Thursday, July 6, 2017

Nike Hyperdunk 2011 low‘Son of The Dragon’

Jeremy Lin has been fought in the Houston Rockets, he last year, such as the rise of Cinderella has become the second after Yao Ming into the Chinese players in Houston, the topic of the topic, let him once again become the focus of attention, Is questioned, ho kid show the wind of the general, in the face of various problems eloquent, so that the outside world for his position to better understand, but also between the gestures to see the budding leader temperament, people can not help but expect him in the Rockets can There is a broader sky, Jeremy Lin this style and Nike is about to launch for his launch of the concept of Hyperdunk 2011 Low quite fit, for Ren Chenlong and Lin Shuhao as proud of the identity of the Chinese people, the first of the dragon and Lin Shuhao Name combination.
Nike Zoom Hyperdunk 2011 Low "Son of The Dragon" series of shoes, two pairs of shoes are printed on the tongue with a dragon metamorphosed from the "book", "ho" Chinese words, shoes, Nike Swoosh and symbol Long Lin's embossed to increase the upper texture. "Dragon in the days of" color is clear sky blue, with insoles, outsole and heel TPU stable on the film Xiangyun pattern, a symbol of broken cocoon out, soaring in the sky of the dragon.
Nike Dragon Hypernets 2011 Low "Qianlong in the Yuan" color models, the concept from the 2012 Ren Chen years in the five elements of the Heavenly Stems in the water, while the Year of the Dragon also known as the water dragon years, that is, the green body of the green water, with insoles, And followed by TPU stable film water ripple pattern, a symbol of potential abyss of the dragon, is trying to reserve energy and other opportunities for the next flight over the sky.

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Nike continued to provide customized name and back of the shoes so that his actual combat, on behalf of Lin Shuhao in the field of achievements and strength is recognized, on the other hand may be interpreted as he is different from the charm of other players, compared with other players, Lin Shuhao step by step efforts, so that the foot of the shoes behind the story more moving, in the past Lin Shuhao favorite basketball shoes is just recently engraved Shox BB4, into the NBA after wearing the Hyperfuse series of shoes, but since Jeremy Lin in the star For the first time in the practice, the Hyperdunk 2011 Low has also become one of the boots used by Jeremy Lin for the first time, and is well received by his favorite, with high support for the flywire Lightweight technology, with the front foot Zoom air, is a pair of wear no burden, and can provide the first step when the required response to the speed of the type of shoes, foot stabilizer and ankle support is sufficient protection Function, and finally combined with excellent outsole, to create a pair of style for Lin Shuhao boots.

Jeremy Lin's father is the NBA fans, monasteries let him have a different dream with other children: into the NBA, it seems it is clear that he did, and will return to let him fall heroes of Houston, so that Lin Shuhao full of tension NBA career Will never write a new page, Asian players challenge the NBA is not new, and even "move the Great Wall" Yao Ming career has always been the focus of the spotlight, but never like Lin Shuhao in 2012, a wave, set off the world famous "Linsanity" forest Come crazy Lin Shuhao reason is not a household name is not the absolute advantage of the game, but let everyone see the basketball players should have the attitude and effort, I sincerely hope that he can like the tongue of the dragon like flying on the sky!

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