant was determined to become a meteorologist when he was born in 2011. The KD4 Weatherman's design was introduced for the first time in 2011. The theme in the KD series fifth and sixth generation signature shoes continue to be inherited, and in the KD7 to be further reflected.

KD7 color design from lightning, more specifically, is the average temperature of a lightning - 35,000 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also based on Durant's desire to have lightning speed.

KD7 35,000 Degrees Colorful upper with bright mango color, fluorescent color outsole with dark gray, a symbol of lightning as the essence of electricity. Stratospheric patterns and tribute to lightning cover throughout the soles and Swoosh's designs.

Each KD7 color is with Durant's personal clue: Durant's home Maryland's profile is embedded in the outsole, while the strap contains Durant's mother Wanda, grandmother Barbara, father Wayne and brother Tony's first name.

This season's five KD7 color, each will continue the theme of the weather, and will be announced today in the KD7 global conference.

Young athlete

KD7 will also be from the infant to the preschool and primary school athletes to launch the corresponding shoes. Each version is specifically designed for foot development at a particular age, and the flexibility of the sole is the primary consideration. The KD7 Carnival color for young athletes will be launched in August.

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