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Nike Hyperdunk+、Nike Lunar TR1+、Nike Lunar HyperWorkout+

Nike will be launched in China on June 29 Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training two revolutionary sports experience, by equipped with digital technology shoes and interactive mobile applications combined to create a new sports experience. The first generation of NIKE + running products and applications came out in 2006, with the beginning of 2012 Nike + Fuelband listing (a track to the daily movement of the wristband device), NIKE + community rapidly expanding, and now has become a 7 million users Of the electronic community.

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Nike + Basketball analyzes the user's movement, measures various data and information, and gives them incentives. Nike + Basketball can measure athletes in each game jump height, against strength and response speed. Nike + Training is to make every day uninterrupted training becomes more fun, it gives a new experience can also be perfectly integrated into the game and high-intensity training, is a all-weather training partner.

Both of these experiences use the Nike + Pressure Force chip. The chip installed in each shoe can record the user's motion data and then send it to the user's mobile device via wireless data transmission to show data information that is completely incapable of learning in previous training or competitions.

"NIKE + allows us to integrate the physical world of the entity with the virtual community elements and provide a better sport experience for each athlete." In February of New York, Nike Group President and Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker "This is far more than the meaning of a pair of shoes, which represents the NIKE from the provision of products, to the product and experience to the level of change." This is a new NIKE + technology,

Nike + Basketball measures the height of the athlete's jump, the speed of movement, and the intensity of the fight through the mode of "Track My Game" (TrackMy Game). NIKE +

So that basketball shoes can track every action in the game information, while feedback to the user, tell them where to get improved. When a goal is achieved, Nike basketball players and coaches will send out information to encourage. The "show" model allows athletes to record the movement of the process with the movement of data recorded into the film, and then through the community network and friends to share the film content.

"I think Nike + Basketball will change the rules of the game," LeBron said. "Providing this information for each player will have a great impact and change for training."

"When you grow up, you start playing basketball, you love the game, and your friend is your competitor." LeBron said, "young players will be so excited to track the data, in order to show off their results Or through video to show their best performance, they will be more anxious to return to the stadium to improve the data.

Nike + Training can better track the training results reflected in the game. (Rafa Nadal), Manny Pacquiao, and Allyson Felix, Hope Solo, and so on, from the world's top athletes such as Rafa Nadal, ) Understanding and insight, Nike + Training for every ordinary person to bring the top training experience.

Nike + Training offers a range of short and compact training programs to help trainers become healthier, faster and stronger. Each training project is carried out through the screen display, the formation of the training of the training and incentives. With Nike + Training mobile applications, every training or challenging data and feedback can be delivered to the trainer's phone. According to the training intensity that the trainer wants to complete every day, the training plan can be flexibly developed, and the application software helps them to share the training and challenge results of each day in the digital network community.

Through the online community, trainers can also be the daily fitness data and their friends to compare and challenge, while the leaderboard to launch the impact.

Powered by NIKE + technology and applications:

Nike Hyperdunk + will be the first pair of NIKE + technology with basketball shoes. The first use of NIKE + technology training shoes will be LunarHyperWorkout + (women training shoes) and Lunar TR1 + (men training shoes). These three shoes are Lunarlon series, while using the NIKE + technology, innovative fly line technology and NikeLunarlon cushioning system.

All with NIKE + technology shoes will be June 29, 2012 in the United States, Britain, France, Germany and mainland China on sale.

Chinese consumers will be able to Sina microblogging their own Nike + Basketball and Nike + Training platform to share the results of training with friends.

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