Thursday, July 27, 2017

Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight

Studies have shown that for athletes, recovery is as important as training and pre-match preparation, and the recovery approach has a significant impact on the performance of the sport. Human body function can be restored after a variety of high-load physical exercise method is a profound knowledge.

Now, Nike launched the first specifically to help the body to restore the product: Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight. Its compact design is based on the unique insights of athletes, scientists, physiologists and coaches, as well as data support from the Nike Sports Research Laboratory.

On the innovation of recovery

Nike Pro Combat Recovery Hypertight is designed for athletes outside the stadium, and in the process of "active recovery", the body is still moving, but will not experience the game, will not engage in high-intensity training. High-performance design for different areas of the leg to provide different levels of compression, so as to better help the body to restore.

"Through research, we found that grading compression has a positive impact on recovery, and our innovative Nike Recovery Hypertight product has been developed successfully," said Eddy Harber, director of Nike's innovative design in the field of apparel design. So that some of the world 's top athletes and teams in a variety of sports on the test.

Athlete opinion

For decades, athletes have been trying to find effective ways to recover through ice baths, pressurized wraps and muscle ointments. In addition to months of the season, the top athletes in 365 days a year but also for continuous training. Their body is tested, muscle, especially the leg muscles is a serious overdraft.

Including basketball star LeBron James (LeBron James), including the top athletes from multiple sports participated in the Nike Recovery Hypertight test and research and development, and made important feedback.

LeBron James commented: "It is a great help to my play, I can not only recover from a continuous game, and before the start of the game and during the game I can feel my own situation wonderful."

Design and Development

Designer Eddie Hubble worked with the core team to test, research and development Nike Recovery Hypertight spent a total of 18 months or more time. After the establishment of the goal to help athletes quickly recover, the team pursued this.

The team has been guided by compression to help ease the swelling and help the muscles recover. After a variety of prototype design and comprehensive testing, Nike design team has achieved their pursuit of the goal: comfortable grading compression fit effect, through the need to accurately set the compressibility of the site to ease muscle swelling.

The compressive force is generated by the compression grid and can smoothly strike along the leg muscle lines, usually the most severe ankle swelling, so the pressure in the region is greatest.

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