Sunday, July 23, 2017

Air Jordan 1 XQ

Following last week Nike Zoom Hyperflight interpretation of the spirit of the city basketball, this summer shoes and storms have a pair of basketball origin of the classic shoes heavy launch. Six years ago Jordan brand to celebrate the opening of a number of Chinese stores in China Air Jordan 1 XQ is about to return to a new look!

Air Jordan 1 was born in 1985, as the Jordan series of basketball shoes of the originator, witnessed the beginning of a great basketball era, it is the history of the shoes of immortal classic. In the past two decades, Air Jordan 1 has been repeatedly engraved interpretation, which is no lack of classic.

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Originally made in 2007 Air Jordan 1 XQ for China to build, is the Jordan series for the first time in particular for the United States outside the market and consumers do the design. "XQ (Xi Qing)" is the meaning of festive, shoes not only blend the classic and fashion two elements, but also pay tribute to the culture of China and the West. Products to the Chinese dragon as one of the core design, the upper use of dragon pattern. This summer's release of the Air Jordan 1 OG XQ retains these classic designs, thanks to the design and materials technology innovation, lightweight leather material will bring a more comfortable wearing experience. Shoes, especially the use of Air Jordan 1 OG nine hole shoe eye design, will make shoes enthusiasts shines.

Will soon debut the 2013 version, the height of the upper will help from excessive to high to help, shoes heel will add "NIKE AIR" logo, and with ORIGINAL NIKE shoebox. Shoes upper fabric will use the upgraded version of the leather. Color and pattern aspects are loyal to the original design in 2007: the traditional "JORDAN flying wing logo" elegant stretch in the side of the shoes, silk lining gives the general feeling of silk. Occupies a quarter of the surface of the "JORDAN DRAGON", using laser technology painted on the top and the upper, and has been extended to two shoelaces.

AJ1 OG XQ on July 26 in Shanghai 6 NIKE and JORDAN stores limited edition, with MICHAEL JORDAN won the six league championship rings echo each other.

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