Friday, July 7, 2017

New Balance M/WO619

The end of the year, extreme weather changes, outdoor venues varied, always give outdoor enthusiasts a great challenge, with a pair of comfortable and reliable and functional outdoor running shoes, so you easily go out anytime, The This winter, the world's leading sports brand New Balance New Balance to meet the needs of outdoor sports enthusiasts, tailor-made NewBalance New Balance outdoor adventure series M / WO619.

New Balance New B & B M / WO619 outdoor adventure series focus on the characteristics of outdoor sports to waterproof, shock, light, durable as the main features. The use of H2 Proof water repellent technology, combined with dense breathable mesh design, to ensure that the greatest movement in bad weather while providing maximum permeability. Shock, while using the ABZORB very light shock absorber material and N-FUSE heel support shock technology, providing excellent support and the best shock rebound, but also help to save energy, in a variety of sports occasions can Play the best performance. Multi-directional lines of ACTEVA ™ in the end, designed for flexible steering and design, while ultra-light weight, to achieve the running of the sensitive light. Vamps with real leather and artificial leather mix and match, reducing the wear and tear strength, thereby enhancing the wearability of shoes. New Balance New Balance M / WO619 not only meet the outdoor runners when the comfort and light, but also adapted to the outdoor climate and site selection, to achieve the full expectations of outdoor sports, the function of outdoor running shoes to the perfect climax.

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New Balance New Balance has always been to chic design and bold color is known, taking into account the functional comfort at the same time for the men and women of the trend with a more choice. This is no exception, New Balance New Balance / M6 WO619 originality, launched four colors: male models black, dark blue, and female models yellow, pink. Domineering black and deep blue reflects the low-key men's taste, and fresh yellow and lovely tender powder, no doubt the best embodiment of the current girls fashion pursuit. Uppers classic color and streamlined soles of the perfect combination, people look dynamic.

New Balance New B & B / M698 is one of the most popular high-quality running shoes, as well as MO563 and W / MO989. Outdoor sports you, quickly wear New Balance New Balance outdoor adventure series to run free!

From the French creative organization LaMJC and Paris Kellett fashion store Colette together with the US brand UNDFTD and New Balance launched the Quartet joint heavy shoes La MJC x UNDEFEATED x colette x New Balance 1500 "UCLA" & New Balance MT580.

One of the New Balance MT580, suede as the main material, "N" mark more use of wool made of wood, color on the recent selection of hot indigo and red, in addition to the insoles also with the name of the parties To show identity, and the whole leather shoe body is suitable for autumn and winter with the use.

In addition to a pair of co-branded shoes absolutely called the coquettish to New Balance classic models for the design of the blue model, in order to attract more people's eyeballs in the color selection of UCLA (Los Angeles University of California) iconic white, blue, yellow To create shoes body, in addition to basketball shoes fans familiar with the color, lined with insoles selection of hot leopard elements to design, coupled with the ink in the end, printed with three brands of shoelaces buckle, absolutely eye-catching Incomparable.

New Balance 1500 "UCLA" & New Balance MT580 is expected to meet with you at the end of September.

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