Tuesday, July 4, 2017


See a good friend in Japan to buy this pair of shoes, always feel a little bit unreal and unrealistic, more than ten thousand yuan, a pair of old shoes in 1985 ... ... it is difficult in the money on the price and a pair of no Any use of the value of the items equivalent, but as a long time like a shoe, but very understanding, understand ... ...
Sometimes try to touch the friends around the story of the shoes, always make their own full of sweet and sour life, deeply moved.
Friends do not play basketball, but the first year of a basketball star AJ almost obsessed, and even can say that some of AJ items, became his "spiritual sustenance." But also let me at home for such a stubborn fans is very curious.

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A friend is a person who has a study abroad in Japan. In that filled with cherry fragrance Ya Jing Island left his life the most beautiful green years, under heavy pressure in the school, he spirits like the Japanese shoes culture. Japan's relatively high-quality shoes fans, the stars, shoes, wearing a more three-dimensional plentiful appeal, so that he was very obsessed with that period of shoes accompanied by studying abroad. Japanese care for the shoes, the transaction of caution, looking for the waiting ... ... their shoes culture as their cartoon culture, everywhere reveals a kind of soft and delicate. And when you find every little story behind the story, the kind of infinite close to the real touch really make you unable to stop.
In Japan for several years, friends so soaked in his shoes about the happiness. And when he returned to the country, in the face of just budding lively mainland shoes culture, more not suited, puzzled, and even depressed to let him even more miss the time of Japan. Since 2008, with a few friends co-organized a small shoe show, friends will use their own silence to protect themselves, low-key trading, exchange, in the increasingly brutal survival pressure, try to protect their own life in that piece of pure land, that Film carefree island memories, do not require more people to understand, only in the current environment of the noisy, hear that short quiet. On the life of shoes, although unreal, not practical, but for everyone the same experience, but so real, bright ... ...
Deeply remember when a friend holding the shoes in the eyes shining glory, that glory behind his own will never betray the past, or many years ago, the Japanese street shoe store, when he was in front of this pair of shoes Wandering ... ... ups and downs, flavors mixed, only he knew that the real share. And we can smell through the air, his happiness.

We live, through the road, through the shoes, many many ... happy, thanksgiving

Shoes, shoes, basketball shoes, AJ ... ... and so on and so on, the industrial era of artificial products, may be inlaid with too many stories, but also carrying too many different memories of each person, in fact, shoes do not have "narrow collection Art "of the property, the reason why the price level is because a lot of shoes will become different people's materialized memories.

And measure the price of shoes, the standard is that everyone is quietly flowing years, real, priceless

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