Saturday, July 15, 2017

PUMA new push shoes product bionic principle to restore the nature of movement

Did you observe the structure of the spider web? Yes, PUMA has studied the spider web carefully. The spider web is the most complex and optimized structure in nature, known for its strong stability and light flexibility. The intricate structure, the irregular voids, and the powerful ability to wrap the prey make it the most efficient and lightest capture device in nature The This season, PUMA is from the spider web - this natural masterpiece in the design inspiration, introduced a new BioWeb Elite series. As a combination of running and training function of the shoes, BioWeb can provide consumers with the best shock absorption and stability. For the series of shoes, PUMA designers for the first time the use of innovative spider web (WebCage) uppers design, the use of novel

Three-dimensional spider web design, with a set of circular interlocking precision structure, to create a BioWeb Elite series of shoes is both strong and stable and light and simple and powerful features; the same time, cobweb open vamp design, greatly enhanced the shoes Breathable, so that wearing the most comfortable and comfortable to enjoy.

Graffiti up to people's shoes are not all colored paint with paint, this experienced time accumulated colorful trivial pattern will not let the street movement looks more flavor? Vans on the special launch of the Vans Era 'Overspray Pack' pink and white and black three-color fabric with a colorful inkjet pattern cover, but with the white vulcanization of the bottom is slightly clean the point, painting the upper canvas shoes Face with the vulcanization of the classic Era shoes, with graffiti inkjet inspiration to the streets to update the elements.

Vans was born in 1966 in the United States Southern California original extreme sports tide card. Start with extreme sports, including skateboarding, surfing, BMX, skiing and so on. And the skateboarding movement as the root, from the lifestyle, art, music and street fashion culture into the Vans aesthetics, the formation of individual youth culture logo, become a young extreme sports enthusiasts and trendy people welcome the brand.

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