Friday, July 21, 2017

Nike poisonous football shoes

Nike "poisonous front" football shoes. This is a according to Nei Maer, Rooney, Ibrahimovic and other striker players feedback and recommendations to launch a new football boots.

NIKESKIN uses a soft mesh material combined with polyurethane film. Through the use of both feet and soccer to reduce the material between the new production methods, resulting in barefoot-like touch the ball feel.

Nike "poisonous front" forefoot separation Outsole design designed to make the toes with the feet together with the movement. The shoes show the perfect Nike since 2003, launched the first NIKE FREE series advocated the natural rhythm design concept. The effect can be seen in the front foot depression, it can help the first metatarsal fast start.

Outsole at the bottom of the use of compressed nylon, making the soles lighter, faster response, help to deliver power and very light. The structure and length of the spike is designed so that the sole can quickly catch and start more quickly.

Nike all-weather control technology (ACC) is a special treatment applied to the upper, the shoes can be wet or dry conditions to maintain the same level of friction and touch.

The new body structure of the shoe last to bring affixed feelings, so that the foot closer to the venue and football.

The highly anticipated Nike "The Nike Hypervenom" has been a long-awaited, and many of the stars, led by Nei Maer, are about to debut on June 3 in Brazil's friendly match against England.

This represents the Nike's latest innovation and technology boots what kind of magic, to help the top striker who created to capture more murderous?

This "top secret" design manuscript will give you a full range of Secret, give you a deeper understanding of the deadly new species: Nike "poison" (The Nike Hypervenom)

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